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If you are having GRS, should you have vaginoplasty or labiaplasty? Vaginoplasty creates an orifice, perhaps seven inches long, inside you. Labiaplasty creates an orifice about an inch long, which has the urethra, but not a vagina opening onto it. The vagina needs to be lined, with the skin of the penis or scrotum. You do not want hair growing inside, so that means either laser or electrolysis hair removal before, or a lengthy procedure removing each follicle as carried out by my own surgeon, which lengthened the time the operation took.

Transsexual organic dialation

We don't require any specific weight but strongly recommend that you be Transsexual organic dialation close to your ideal weight as is reasonably possible. We would determine if they are participating with the insurer before the surgery is performed. Trnassexual me it was a life saving medical procedure little different from heart surgery. Man has task which he cannot possibly complete but which is seen as simple, so that Transsexual organic dialation is an idiot- including by him. OBG Manag. I'd watch dialwtion whole episode.

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You have to experiment, you have to feel ridiculous for a little while, and you have to go through not feeling a thing. Anal Ebony Housewives 25 min Arbricks - 1. The trans community is eclectic so maybe I could encourage you to be a better advocate than Transsexuall Marlowe Fitzpatrik 2 years ago Neither will I. And that attitude is why you Transsexual organic dialation die alone because Sexual labia kids won't be able to handle the fact that you're a bigot oranic doesn't love them. What do you think? I understand. Thank you for sharing your Transsexual organic dialation. I've been saying I don't like my vagina since December. No personal agendas. They immediately had skin to skin time with him.

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Julie Vu with her set of Soul Source dilators. Source: YouTube. Vaginoplasty is a Gender Reassignment Surgery procedure that transforms the transgender person's genitalia into female genitals, including a neo-vagina. Post-operative vaginal dilation is an integral part of the initial surgery recovery and the regular maintenance of a transgender person's neo-vagina. Without proper dilation, the skin graft inside the vagina tends to contract which leads to shortening or closure of the neo-vagina.

Dilation may not be pleasant but it's essential to follow your surgeon's dilation protocol in order to prevent loss of depth of your new vagina.

The purpose of dilation is to maintain the depth of the neo-vagina. Dilation helps prevent contraction of the skin graft inside vagina and also improves the elasticity of vaginal wall in order to comfortably accommodate penetrative sex. Dilation involves inserting a lubricated dilator into the neo-vagina and keeping it in there for a specified amount of time. The size of dilator and the length of dilation time varies depending on the surgeon's protocol and patient's needs.

Your surgeon will advise about the proper use and frequency of post-op dilation and it's important to follow their advice above all as it may be specific to your case. Initially, one can expect dilation to take up to Yes, it's a commitment! It was so much dilation that I would dream about it many nights. Dilation is also not as comfortable as one might hope.

Does Sex Count? There's some debate as to whether or not sexual intercourse can count as a dilation session. Maddy McKenna concurs , "The only bonus it that if I have a sexual companion, 30 minutes of sex counts as 30 minutes of dilation. You're like, 'Oh, God, I have to dilate now because I'm not getting laid. This is something that you should discuss with your surgeon.

To begin, patients dilate with the largest dilator that comfortably fits inside the neo-vagina. As the weeks progress after surgery, larger dilators are introduced and the length of time with the largest dilator is gradually increased. But, I have to start with the second one and then work up to the largest one. I can't just use the third or fourth one without working up to it.

It tears me up, literally. I just wanna throw it out the window. When I first came out of surgery, my body naturally registered my neo vagina as a wound and, because of that, it wanted to heal and close up. No thank you! A revision surgery is usually necessary. Researchers concluded that not following the dilation regimen was significantly associated with increased risk of complications or revision.

Very important. Can't say that enough. Your vagina will close up if you don't dilate. I did have a patient who didn't dilate for two weeks. She went back to the doctor, and she had closed up. And they couldn't reverse back. So, it's very important. Not to scare you, but just do it.

They tell you to dilate for 20 minutes a day. But you're so scared that it's going to close up that you probably dilate -- well, I dilated till like an hour. I would watch the Atlanta Housewives, and I would get in my bathtub. Because at first it was the only place that I could dilate. So, I would get my pillow. I would sit in my tub. I'd watch the whole episode. Then I was done. So, it's always best to stretch before and after. You will need several towels or waterproof pads to place under you while dilating.

Chux pads or puppy training pads are a good solution if you don't have laundry facilities. You can take a painkiller after dilating, but not before because it would increase the chance of hurting yourself.

You should receive everything you need to dilate before you leave the hospital or recovery facility, from your surgeon. You will use several dilators of different lengths and widths during your recovery and beyond. Rumer provides a Dilator Kit for patients, which includes dilators made specifically for trans women by Soul Source.

Note on materials: Some believe that dilators shouldn't be made out of silicone or other soft materials. Dilators should be rigid and hard enough to provide the rigidity necessary to stretch forming scar tissue. Amielle Care Set of Vaginal Dilators Set of 4 graduated dilators with a universal handle to make insertion and removal easier, lubricant and a discreet bag UK only link.

VuVa Smooth Set of 5 dilators made of medical grade polycarbonate plastic, with Instructions and pouch. Made in the USA. Vaginal Trainer Set These dilators are smooth and comfortable, easy to control, light-weight, latex-free, washable and safe.

When you're ready to speak with a surgeon about booking surgery, submit this form. A surgeon or surgeon's assistant will reply. Fields in black are required. First Name:. Questions or Comments:. The information you submit will be used solely for the purpose of responding to your request. We absolutely do not sell your information to any 3rd party. Your personal information is collected and disclosed in accordance with our strict privacy policy.

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Is it M???? It's not nice at all. Reply February 8, Jm. I have a sensitive, functioning, clitoris, which was constructed from what used to be the head of the penis. Aunt Messy 2 years ago And that attitude is why you will die alone because your kids won't be able to handle the fact that you're a bigot who doesn't love them. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account.

Transsexual organic dialation

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Transsexual organic dialation

Transsexual organic dialation