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Counterfeit bare escentuals

Counterfeit bare escentuals

Counterfeit bare escentuals

Counterfeit bare escentuals

I rarely wear makeup, if at all, but Ebay Counterfeit bare escentuals to crack down on fake fragrances as well. I get so scared when buying products on ebay, unfortunately there are terrible people in this world! A few years ago I got duped into that one and had communication with BE corporate for 3 months over it…they documented they were counterfeit so I was able to get my money back. Sep 16, PM. Regional Groups. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You are commenting using Counterfeit bare escentuals WordPress.

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Search instead for. Jan 21, AM. Seller News Home. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Counterfeit bare escentuals clump together some when you Counterfeit bare escentuals out into lid showing that it is a creamy texture. Email required Address never made public. Also, are there exact pictures within the description of what the items look Counterfeeit Knowledge Base. Top of Lid Real right : Matte lettering, clear lines, and does not look printed on. Message 5 of Poreless Exfoliating Essence.

I know how tempting it is to buy make up from eBay, especially the high end brands.

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Thank you so much for the follow. Follow you back on bloglovin and gfc,too. Do you also follow me on gfc? Visit me on circleofchaos on mystylehit. Thanks for the comment :. Considering i was going to buy some makeup from ebay a few weeks back, this has definitely convinced me not too!

I'm glad this post has helped you! Buying from eBay is definitely risky and not worth it. Thank you for the lovely comment :. Nice post!!! The good thing is that you didn't ruin your skin. That's why I'm so reserved about online shopping. Wow, this was very helpful! Didn't think that they would sell fake make up products on eBay!!

I think your blog is absolutely fabulous so I have nominated you for the liebster award. Thanks for this post! I've considered getting some makeup off eBay before, but I won't after seeing this. Glad it's helped you! It's definitely risky to purchase make-up from eBay :. This was such a useful and informative post! Thanks so much for posting it!! The bottom of the fake looks so completely different, they haven't even tried to make it like the original!

Thank god it didn't contain anything dangerous. I bought a Benefit High Brow pencil off eBay and it turned out to be fake, that's the first and last time I buy make up from eBay!

Ah so many fake products on eBay - best to stay away from it! Thank you for your lovely comment :. I get so scared when buying products on ebay, unfortunately there are terrible people in this world! Jennifer Nature With Nurture. Did you read my post about this? These things are full of heavy metals, just bin them. What a great and informative post! This blog post was really handy, never really thought about fake products being on eBay! Thank you making my aware! Jess xo jessicacottonxo.

I'm a bit late jumping on this topic but I too have bought dodgy skincare products on Ebay. They looked like the real thing but once I used it I found out different. I usually buy the product from my local chemist and love it. The Ebay product burnt my skin badly leaving it red and feeling like sandpaper for over a week.

I would never buy skincare or makeup from Ebay again. The actual store confirmed it. As did your blog. The bottom of the pots tells it all. Never again. Only purchasing at the actual store. I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to leave a comment! You can also tweet me HelloLinderella or send me an email.

Monday, 12 August Fake products on eBay - my experience with bareMinerals. This post is basically a warning to all you beauty lovers about purchasing cosmetics on eBay. We've all been there - an expensive product catching your eye and then immediately logging onto eBay to see if you can get it for a much cheaper price. After finally finishing my first ever pot of bareMinerals foundation bought from a beauty counter in Debenhams , I really didn't want to part with that much money.

So I had a look on eBay. I was told that as long as they have lots of positive feedback, they can be trusted. What a bargain The funny thing is, I never even tried to question how genuine the product was when it arrived. I just used it. I think I just assumed that if they were selling fakes then surely they would no longer be allowed to trade. Needless to say, it was fake. And it took me over half a year to realise! AND I wrote a blog post about bareMinerals Original Foundation a few months ago, which I have now removed as it was a fake product which does not reflect the brand at all.

So what made me realise it was fake? Anyway, I purchased the foundation from Feelunique. As soon as it arrived, I felt stunned. The colour was completely different to the one I got from eBay. I immediately started to panic. I'd always thought that my foundation had a weird red tint to it but I brushed it off and assumed that it was just that shade of foundation. Then the biggest tell tale signs were when I flipped the foundations over and looked at the bottom of the pots.

The fake pot of foundation which actually had a weird stash of paper covering it that I had to rip off was missing several things including a bar code, a list of ingredients, and also the little jar symbol that tells you how long a beauty product can be kept for.

I'm normally quite a vigilant person but I let my guard down at that time. I was a student in need of a new foundation and thought I'd found a bargain. It shocks me that I've been using that on my face for over half a year. I would personally advise against making cosmetic purchases on eBay.

Yes, there are some genuine sellers on there selling genuine products. The issue is, how will you know? If you're looking for affordable cosmetics, my strongest recommendation is Feelunique.

They're not dirt cheap, but cheaper than if you bought it directly from the brand and you'll also know it's the real thing. From my experience, I would say that it is worth spending that extra money to guarantee that you have a genuine product.

Skin is delicate and who knows what you could be putting onto it with a fake product. Lastly, some of you may want to know who this eBay seller is that sold me the fake bareMinerals product. The majority of this seller's negative feedback revolves around buyers claiming that the bareMinerals products are all fake.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope this has been of some use to you. Posted by Linda at Vanessa 12 August at Linderella 13 August at India Cameron 13 August at Linderella 14 August at Nessie Hill 14 August at Emily Davies 14 August at Marcela Gmd 14 August at Tra Mi Nguyen 14 August at Anonymous 15 August at Lupe 15 August at Linderella 15 August at Lauren L. Nature With Nurture 16 August at Linderella 16 August at Sara T 19 August at Linderella 19 August at The Style Khaleesi 19 August at Linderella 20 August at

Jan 19, PM. The minerals do not stick to the lid at all. Name required. Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner. Fake: The Fairly Light is a light yellow powder. Message 18 of Regional Groups.

Counterfeit bare escentuals

Counterfeit bare escentuals

Counterfeit bare escentuals

Counterfeit bare escentuals

Counterfeit bare escentuals. The eBay Community


Buyer Beware: Counterfeit, Fake Bare Minerals Foundation on Ebay | tiptoe32

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Go look at ID: gurneemill and see the low prices. Very well done, but if you sell this stuff you know the difference.

I have been selling it for 5 years. Please reply if you have noticed these ridiculous low prices. And what should we do. I have reported to eBay several times now and have even noticed they are losing sellers. Thanks so much!

Go to Solution. Of course we have noticed! All you have to do is look at the price and then check out their store and see they only offer the foundations and mineral veil, which comes directly from the China Black Market. It's a shame that ebay allows this as you would think they would want to protect their buyers, who don't know any better. Plus it hurts us who sell authentic Bare Escentuals and provide a wide variety of the Bare Escentuals product line.

The color and texture was off, plus the bottom of the jar would not come off like the real BE jars do. The price was very cheap, which should have been a clue that it was fake. If the price is to good to be true, there's a reason. It's Fake! Buyer Beware! Very frustrating. Has anyone actually seen or have pix of these fake products? This seems to be the sudden flash topic…. Buyers are questioning if BE has made changes to their foundation formulas.

Could this be a quality control issue at BE? There are plenty of guides on how to spot all sorts of counterfeit products in the Reviews and Guides section here on eBay. And had to return all of them. A regular picture will not give you enough information as they are extremely well done copycats. Look at the bottom of a large click-lock 8g foundation jar.

You can put your finger nail,a butter knife, etc. The fakes do not have this groove or lip, they are straight up and down with no indention or lip for removal. BE has not made changes to their foundations. There are thousands of these so it is not an issue of quality control with BE.

A few years ago I got duped into that one and had communication with BE corporate for 3 months over it…they documented they were counterfeit so I was able to get my money back. I am also planning on taking stronger action over this. Rather it be an article unders guides or futher investigation with eBay who doesnt' seem to give a damn!

Since the fakes are sent by mail, you can report these sellers for mail fraud. I rarely wear makeup, if at all, but Ebay needs to crack down on fake fragrances as well. I had previously purchased from a seller that was mentioned in this thread I should have known better I got my purchase refunded immediately when I called her out. I'm sure she is positioning herself to sell "fakes" again as I put her in my watch list a long time ago, and she has a ton of the counterfeit bare minerals Bare Escentuals makeup.

Your watch list shows you the quantity of a listing available for those who didn't know that. She has had as much each of just one color of foundation. My daughter, at the tender age of 48 just died from beast cancer and I am devastated but could not resists making this reply.

You cannot even buy this wholesale for that price. Unfortunately, looks like Warmth is the next bareMinerals product that is showing up on eBay as a fake An authentic seller of Bare Escentuals is Beautyrocker. Great feedback and all her products are authentic. The sellers name is Amanda. I get all my Bare Escentuals from seller Beautyrocker.

Her name is Amanda and she has. Reliable seller of Bare Escentuals is seller Beautyrocker. Her name is Amanda and all her items are authentic. I have never had a problem. Her name is Amanda. Never a problem and everything she sells is truly authentic. Skip to main content. Go to My eBay page. The eBay Community. Sign In Help Guidelines About. Additional Resources.

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Counterfeit bare escentuals