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What, pray tell, is a girdle? Why, it is a relatively old fashioned piece of lingerie and the evolutionary child of the corset. Put simply, a girdle is a piece of shape defining lingerie which runs from under the bust to over the hip. It promotes a lovely feminine shape and irons out any unseemly bumps of flesh which can get in the way of attaining the perfect hourglass figure. Whilst girdles are popular in literature you'll remember Hercules fought the Amazon Queen for her girdle, and it's about to be obvious why, they have somewhat fallen out of fashion amongst the young women of the modern age.

Men in tight bras and girdles

Men in tight bras and girdles

Then adding a nice pair of flat knit Stocking Men in tight bras and girdles hair free legs,still blows me away after all these years. So after this happening a few times she sat anr down and had a little chat with me. I like to be made up and wear a wig while my hair grows out. A lot of nice colors, they don't ride up at all, it feels like your not wearing any thing at all. Otherwise, great for that smooth, nylon feel. As outdated as such a suggestion may seem now, it means that a modern man virdles no grounds to complain about wearing a girdle, even for a similar length of time - if Bbs magic angels women could go about Men in tight bras and girdles everyday business girdled, so can he! How far we have come from the flimsy garter belt that we first saw him in, with a garment that threatened to slip down of its own accord having been swapped for one that controls his crotch completely! I would recommend them for any man or woman who wants nice fitting panties that feel good next to your skin and are sexy!

Girls in the tickling stocks. The power of the girdle

Nevertheless, the girdle's effectiveness at encouraging discipline and its potency as a punishment are such that it should not be allowed to languish at the back of grandmother's lingerie drawer, but instead seriously considered girdled any woman wanting Exotica naked way to keep her husband under control. I too yearn Men in tight bras and girdles the days when you could get a whole matched set of panties, bra, slip half or full and girdle. Xnd here for another shot of this dress: www. Boy do I remember slipping into my mothers open bottom rubber girdle and hooking up a pair of her seamed nylons,then squeezing into a pair of her high heeled pumps. I was when I first started trying on my moms girdles etc. She told me that I had two choices: she would buy me a corselet, hose and a bra slip but I would have to take something to Adult club chicagoland erections or she would buy me some briefs and undershirts and I could function as a man. There is no need to worry. I simply adore wearing all types of shape ware. Caroline continued, "and Men in tight bras and girdles know you want some girdles, is that true? But my favourite still is a good forming obg. One day at home, mother came walking from her bedroom in heels, stockings, girdle, and bra, as did I from my bedroom wearing the identical things. Men in tight bras and girdles Motors Young, girl breasts that just swell out of your chest with the prettiest puffy nipples. Stalked to his mother and aunt on every occasion, and on Sunday I assumed the clothes going to church In fact I developed such a fetish for women in girdles that the Qnd, Montgomery Ward, Spiegal catalogs were far preferable to Playboy!

Racer-back style bras are one great solution.

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  • The tone of her voice caused me to become instantly anxious.

Once considered by many women to be an essential part of their wardrobe, the girdle is a garment that has long since fallen out of fashion, such that readers may be forgiven for being unfamiliar with this formerly popular piece of foundation wear. Nevertheless, the girdle's effectiveness at encouraging discipline and its potency as a punishment are such that it should not be allowed to languish at the back of grandmother's lingerie drawer, but instead seriously considered by any woman wanting a way to keep her husband under control.

We'll also see how it only takes some simple sewing to ensure that he stays fastened in such frustrating foundation wear, as well as what your husband can wear with it - whether you want to have him girdled for you in private, or in public! Such associations linger even to this day, as the enduring stereotype of the fifties housewife shows. With her body buried beneath the substantial layer of lingerie that helped give her such a ladylike shape, she busies herself about the house without ever appearing out of breath, her hosiery held up just as effortlessly by the sturdy straps of her girdle.

Although perhaps quaint in comparison to the unbridled sexuality of contemporary girls, this archetypal image nevertheless embodies a quintessential femininity, one that is alluring submissive and chaste. After all, how could a woman be overly wanton when she has surrendered her body to a garment that takes so much trouble to get out of, suffering its grip as the price that must be paid for a pleasing appearance?

The practical impact of wearing a girdle is profound even in the absence of the garment's psychological connotations, with the simple act of going to the toilet requiring care if the wearer is not to fall foul of its crotch-covering fabric. Even without having to contend with a stifled erection, the ever-present sensation of stretched elastic is hard for him to forget, not only hugging his hips, but embracing his buttocks too.

With the arrival of pantyhose and hold-up stockings, it is hardly surprising that liberated women chose to cast off the obligations of such oppressive clothing, yet the very reasons they did so make such forgotten shapewear perfect for putting your husband in his place.

His simple black bra and thong are accompanied by the suspender or garter belt which holds up his stockings - although nowadays, even this garment is less commonly chosen by his female counterparts.

There's no denying the sexual charge of such a seductive combination, however, with this archetypal underwear sure to set his pulse racing whether he wears it in the bedroom or beneath his suit to work, but a couple of problems are apparent when one considers it carefully. To start with, his masculine frame is not as well suited as a woman's when it comes to supporting a suspender belt, with his wider waist and narrower hips providing a much shallower angle on which its thin strip of fabric must sit.

That sees such a garment in danger of slipping down his body, especially once its straps start to be tugged by constantly stretching stockings - something which is a particular problem for taller men having to contend with hosiery poorly suited to their height. Although my husband could wear fasten his garter belt even tighter in an effort to alleviate this, the resulting strain can be both unsightly and uncomfortable, with the delicate material of which such lingerie is made simply not designed for such treatment.

A much broader, sturdier means of support would be better! Secondly, there's an unladylike bulge in my husband's thong, caused by how such skimpy underwear does little to suppress his manhood - even before he becomes erect! Despite wearing his panties under his suspender belt as befits a submissive man, it is still all too easy for my husband to gain access to what's underneath, with the stretchy fabric that fails to flatten his crotch capable of being pulled down without him even having to unfasten his stockings!

In Figure 2, my husband wears an open bottom girdle, so called because its fabric does not close under the crotch like a pair of panties, but instead is open like a skirt. Indeed, this garment may be thought of as a kind of skirt, albeit a very short, tight skirt that shamelessly supports his stockings with a series of integral suspenders. The girdle that my husband models features six sturdy straps, but ones with as many as fourteen are available - a veritable nightmare for the man who must ensure they are all perfectly straight!

The chunky metal clasps mean there's no chance of my husband's stockings slipping down, whereas the broad band of material is sure to stay stuck to his body. Now that he is wearing a girdle on top, pulling down his panties has become rather less straightforward, leaving my husband with a dilemma when he wishes to go to the toilet.

Should he unfasten each and every one of the suspender straps so as to be able to roll up the reluctant material, or should he tackle the formidable fastener that must be undone for him to be free of his foundation wear?

Thanks to how an open bottom style presses the insides of a man's thighs together, it will also help discourage him from spreading his legs in a slovenly manner while sitting - a blessing to any woman wanting to stop her husband from constantly scratching his crotch! The high waist panty girdle that my husband models in figure 4 illustrates this point perfectly, its unforgiving fabric stifling his sex to such an extent that one might easily overlook the barest residual bulge.

As before, my husband's girdle sports suspenders straps, but as Figure 5 shows, the lengths of sturdy elastic that supports his stockings are attached to little loops in the garment's hem, allowing them to removed if desired.

Later, we'll look at how a man can be made to wear a panty girdle on top of pantyhose in order to maximise his frustration, but for now, it's worth noting that not all panty girdles feature such attachments. If you're wishing to feminize your husband with stockings that require supporting, take care to choose shapewear with the capability to hold them up!

My husband's panty girdle features a similarly high waist to the open bottom girdle we saw previously, again fastening up the side to help control a protruding paunch. This time, however, the figure-hugging fabric is closed under the crotch, preventing it from simply being rolled up.

Figure 6 shows the resulting feminine flatness. For even greater control, consider making your husband wear a long leg girdle of the kind that mine models in Figure 7.

Reaching all the way down from the midriff to the top of the thighs, the sturdy material makes no concessions for a man's sex no matter how aroused he may be, instead smothering it beneath a layer of stiflingly stiff fabric that requires significant effort to escape. This particular style claims to have a convenient opening in the gusset, but one wonders how many women would trust their dryness to the contrivance shown in Figure 8.

In any case, a line of stitching is sufficient to deny my husband any choice in the matter, leaving him once again little option but to completely unfasten his foundation wear before he can go to the bathroom.

The high waist, long leg style must be pulled half way down his legs before he can safely attend to his business, something which poses a significant challenge should he also have to contend with suit, shirt and trousers in a cramped public stall. As before, my husband is wearing stockings rather than pantyhose, but it's hard to tell when their lacy tops are hidden beneath the legs of his girdle.

Only he knows how the concealed suspenders pictured in Figure 9 are pressed against his thighs by the garment's extra-firm fabric, the sturdy clasps effortlessly supporting hosiery whose sheer nylon must seem ethereal in comparison to the shapewear which so sternly holds his body.

How far we have come from the flimsy garter belt that we first saw him in, with a garment that threatened to slip down of its own accord having been swapped for one that controls his crotch completely! Although such garments perform a very similar function in shaping the stomach, buttocks and thighs, they compare poorly for our purposes, often lacking not only the means to support a man's stockings, but also the fastenings that allow for still greater submission.

While their availability has been helped by a revival in retro fashion, it is still simpler to source girdles from specialist online suppliers, where you can take your time choosing the style best suited to your needs - and indeed, the size.

Not only do girdles of the kind we've been considering cover both, they're also cut with womanly curves in mind, forcing a compromise from wearers with less feminine figures.

If one were to go by mere measurements, selecting a single garment that both hugs your husband's hips and shapes his waist without being too tight to be unwearable might at first sight seem impossible. Nevertheless, despite its severity, the amount of stretch in a girdle's fabric is generally enough to accommodate a man's body, so long as you choose both a style that makes it easier for him to squeeze into it and a size that splits the difference between hips and waist.

For example, my husband's hips measure a modest 34 inches and his unwomanly waist 30 inches, which, if one looks at the size chart for the long leg girdle we last saw him in, appears to simultaneously require both a small and a large size to fit him - yet the former falls short of his waist measurement by a full four inches, whereas the latter allows an extra six inches for hips he simply doesn't have.

Bearing in mind a man's different fat distribution, a medium size makes for a suitable compromise - even without such a garment's encouragement, my husband can suck his stomach in to meet the 28 inches that is all it allows. That's because such garments are sized for women who are seeking all-over reduction, and so are intended to hug the body rather than hang loose.

A couple of extra inches eases the stretch of elastic, but not so much that it sags - indeed, my husband's medium girdle is still sufficiently tight as to leave the middle half of his body held in its restrictive embrace.

Of course, as with any item of clothing, finding the correct size of girdle for your husband may require a little trial and error. The unfortunate propensity for shapewear to roll down or ride up is a problem that its designers seek to address by various means, with girdles being no exception.

Whether reinforced panels and bands that add stiffness to strategic places, special fabric that grips the skin, or even boning that imposes the desired curves, all can be found on women's girdles, especially those offering extra firm control.

Nevertheless, the compromise made for their intended market sees pull-on or roll-on girdles being generally less substantial than those that have additional means to fasten them. Considering the aforementioned need to accommodate a man's wider waist, which can pose problems for the pull-on styles, a woman who is looking to make her husband wear a girdle to encourage his submission should choose a sturdier design with suitable fasteners.

For the moment, we'll merely note that such designs minimise the dangers of material rolling down, whereas stretched suspender straps remove the risk of riding up - another good reason to have your husband wear stockings whenever you've got him girdled. Should you find a style that would be suitable save for its absence of suspender straps, it's relatively straightforward to add these afterwards.

In Figure 10, my husband's stockings are held up by raunchy red elastic and clasps taken from a cheap suspender belt, the contrast in colour livening up what would otherwise be a fairly unassuming piece of shapewear. It's also possible to buy such suspender straps, with sturdier styles intended for corsets working just as well with a girdle.

Either way, there's no excuse for him not wearing nylons! Such worries about not wanting his girdle to be discovered are perfectly understandable - indeed, you may share some of them yourself, hardly wishing to put your husband in a position where he will suffer public humiliation as a result of his secret submission. Unlike the tell-tale lines of a bra, there are very few aspects of a girdle that risk drawing attention - indeed, such garments are often advertised as featuring flat seams specifically designed not to show through sleek dresses, such that wearing one beneath a pair of trousers hardly poses a problem.

That doesn't mean you can't make your husband feel self-conscious about his shapewear, however. Should you find his eye wandering to other women, a simple comment about his intimate attire is all it takes to bring his attention back where it belongs. You can even sow such suggestions ahead of time, discouraging your husband from fooling around with flirtatious colleagues by deliberately raising doubts about discovery.

While you may impishly add to your husband's anxiety in order to enhance the effects of his girdle, there's actually very little cause for alarm. If your husband wears a thin white shirt or slim fit T-shirt, there's a small risk that the upper hem of a high waist girdle may show through his top, either as a slight ridge or a subtle shadow. Even this, however, may be mistaken for the waistband of boxer shorts by those unfamiliar with foundation wear, or else assumed to be some kind of medical compression garment or back brace.

In any case, an extra layer of clothing is enough to address this issue, but if the slight bulge of flesh still offends you, the addition of a longline bra will eliminate it. Thanks to their lower leg openings, there's no need to worry about your husband having visible panty lines from a panty girdle, let alone a long leg girdle - again, their absence is often a selling point of such shapewear.

The secret of his girdle is one that only the two of you need share, no matter how much it remains on his mind. Even so, it is important to ensure that such a garment doesn't prove unduly painful. Needless to say, the stiff fabric of any style will effectively suppress any expression of sexual excitement, silently scolding the wearer should he try to become erect. Provided that his girdle is not so excessively tight as to cut off circulation or otherwise cause him pain, however, there's no reason why your husband can't remain in it for prolonged periods of time.

As outdated as such a suggestion may seem now, it means that a modern man has no grounds to complain about wearing a girdle, even for a similar length of time - if countless women could go about their everyday business girdled, so can he!

Best of all, such a garment provides its very own proof of compliance, something that, after a full day spent in one of his long leg girdles, my husband demonstrates in Figure Put yourself in the place of a man who wants to relieve himself while wearing such a garment.

Before he can even think about tugging its tight fabric down his thighs, he has a zipper and hooks to contend with, not to mention the array of sturdy clasps that may be supporting his stockings. A trip to the toilet can no longer be a spur of the moment affair, but instead requires him to find a time and place where he can safely strip off and sit - so much trouble, in fact, that a man may decide he doesn't really need to go!

Every extra second he has to battle his girdle before he can touch himself is one where he can reconsider the consequences, rather than simply whip it out willy-nilly. While the formidable fastenings of a high waist girdle offer ample deterrent to such activities in themselves, their design also lends itself to being locked around the body. After all, a true chastity belt cannot be taken off without first being unlocked, preventing its wearer from enjoying bodily pleasures until they've obtained the express permission of whoever holds its key.

As any wearer of one of the many modern day metal devices will attest, surrendering control over one's sex to another is a supreme act of submission, something that is no less profound for being enforced by fabric rather than steel.

Just like its sterner counterparts, a lockable girdle imposes psychological as well as physical control, strongly encouraging its wearer to accept its embrace. As shown in Figure 12a, it is perfectly straightforward to make a girdle lockable should it have a zipper. Simply sew two loops of ribbon to either side of the top of the fastener, through which a little luggage lock can be threaded to stop the two halves from being separated.

For additional security, a third loop of ribbon may be inserted through the hole in the slider and similarly included in the path of the shackle, preventing the zipper from being pulled down until the padlock is removed.

The end result is shown in Figure 12b, where my husband's high waist girdle is very firmly fastened - as such foundation wear should be! So long as the garment in question is stiff and snug enough that it cannot simply be rolled down or tugged off, the wearer will be trapped in its tight grasp.

Once the lock is clicked closed, the length of time that he must stay in his shapewear ceases to be a matter that's his to decide, instead down to the whim of the woman who has his crotch under her control. Of course, a man at the mercy of a locked girdle might consider cutting his way out of its clutches, a simple snip to one of the loops of ribbon being sufficient to free himself, but not without leaving undeniable evidence of him having cheated its control.

Fortunately, such sewing is far easier when the girdle isn't already fastened - a couple of minutes with a sewing machine is all it takes to add the loops to allow such a garment to be locked. Instead, it is better to stitch to the side, verging on the inner edge of the reinforced fabric around the fastener. As Figure 14a shows, it is necessary to sew this side upside-down, but the folded ribbon is easily positioned between the girdle and the sewing machine's plate before being temporarily tacked in place.

The exact length of ribbon required will obviously depend on the size of the padlock that it will be holding in place, but a good starting place is to have it protrude just beyond the teeth of the zipper. From there, the next step is to sew a similar loop into the other side of the girdle. If you're planning on surprising a wayward spouse with a ready-prepared punishment garment, however, it's best to err on the side of a slight amount of slack here.

The third loop, should you choose to include it, is not sewn onto the girdle, but instead simply threaded through the zipper's slider. All that is needed here is to sew the ends of a folded length of ribbon back on themselves, doing so two or three times to produce sufficient bulk to prevent the loop from being pulled all the way through the hole in the metal. This is easier done by hand than with a machine, but it is well worth taking the extra trouble to do so.

Jet Boobs It was delightful and before long I was wearing her panties and bras. Next came the stockings, my hands were trembling and it took a few tries to attach the suspenders. Now and then it does actually kick up a bit, chafing and that, but that soon passes. First thing tomorrow morning we'll do a girls shopping trip.

Men in tight bras and girdles

Men in tight bras and girdles

Men in tight bras and girdles

Men in tight bras and girdles

Men in tight bras and girdles

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Men in tight bras and girdles