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A convicted double murderer has revealed horrifying plans to mutate himself into a vampire clown for his birthday behind bars. Joshua Miner, 26, has already split his tongue in half since being jailed last year for killing two black year-olds. Now he wants to get white gold fangs and pin his ears so they point like a bat to fully become 'a freak' before his 'golden birthday' on June The image, he told the Chicago Sun Times , would be an ode to his favorite band The Insane Clown Posse, whose fans count themselves as 'members' of the horrorcore crew. Horrific: Joshua Miner, 26, who killed and attempted to dismember two year-olds after luring them to a fake party, said he wants to transform himself into a 'freak' and a 'vampire' for his 27th birthday this year.

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Department of Defense spending analysis from and found that erectile dysfunction drugs cost the military a lot. These numbers put things into perspective, as many noted on Twitter. Looks like Trump was just spinning when he noted in his three-tweet announcement of the ban Wednesday morning that the military "cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption" of trans service members. If Trump was so concerned about excessive military spending why doesn't he cut spending for Viagra? Regardless of opinion on issue, worth noting: The "tremendous medical costs" are estimated at 0.

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Many Arab actresses were able to convey the feelings of motherhood sincerely to the viewers, yet it is interesting that some of them are not mothers in real life. Actress Libliba adds a fun flavor to any role she plays, and this is what happened when she played the role of a mother in the film "Wesh Igram" Face of Crime and other films as well. Among the artists who played the role of a mother remarkably was actress Ilham Shahin, who, although she never experienced motherhood, The sincere feelings of a mother towards her children that she portrayed cannot be denied. And from the stars who played the role of a mother on screen despite not having them, are actresses Nadine Khoury, Nasreen Tafsh, Marah Jabr and Samar Sami. Published March 21st, - GMT.

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Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. As a child, I was hyperactive and excitable, which I hardly think is a crime. Children are often rambunctious, and my zest for life may have had some unfortunate side effects. Yes, I did accidentally kill several fish by vigorously shaking their bags, but look me in the eye and tell me what a great pet-owner you were when you were eight. But me being a brat is in Finding Nemo forever.