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In many cases, doctors use a simple test to detect streptococcal bacteria, the cause of strep throat. The doctor rubs a sterile swab over the back of the throat to get a sample of secretions and sends the sample to a lab for testing. Many clinics are equipped with a lab that can get a test result for a rapid antigen test within a few minutes. Rapid antigen tests aren't as sensitive, although they can detect strep bacteria quickly. Because of this, the doctor may send a throat culture to a lab to test for strep throat if the antigen test comes back negative.

Reduce swelling in throat

Reduce swelling in throat

Reduce swelling in throat

Over-the-counter options like lozenges or numbing sprays can also Toddlers discovery of genitals relief. Sore throat in Reduce swelling in throat and adolescents: Symptomatic treatment. Clinical Microbiology and Infection. Acetaminophen can be effective for sore throat, and it can be given to young children. Show kn Fletcher RH. In: Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine. Bottom line : Marshmallow has been used to treat sore throats since ancient times. Water is a good choice, as are warm teas or warm soups.

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Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Research indicates that 1 in every 50 Americans experiences anaphylaxis, although it has been suggested that the Rwduce may be closer to 1 in However, it is important for the drink not to contain caffeine. Step 5. Seek medical care if there is severe throat pain, trouble swallowing, drooling, fever and other signs of a serious condition or infection. The drops can help to reduce pain and inflammation and can swdlling either over-the-counter or prescription strength. Too much salt in your body can cause other issues. Nonprescription throat lozenges can also help Reduce swelling in throat feel better. About the Author. In order to keep throat swelling at bay, you Female escort in san bernardino avoid eating allergic foods and inhaling possible Reduce swelling in throat.

A sore throat refers to pain, itchiness, or irritation of the throat.

  • It can sometimes get swollen, leading to difficulty swallowing, the urge to gag or choke, and even drooling in young kinds.
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  • Tightness in the throat has many possible causes.

A sore throat can be very uncomfortable. The main symptom is pain and irritation in the throat, especially when you swallow. A sore throat occurs as part of your body's immune response to viral or bacterial infections. Your natural immune response leads to inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes in the throat. Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that may provide relief, including some that are supported by scientific evidence.

The marshmallow plant has been used to treat sore throats and other conditions since the Middle Ages. Its root contains a gelatin-like substance known as mucilage, which coats and lubricates the throat when you swallow it. Lozenges containing marshmallow root have been tested in animals and found to be effective and nontoxic, even at very high doses 1.

Choosing high quality dried marshmallow root from reliable source is important. Various products are available online. Bottom line : Marshmallow has been used to treat sore throats since ancient times.

Its root contains a gelatinous substance called mucilage, which coats and soothes the throat. It has been used to treat many inflammatory conditions, and controlled studies suggest it can help relieve throat pain 2 , 3 , 4.

Neither treatment caused negative side effects 4. Echinacea is another herb that is widely used in traditional medicine. It has been shown to fight bacteria and reduce inflammation 5. Bottom line : A sage-echinacea spray has been shown to relieve sore throat discomfort as effectively as antiseptic medication spray.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural health tonic that's been used in folk medicine remedies for centuries. Its main active ingredient, acetic acid, helps fight bacteria. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, even prescribed a combination of apple cider vinegar and honey - known as oxymel - to treat flu symptoms such as coughs and sore throats 6. To help relieve throat pain, drink 1 cup of warm water mixed with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and an optional tablespoon of honey.

The possible risks of apple cider vinegar include tooth decay and digestive problems. Bottom line : Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties and may help provide sore throat relief when consumed in small amounts with warm water. The salt helps reduce swelling by pulling water out of your throat tissue. It may also help kill unwanted microbes in your throat. Combine 1 cup of warm water with 1 teaspoon of salt and stir to dissolve.

Gargle with a mouthful of this mixture for 30 seconds, once per hour. Bottom line : Gargling hourly with warm salt water helps reduce swelling and may ease throat discomfort. Honey is a delicious sweetener that is often used in combination with other natural ingredients to soothe a sore throat.

In addition to helping fight infection and providing pain relief, honey can undeniably make remedies taste better. Honey may be especially effective when combined with warm water and apple cider vinegar or herbs. However, it shouldn't be given to children under the age of one because their guts haven't had a chance to acquire healthy bacteria that can fight off germs, such as botulism spores, that are sometimes found in honey. Also, people who avoid sugar or follow a low-carb diet may want to choose another remedy, since honey is a form of sugar and contains 17 grams of carbs per tablespoon 15 ml.

Bottom line : Honey can help relieve throat pain, particularly when combined with vinegar or herbs in warm water. Licorice has properties similar to aspirin that may help reduce sore throat pain. However, studies on individuals who had just undergone major surgery found that licorice significantly reduced throat pain due to breathing tube removal 7 , 8. Licorice root tea can be purchased at natural grocery stores or from online retailers. You can also make your own to drink or gargle.

Combine ground licorice root with hot water, let it steep for five minutes, then strain it prior to drinking. Bottom line : Licorice root has aspirin-like qualities and may help soothe a sore throat when gargled or consumed as a tea.

Lemon water is a refreshing beverage that may also reduce the throat pain that occurs during a cold or the flu. Lemon contains vitamin C and antioxidants.

It also increases the amount of saliva you produce, which can help keep your mucous membranes moist. Combining lemon with warm water and a bit of honey or salt water may be the best way to maximize its benefits. Bottom line : Lemon water contains vitamin C and compounds that can soothe a sore throat and assist with healing. Ginger is a spice with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that may help relieve throat pain.

One study found that when ginger extract was applied to throat swabs from people with bacterial respiratory tract infections, it helped kill some of the bacteria responsible for the illness 9. You can also make your own from fresh ginger.

Bottom line : Ginger root tea may help fight infection, reduce inflammation and relieve sore throat pain. Coconut oil is a versatile food with several health benefits. Animal studies suggest that it may help fight infection, reduce inflammation and relieve pain 10 , It's best to limit coconut oil to about 2 tablespoons 30 ml per day, as it can have a laxative effect at higher dosages.

If you've never tried coconut oil, start out taking 1 teaspoon 5 ml at a time to minimize potential side effects. Bottom line : Coconut oil is very soothing on the throat, has anti-inflammatory effects and may help your body fight infection. Take up to 2 tablespoons 30 ml per day alone or in warm beverages. Cinnamon is a fragrant and delicious spice that's high in antioxidants and provides antibacterial benefits It's a traditional remedy for colds and flus and is used in Chinese medicine to ease sore throat pain.

You can also add cinnamon to herbal or black tea. Another delicious option is to make your own cinnamon almond milk, which may be especially soothing on your throat. Bottom line : Cinnamon may help fight throat pain and infection due to a cold or flu. It can be prepared as a tea or added to other warm beverages to help ease throat discomfort.

While swallowing may be uncomfortable, drinking plenty of water or other fluids will ultimately make your throat feel better. Bottom line : Consuming adequate fluid ensures that you stay well hydrated and allows your throat to remain moist so it can heal. Chicken soup is a well-known natural cold and sore throat remedy. You may want to use garlic in it, because garlic contains bioactive compounds that can also provide benefits when you're sick You can also prepare tasty homemade chicken soup.

Bottom line : Chicken soup is a comfort food that may help soothe a sore throat. Adding garlic to it may provide additional benefits. Peppermint tea contains anti-inflammatory compounds and is extremely soothing to the throat. The mint may also slightly numb your throat, thereby relieving pain There are many peppermint herbal teas on the market.

You can also make your own by steeping fresh peppermint leaves in boiling water for three to five minutes, then straining off the leaves. Peppermint tea is caffeine-free and its naturally sweet taste often requires no additional sweetener. Bottom line : Peppermint tea is a tasty, refreshing beverage that may help reduce inflammation and throat discomfort.

Studies have found that chamomile may help fight infection and reduce pain Chamomile tea is widely available at grocery stores and online. It has a pleasant, mild aroma and flavor. Like other herbal teas, chamomile contains no caffeine. Bottom line : Chamomile tea promotes restorative sleep, helps fight infection and soothes sore throat pain. Teas, infusions and other drinks are soothing and provide hydration, but sometimes sucking on a throat lozenge can be comforting as well.

There are herbal throat lozenges available for purchase online and in some natural grocery stores. You can also make homemade throat lozenges with some of the herbs listed in this article. Another herb you may want to use when making lozenges is slippery elm, which contains mucilage that coats and soothes the throat, similar to marshmallow root. It's best to make lozenges ahead of time to have on hand in case you come down with a sore throat.

Bottom line : Purchase herbal throat lozenges or make a batch ahead of time so you're well prepared before your next sore throat. There are also some medicines that may help ease a sore throat, some of which are available over the counter. These include:. Bottom line : There are several medications that can provide relief from a sore throat, including NSAIDs, throat sprays and lozenges. Severe or persistent pain may indicate strep throat , tonsillitis or another serious infection that requires medical treatment.

Essential oils are a popular home remedy for many ailments, but can they soothe a sore throat? In this article, we look at the evidence behind using…. The common cold can be a mild but frustrating condition that impacts quality of life.

In this article, eight common home remedies for treating a cold…. Sore throats are common, but they can make it difficult to eat and drink.

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This article will provide the readers on vkool. There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. How does tightness in the throat feel? Heartburn can also cause tightness in the throat. A few things can cause swelling in your uvula, including bacterial and viral infections, allergies, dry mouth, acid reflux, or even your genetics.

Reduce swelling in throat

Reduce swelling in throat

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15 natural remedies for a sore throat: Marshmallow root and more

Sore throats can be downright miserable. Here are 10 ways to feel better when a sore throat sets in:. Gargling with warm salt water can help soothe a scratchy throat.

The salt pulls the mucus out of your swollen, inflamed tissue and helps relieve the discomfort. Stir until the salt dissolves.

Then gargle with it for several seconds and spit it out. Repeat the salt gargle several times each day. Some over-the-counter OTC throat lozenges contain menthol, an ingredient that can gently numb the tissue in your throat.

This can provide you with temporary relief from burning and pain sensations. In a pinch, candies can have the same effect.

Candy and cough drops increase your saliva production and help keep your throat lubricated. Instead, the virus has to run its course in your body. They can also relieve soreness or scratchiness. Purchase Advil or Aleve at Amazon. Warm tea that is sweetened with honey can help soothe your irritated throat.

Tea also keeps you hydrated, which is another important step in treating a sore throat. Brew up a cup next time a sore throat starts to tickle. You might consider choosing a green tea, which serves as an antibacterial, pain reliever, and rich source of antioxidants, as well as helps reduce inflammation. Use a few spritzes of a spray containing a combination of echinacea and sage. A study in the European Journal of Medical Research finds this herbal remedy soothes a sore throat as well as OTC sore throat relief sprays.

Do you have a remedy for sore throats? Staying hydrated is an important part of treating a sore throat. This will make the swelling and inflammation worse. Water is a good choice, as are warm teas or warm soups.

Hot tea or hot soup, however, may actually burn your already sensitive throat and make the problem worse. Breathing in moist air can help soothe swollen tissue in your nose and throat. Turn on a cool mist humidifier to increase the amount of moisture in your room. Breathe in the steam from a warm shower to help reduce swelling and ease the pain of a sore throat. You can also create steam by running very hot water into a sink. Drape a towel over your head and lean into the sink to breathe in the steam.

Keep taking deep breaths for several minutes, and repeat as necessary to ease your sore throat. You might try boiling some water in a pot on the stove for 30 minutes to increase humidity in your house. When congestion comes with your sore throat, prop an extra pillow or two under your head. The extra height will help you breathe easier. You might need an antibiotic. If your doctor does prescribe an antibiotic, finish the entire course. Stopping the antibiotic could leave some bacteria behind to re-infect you, and these bacteria that survive may no longer respond to the antibiotic.

Sore throats are a common childhood ailment. A fever could be a sign of strep throat. Because strep is caused by bacteria, it needs to be treated with an antibiotic. Just check with your pediatrician first if your child is less than six months old. Avoid using sore throat sprays on children. These products contain the anesthetic benzocaine Anbesol , which can cause an allergic reaction in some kids. Plenty of OTC treatments and home remedies can help you find relief from the pain and discomfort.

One way to prevent exposure to the germs that cause sore throats is to wash your hands with warm water and soap throughout the day. Wash your hands whenever you touch common surfaces such as doorknobs or keyboards, shake hands, or are exposed to people who are coughing or sneezing. Warm water is what provides the relief. Any tea that you like can be used, such as chamomile, peppermint, oolong, or jasmine.

Soups are very effective — again because of the warm water and their contents and consistency. A clear chicken or beef broth will also work well. The salt in the soup will help loosen the mucus and any fat in the soup will line the throat. Read this article in Spanish. Do you have a sore throat? It may be linked to allergies. We rounded up…. A sore throat is a painful, dry, or scratchy feeling in the throat.

Sore throats are a common symptom caused by viral or bacterial infections or…. Dealing with a cold or the flu? Try these 11 home remedies for your illness. But how do you determine when…. A lot of conventional "wisdom" about cold therapies can make you sicker than when you first started.

Learn which cold treatments are fact and which…. Is your throat sore? Learn about seven teas and herbal infusions that might provide relief. Colds and flu tend to show up with dreary regularity. Learn which ones might actually help, and which are nothing but charming folktale. How this works. Remedies for a sore throat. Gargle with salt water. Suck on a lozenge. Try OTC pain relief. Enjoy a drop of honey. Try an echinacea and sage spray. Stay hydrated. Use a humidifier.

Give yourself a steam shower. Raise your head. Get a prescription. Sore throats in children. When to see a doctor. Q: Which types of teas and soups are best for a sore throat? A: Warm water is what provides the relief. George Krucik Answers represent the opinions of our medical experts. All content is strictly informational and should not be considered medical advice. Sore Throat. Read this next.

Mucinex vs. Medically reviewed by Darren Hein, PharmD.

Reduce swelling in throat