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Teenage girl force into diapers

Teenage girl force into diapers

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My sister came back with a diaper with princesses on int. Play all videos. My sister walked Teenge back to my own room and I laid down. I already Teenaeg her the details so you are set to go today at 7. What are these? Lez interracial teen diapers and plastic pants bulged out under my gown and the plastic pants crinkled when i moved or walked. As i walked Teenage girl force into diapers plastic pants crinkled under my gown. I feel bad for u, but I Teenage girl force into diapers wish I was u. Can you please show me to the bathroom. I tried to calm her down my mum came in and asked about the fuss. I was at the hotel alone I didn't know where my sister was and was ready to check out. It all started when I was Cute black girl pisses in her diaper.

Landrum, 34, said the girl had been warned several times she had to start listening in school and get better grades or be forced to wear a diaper and shave her head, according to the complaint.

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I tried to calm her down my mum came in and asked about the fuss. Then came back in the smell was still there. Girls their ages need to be sent a message that purity and innocence is the norm for girls. She told me if I cried again there would be consequences. She was way faster than me and stronger so me, so she was able to pin me down and put me in the car seat.

Teenage girl force into diapers

Teenage girl force into diapers

Teenage girl force into diapers

Teenage girl force into diapers. More Posts

She got a baby high chair and stuck me in it. I began to squirm but she locked it before I could get out. She finished eating and glared at me. Is that ok baby?

And I will be right back I promise. The girl was maybe about 15 and just stared at me until she giggled in joy. Wouldn't you rather boy diapers? With 3 hours to go, I had peed myself in my sleep. I asked mommy for my change and she did. We pulled over and she changed me in the ladies restroom, with several girls looking over in confusion.

She put me in a new diaper with Belle on the front and back before we got back in the car. She played nursery rhymes in the car and gave me a look. You already used your change. Whatever kind of potty you make in your diapy is final. I don't want to be a baby girl! Would you have preferred of mommy got you baby boy clothes? This is what you get. Oh and do you know that cute girl that you like in your class?

I nodded slowly in fear. So guess who is baby sitting you!!!??? I think it will be fun. I already told her the details so you are set to go today at 7. Laughter exploded from my sister and she noticed I had popped my diaper. It started to smell so she cracked a window. When the car ride was over, she room me inside and wiped away the poop from my bum and but me in the Ariel diaper. She dropped me off at the girls house and smiled as she said in a baby voice, "I think you should stay a baby girl forever!!

And I will tell mom and dad so we don't have to keep it secret! How do you feel about that baby Riley? Please read our commenting guidelines before responding. Read now. You are commenting as a guest. To choose your username either log in or sign up.

If you see a comment that is unsupportive or unfriendly, please report it using the flag button. I was wondering if there was someone that would focus me to be a baby girl please let me know by emailing me at mikevirgil yahoo. It was ok but I don't understand it how old was the girl why did she diaper her him for asking to use the restroom why did he go along with it?

I know I know a girl that likes me but my sister did the same thing and the girl that liked me just stared and I squirmed in embarrassment but I stayed there for hours and I peed and the girl that liked me saw the pee in the girl diaper and she cried and if people want that to happen then they should know how embarrassing it is because girls and boys were laughing so hard.

Omg your sister overreacted so much geez you know people have to go to the bathroom on car breaks just calm down she should do that to you. Too much Power Authority went to her head I definitely retaliate on that real bad. I would be talking to mom and dad as soon as they got home. Same her I'm a boy and would love to be a baby girl with the hole girl diapers and girl binkie a d the girl onsie and eventually get a sex change from a wee wee to vagina would be so great but,I would be lesbian not into dudes at all.

I think it's wrong to treat a 19 year old boy like a baby girl your sister needs to stop doing this to you its embrassing and yes it's normal to stop at gas station to go to the restroom everyone does it but I was the mom in there I would say Stop doing this to your brother it's embrassing for everyone to see you are being a bully and no likes to be bullied I would appreciate it if you stop this nonsense at once.

What kind of sister are you, a mean one I guess No one deserves to be bullied. This needs to stop imminently. This is not true because the clothes thing could not work because he would have to be naked for it to work so this is a FAKE!

I wish I was forced to be a girl and wear girl diapers and forced to have a sex change and be a girl for ever I'm a guy and its one of my fantasies to be forced to wear diapers all my,. You guys are crazy. Some people are just stronger than other people, and bigger. My stepson has been dressing me like boy baby for a long time now. I'm not strong enough to stop him and calling the cops is embarrassing. Okay look the kid doesnt like it so there's some way to get out like I mean there was ample chances and hes been embarrassed enough that the police isnt gonna effetc him.

I am a girl and when i was 15 i was finially baptized and forced to be dressed as a baby by my parents,gramma and great aunt! Two hours before mass,they put cloth diapers and plastic pants on me with a tee shirt,white poofy short dress,bonnet,lace socks and white shoes. Gramma hung a pacifier around my neck and i was told to suck on it! For the ceremony,my bonnet was removed,i was picked up and held like a baby to get the water on my head.

Since my baptism dress was short and poofy,the whole congregation saw the cloth diapers and plastic pants under my dress! I was so embarrassed! I too was baptized at 14 and dressed as a regular baby girl! My parents had an infant style,knee length,baptism gown and matching bonnet made for me,then got lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.

The morning of my baptism,they took me to the parish nursery,along with my gramma,and i was ordered to strip naked and get in the baby crib. A pacifier was put into my mouth,then baby lotion was rubbed on me.

Next,they slid 10 Gerber flat cloth diapers in the 24x27 inch size under me,applied baby powder,then brought the diapers up and pinned them with baby diaper pins. Next they put a pair of adult size,babyprint,blousy fitting plastic pants on over the diapers followed by a white tee shirt. The gown and bonnet were then put on me,with the lace socks and shoes last. The pacifier was on a ribbon and was hung around my neck. The diapers and plastic pants bulged out under my gown and the plastic pants crinkled when i moved or walked.

During the mass. I felt quite weird and somewhat embarrassed being dressed as a baby! During my party,everyone called me a baby and i had to sit on a baby blanket on the living room floor! These two teen girls were baptized correctly as babies in their white outfits.

Girls their ages need to be sent a message that purity and innocence is the norm for girls. Hi,i am a girl and lost my parents in a car accident when i was I was placed into an orphange after that as there were no relatives that i could live with. After i turned 15,i was finially adopted by a catholic family with a 14 year old son. A new thick cloth diaper with babyprints on it was made for me and a new pair of white plastic pants were bought.

That sunday morning of my ceremony,i took a bath,then laid on my bed and was rubbed down with baby lotion,then babypowder applied,then the babyprint diaper was pinned on me,then the white crinkly plastic pants put on over it,followed by a white tee shirt.

White lace anklets were put on my feet,followed by the booties,then my gown was put on me next,then my bonnet. My diaper bag was packed with an extra diaper and plastic pants,etc,then a pacifier on a pink ribbon was hung around my neck and put into my mouth.

I was then taken out and shown to my brother and my grandparents. As i walked out,the plastic pants crinkled under my gown. I sat on the couch and mom came out of the kitchen with a baby bottle with milk in it and gave it to me to drink from.

We went to the parish and i was picked up and held like a baby to recieve the water on my head while sucking on my pacifier. At my party,everyone thought i looked cute and just like a baby girl. My gown was lifted up several times and my babyprint diaper,showing thru my plastic pants,was checked out and everyone thought it looked very babyish. After my party,my gown was taken off and i sat on a baby blanket on the living room floor in my bonnet,tee shirt diaper,plastic pants,socks and booties and was given a bottle again to drink from.

Later on,i was put back into my regular diapers and plastic pants. Anyone underage engaged in and sexual activity of any kind fetish's are within that law is an act of pedophilia. Especially as it was forced onto you, that's actually tantamount to antirape laws any forced sexual activity, without consent even if you did give consent it would be void for 2 reasons, 1 your underage and cannot give sexual consent legally, 2 you cannot engage in any consensual acts regarding contracts, agreements etc until you are an adult, without written parental consent Those that chose not to aid you from the abuse are guilty of a number of crimes, such as aiding and abetting, child endangerment, failure to report child abuse etc.

The bitch that took your picture, is also criminalized by those laws but she just screwed herself over massively by possessing child pornography. Sweety, I hope this is just a silly joke, a bit of fictional imagination. But if not a lot of these issues have no statute of limitations, meaning you can wait till whenever to report it, but it is always best to report it ASAP. All I could imagine was a little miniature casket. I couldn't help but wonder if she was going to have a funeral and invite his nine little friends!

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Minnesota girl forced to run in diaper for bad grades: police - Reuters

Are any of you teen girls been forced to wear diapers and wet them as well as yourself or is it just a friend? Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. I think it is quite odd I would never use it as a parent I think it is quite cruel. Source s : Add a comment. Teen Girls In Diapers. Teenage Girls In Diapers. I am 17 and was never baptized as a baby,so 2 years ago when i was 15,my parents had me baptized as a baby thru the infant baptism program at our parish.

I had to be made into a baby for my baptism so two weeks before the ceremony my parents got cloth diapers and adult size plastic pants and a blanket sleeper and made me wear them to bed every night and after school. After the 10hours,i was taken home,put into fresh diapers and plastic pants and the balnket sleeper and put to bed. A pacifier was attached to the front of my dress.

No, I've never heard of that. Unless your friend has a problem with bathroom issues and there is a legitimate reason, that sounds really wrong to me. If she's being forced for no reason, that's really messed up and shouldn't be happening. Except maybe the shuttle astronauts, and they have a very valid excuse! You should run for president. Do you have a "wide stance" while using the public restrooms in airports?

Do you deny having sex with "that woman"? You have all the character qualities and quirks of a successful politician. No, lol. She may have a health problem though that forces her to wear one.

Ummm that's weird. Dear Mr. Pagination 1. Existing questions. Related Questions My mom forces me to wear diapers?

Because my diaper is wet.? My son have bed wetting and he dont want to wear diapers, should i force him to wear diapers? Anyone Forced to wear a diaper as a punishment? Teen wants to wear diapers on a car trip? Answer Questions Should we have waiting a few hours? How to I control my son's Perversion? Should we have waiting a few hours? Is my boyfriend using me for sex?

Does he really love me? What is the stupidest or silliest thing you did, when you were a kid? Honestly, does a person truly not have the ability to make good decisions at 17 but simply turning 18 gives them that ability?

How do parents feel about blocking content from their teens devices?

Teenage girl force into diapers

Teenage girl force into diapers