Vintage fur coats tennessee-Regency Furs - Nashville, TN

It gives Philippa London great delight to breathe life into these furs again to give to everyone luxury into their wardrobe. Due to the origin of these fur pieces, no two garments are the same. Sort By. Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low. Ascending Descending.

Vintage fur coats tennessee

Vintage fur coats tennessee

Vintage fur coats tennessee

Vintage fur coats tennessee

What next? Crafted from tennessfe black wool or a wool-blend. All Auction Buy It Now. Need help finding the perfect Estate Fur or Outerwear for you? There's a problem loading this menu right now. It would fit a size six to an eight.

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July 40 years old makes it a 70s fur and luckily 70s is still happening. It is stroller length or car Vintage fur coats tennessee 70s style. She passed away in March and has three furs that I just do not want to throw away and would like to sell if I Vintage fur coats tennessee get money for them. Type see all. Rip on a part of the inside lining seam. Summer Sale Fully lined. I cried. Lined with a shiny peach fabric. Art Dealers Association of Vintqge.

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We buy your old fur coats with. We are a global company dedicated to recycling, rather than discarding those old fur coats into our already over burden landfill sites, and hopefully so will you, it's in our nature to recycle so please try to do so!

All these fur coats we pay cash for are used for crafting into, teddy bears, pillows, furniture companies are making furniture for the log home industry and various other non-wearable items, please review our teddy bear section to see the wonderful work that is done, it employs people who love crafting as their hobby and recycling for extra income!

Many aren't able to just give these fur coats away or dispose of them, considering their fur coat still very valuable item, so thru research we have established fair market value for fur coats that hold so much adversity in the market place today, remember "something is only worth what you can sell it for. Furs depreciate significantly each year whether they are used or not, being a biodegradable product made from an animal skin, they can eventually dry out and this does lead to fur skin's worst enemy Dry Rot making the coat worthless.

The natural progression of any animal skins is to dry out no matter what is done to preserve them, like our own skin which we lotion from time to time still ages, animal skins don't get that kind of attention, so they end up hanging in closets drying out and becoming worthless!

All prices are determined from what a furrier would have paid in wholesale value as far back as 30 years ago, not the retail cost the buyer paid, these would have varied significantly from each furrier and retail fur store, they were never consistent, due to overhead cost, profit desire of each thousands of furriers that have existed back some 30 years ago, who today are now all gone which says volume for the obsolete fur industry , these wholesale prices were set by the fur coat manufacturing company, where the individual furriers purchased from, they were all the same for every furrier buying and selling fur coats.

Often fur coat owners have an unrealistic expectation of the value of their used fur coat. This is usually due to a mistaken idea of what a furrier's appraisal tells them. An appraisal on a fur garment is an estimate of the Retail Replacement Cost. It covers the cost of a Brand-New fur coat a coat that is similar to the one you own - i. Yet they have the perfect environment to sell a used fur coat but they to know it is nearly impossible and are not willing to put their money where their mouth is!

The old Adage is an item is only worth what the market will bare and someone is willing to pay. It is not so fashionable for fur coats today unfortunately, as it once was back some 30 years ago! If you want to sell your used fur coat, what you need to be interested in is the Actual Cash Value of the fur coat in it's current age, fur type, condition and marketability, this is usually significantly less than any appraised value.

Any item is only truly "worth" what someone is willing to pay for it. The price we pay for a fur coat is objectively determined by factors such as the age of the fur, its condition including the skins, style, size, length and marketability.

You will still need to find someone interested in buying that old fur coat no matter what you personally feel it should be worth, we buy many things in a lifetime that are considered expensive, which we will never receive full value for, it is just the normal course of wanting and consumerism, once again the saying goes, " Something is only worth what you can sell it for!

Global warming has had a part on the demise of fur coats, fur is not as desired as it once was for warmth, so we tend to not wear them because we find them heavy and cumbersome. Activists such as PETA, GREEN PEACE, have made buying or selling fur coats very uncomfortable for consumers due to fear or just plain public inconvenience, also there is no big demand for wearing or buying a fur coat that holds so much adversity in the market place today.

We are seeing a strong generational change with Millennials, who are the next buying generation, spending their hard earned status money towards the hope of new homes, cars, computers, social media electronics, used for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Cash For Fur Coats reimburses shipping cost of your fur coat when it is purchased. If you have the above information click here to receive a free no obligation estimate of what your fur coat could be evaluated for, if in a good used condition! You can view our depreciation chart by clicking here for a general idea, remember this is just a guideline, it is not written in stone, we still assess visually first to see how old your fur coat is, we can only tell so much from pictures, we then ask you to send your fur coat into our warehouse for a proper and physical evaluation, skins of a fur coat must be touched to determine their true physical condition!

Selling Your Fur Coat! The following information will be required to sell your item: What kind of fur are you selling - mink, fox, sable, lynx, etc. The age of your garment is crucial to understanding pelt condition? Has it received professional fur care each and every summer? What size is it? What style of coat do you want to sell? Fur coat age and pelt condition is crucial to determine if the fur coat skins can be reworked or sewed again into toys, pillows, furniture and other non-wearable items.

Older fur coats will eventually start to physically breakdown with or without proper storage maintenance remember it is a biodegradable product an animal skin. For proper assessment of the fur coat, it needs to be physically examined and touched by a professional furrier.

Buying a used fur coat is like buying a used car over the phone that is why physical examination is necessary. What next?

Marvin Richards quality! Fashion Jewelry. Prints and Multiples. Society of London Art Dealers. All Art. The best thing you can do is donate it to a museum and hopefully get some tax credit.

Vintage fur coats tennessee

Vintage fur coats tennessee. Ethical and Cruelty Free


CA$H FOR FUR COAT$ Fur Recycling Program!

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. Filter 3. All Auction Buy It Now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery View. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. The fur is thick, plush and luminous with generous fluffy guard hairs! It is lined with luxurious velvet. A perfect bridal or wedding dress accessory!

I have no reason to believe this is faux fur, however I am not certain this is mink. It could be another type of fur. The lining is satin and has the initials "LGN" on the inside. It is very soft, appears to be clean, and undamaged.

Thanks for looking an happy shopping! While the lining beautiful embossed floral satin appears to be perfect, there are major seam tears of the fur. You could repair with the right tools, short term glue for costume wear, or cut for craft projects.

Two Slide Side Pockets. Item VTG 50s 60s Mink Coat. A gorgeous natural blue grey mink coat from the ss era. It is very soft and warm.

There is no size label but it would fit closest to a contemporary size small. Black Persian lamb fur. Brown mink collar. Pockets or hands. Fully lined. Label is Littman Furriers Denver. Length: 36in. Sleeve Length: 20in. The material is a soft, fuzzy wool boucle that is a dark forest green color. The coat is fully lined in a green satin, and it has a brown mink fur collar. The coat closes with a row of buttons down the front, and the collar closes with two hidden hook and eye closures on the underside.

Nothing beats a very old mink coat in quality of the fur! Flaws are present. Wool boucle with a nice textured weave. The collar has two hooks and eyes so it can be closed around the neckline giving it a cute round collar. Sorry the Best Picture of Actual Color. I will Repair. Top shoulder seam width: 18". Nice larger size!

Arm length: 24". Lining has a few spots and a few minor pinholes in one area, but is structurally sound with no tears or significant issues. Calico mink: colors run from white, cream, browns, gray, and black. Very light wear to the fur on very back of collar and the underside of bottom hem at the U, not noticeable. Photo 11 shows the collar at the top and the trim at the bottom. VTG 50s 60s Mink Stole.

A gorgeous natural mink stole from the ss era. It is in g reat condition aside from a hole inside the right pocket. There is no size label but it would fit sizes small to large.

The collar has mink atop it. The collar can be detached. The coat has its G. No size label at all. This has its original buttons but they need to be tightened up, re-sewn. Luxurious stunning generously full length genuine brown pelt male mink fur coat. Hem circumference: 80". Has 2 clasp closures, inside belt tie and no pockets except for small inside pocket which contains previous owners monogram.

It is made in a classic style with a large rounded collar that can be worn either up or down see photos for different poses. The fur is of excellent quality - It is made of female pelts, the fur is very soft and has nice sheen to it.

There are barely any signs of wear. Top to bottom 27". Arm length collar to cuff - Length - Elegant 60s Coat. Slash hand pockets. Brown textured Wool. Brown Satin Lining.

Length 40 top of collar to hem. Request a quote if interested. We communicate promptly and professionally. We cannot devalue or mark as Gift. It is made of nice blond mink with a silk lining. It would fit a size six to an eight. I love the buttoned belt on the back on the slits on the side!

Buttons closure. Pre Owned- Excellent, does have hide showing through at edges, clean free of odors. Across at shoulders: 17". Shoulder to cuff: 21". Across at under arms: 20". Deep pockets. Great condition. This has 3 hooks as well as a collar button, deep pockets- all fur is in very good condition , and colors are beautiful, quite outstanding.

The lining is gray on tan satin and the hand stitching is apparent. Persian lamb is tightly curled and in fine condition. The front closed with four large gray button with brass centers. There are two hip-high diagonal side pockets lined with tan flannel. Elegant high-end heavy fancy coat circa 's. Crafted from textured black wool or a wool-blend.

Side pockets. Approximate 17" approximate shoulders. She bought it in the late 's or early 's. It was probably especially make for her. It has lined pockets and is in Excellent Condition considering its age. Lovely s, 70s dark mink zippered coat with rich dark reddish brown stroller mink. Material Mink. Good : An item that is wearable but has moderate flaws widespread or mid-heavy staining or small moth holes for example.

The main body of the coat is made out of black wool.

Vintage fur coats tennessee

Vintage fur coats tennessee