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My penis and i pics

My penis and i pics

My penis and i pics

My penis and i pics

My penis and i pics

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I had the exactly same case as yours, only 5mm opening hole. His Penis is very small and after a swimming lesson other boys laughed at him. I realized since my puberty and always finding a way to My penis and i pics it. From the third picture it looks like you may have a slight adhesion Mg the foreskin and the glans. I got him to a unitary doctor immediately! I also just want to really hammer home that last point point 3 above, courtesy of your editing on the biggest ring sizes. I use them like two fingers, to pull and hold the opening for peis minutes at a time. All good now! So we have both helped each other. Then I came here, went to many other places too. Stretching is k hard.

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  • Age: 19 Weight: 68 kg Height: 1.
  • With consistent daily stretching, the Internet says I should have it working properly in a few months.

By Hannah Sparks. August 7, pm Updated August 7, pm. They also answered questions related to certain personality traits, namely exhibitionism, narcissism, sexism and openness to sex and sexuality. Their study revealed that 48 percent had admitted to promoting their nether regions without an invite — suggesting this is a fairly common practice among hetero guys.

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My skin always covered it so tightly that the pressure made it equally hard all around. Will speed up the process of healing and growing new skin. This is super exciting. You want the skin under tension as much as possible. You can clearly see the phimotic ring now. Skin follows an exponential growth curve, like money in a retirement account, so I expect faster progress later.

My penis and i pics

My penis and i pics

My penis and i pics

My penis and i pics

My penis and i pics

My penis and i pics. By {{searchView.params.artists}}

Fuck the embarrassment. All those years without enjoying sex or masturbation…. How did you even pee? Circumcision better than no sex. Not to be a jerk but how did your wife get pregnant? This must also be hard on her? She had only been with a circumcised guy before so of course mine was different. Plus everything worked normally except I could last forever.

If this can works then I will commit and never think about getting a circumcision. Trong vog vai thang la minh mo? Minh bao? Tuc la moi ngay ba. Gud luck. Not only medically but to do this to yourself, you have to be fucked in the head. This is common practice, if he were to seek medical advice they would probably suggest to him that he could try stretching techniques or get circumcised.

Why did you even both browsing his journey in the first place. You are the one fucked in the head, did you come on here for your sexual gratification? You are the one who need to go to the doctors and ask his for some hemorrhoid cream which you can apply to the lip area of your mouth, I hear it helps to shrink an arshole. When you say you still wear the 5th largest ring — are you referring to the standard pack of 11 rings? I am asking because I am at the 3rd largest one and am still quite some way from being fully cured.

Hi everyone. I was in a worse situation than this, believe me. Surgery did it for me. It took three months to recover, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from phimosis. Some people have phimosis their entire life but do not really suffer from it.

The quote of a person, who claims to be Dr. Usually, in trying to pull it back so that they conform to the perceived notion that the foreskin should retract, they hurt themselves and, in some cases, rip the foreskin or the glans. None of this is necessary.

If your foreskin does not want to be retracted, leave it alone. It is quite simple to keep it clean and healthy without ever pulling the foreskin back. It is usually much easier to masturbate and to have sex without pulling the foreskin back than by forcefully doing so. You can pee quite comfortably with the foreskin retracted or not.

There actually are millions of men in the world at any one time, myself included, who do not retract their foreskin. I have a number of current patients in a similar condition and have, in the past, treated men in Asia and other countries with the condition of tight foreskin.

Not one that I have personally met and not one that I have ever read about has a problem with cleaning. Nor do they have problems with masturbation or sex or peeing. And I have to join with them in saying that it is ridiculous to suggest that our penises, including yours, are not functioning properly. Just leave it alone. I repeat — you do not have to open your foreskin just because other people do it. Their lives are not affected by it, so nor should yours be.

As for circumcision, that is a dead end road and not worth considering at all. JustAMartin, I just read your comment below from September and replied to it. So take a look at it. The content of the quote is weird. Yes, I to was somewhat confused about the cleaning part. It is possible with cotton swabs, but it gets tricky and you have to be really careful. Maybe some people can get away without cleaning at all because their smegma somehow diffuses and slowly gets out while taking a shower.

In my case it did get out itself, but it got kinda hard and formed chunks. Well, at least now I can clean it and recently after a few weeks of using Phimocure rings I can even retract while partially erect without any danger. Still I do not go for full erection when retracted because it feels unpleasant, too strained and slightly painful.

I had a tight foreskin that had never been retracted. My GP pulled the foreskin back and it hurt even without an erection. The glans is so sensitive — sex is better with it exposed. I decided to stretch the foreskin and used silicone rings for 6 weeks. I can now retract the foreskin over an erection without discomfort. The foreskin now stretches and moves during sex. My foreskin was not functioning properly, but after stretching it moves normally.

The sensations are so much better without the foreskin covering the glans. Thank your for this incredible progress report! I can share my sad story and I actually have been to ER because of paraphimosis.

I discovered my phimosis at about my 20s when visiting urologist because sometimes I could feel something hard-ish in my penis and sometimes saw pieces of something white falling out when I tried to push it slightly. So I got afraid that something is wrong with me — oh, my penis is falling apart and it spits out white dead pieces of itself… Ok, the doctor calmed me down that this is just smegma and it is normal.

But phimosis is not ok, and he suggested circumcision. Then I started doing some irregular stretching and in general I was able to fully retract and clean everything out while flaccid. It took a some seconds and two-three times but I always was able to retract, clean, and get it back.

But one day while I was cleaning it, my penis got harder. Something has triggered a sexual thought and I was about to get close to erection! This was a disaster. I was able to calm down, but I could not get my foreskin back — it was swollen and my glans was also too large. I tried to push it hard, I tried to cool it down with cold water — did not work. So we called ER. The doctor had to do a cut. After a day I could go home. Still, it is too tight to do the same while erect. I still cannot fit two fingers and I have small fingers inside to stretch.

I have already ordered the Phimocure rings — this seems to be one of the cheapest options. As I understand, this turned to be pretty effective for many, right? The closest steroid cream I can get freely is Lorinden, type A and C. Both types are based on flumetasone pivalate which belongs to glucocorticosteroid, the same as betamethasone. At least, I have other kinds of moisturizing creams ready.

Ointment is better than cream. Anything you can buy without a prescription is much weaker and nearly useless. Sir — Your story is inspiring!!!!

You are sharing the information with everyone which is a noble thought as well. Wishing you all the best for your journey — take care.. Let us know how you are doing and realize how grateful we are for your thoughtful, analytical and brave blog. So how are things going for you? All good wishes, and please remember how much you are appreciated.

I saw your blog about a year ago. I would stretch off and on during a shower or tug on it downward when erect, which was effective and posed no risk as I was a type 3. I recently found out about steroid creams mometasone 0. Keep at it. Two steps forward one step back! Also your glans is likely going to be extremely sensitive to any touch, or fabric.

Remember to touch it under a shower or using lube and allow it to desensitize naturally to stimulation. Otherwise sex will be painful for you, and even walking might hurt like hell. Always keep that in the back of your mind as an equally important side goal. You are so close! You have inspired me and I am making progress now. Hi First of all: Thanks for this blog!

It is really nice to see, that even this extreme case is not the end! Se is not possible. I ordered the phimocure rings but i have a really hard time to get them in to place! Trying to get it back with force is really painful cause my foreskin gets squeezed during that. Do you have some thoughts on that? Or can you maybe even post some pictures or a video of you in which you get the rings in to place?

Apps, used the wrong term there. Hi, I am 26 years old and have recent come across this page. I think that the discussion board here is fantastic. I have phimosis where I am perfectly able to retract my foreskin over my flaccid penis but have difficulty when erect. I have recently brought the issue up with two separate doctors who have both told me that circumcision was the only solution- a measure which I dread. This has lead me to look online to seek alternative methods of treatments and has brought me to this page.

I would be grateful for any advice or recommendations from anyone who has suffered something similar. Thank you. I have the same problem. Please send your penis photo to tyagideepak gmail. Thank you for your blog! I have a question.

Read about what I did on this page. Hi guys, I have been using the Phimocure rings. I have gone up a few sizes. I think the tightest part of my foreskin is the phimotic ring Ridged band. I think sometimes when I am wearing the rings, I am only stretching the very end of the foreskin, and not even stretching the phimotic ring very much. Anyone else had a similar issues? It is important to get the bottom part under the phimotic ring, the tightest part of your foreskin.

That way it will be stretching the right place. Hi have actually gone down a few sizes, and now I am ensuring I am stretching the phimotic ring.

For me, it was a little deceptive, I was going up sizes, however since I was only stretching the very end of the foreskin and not the phimotic ring, it was just creating the illusion I was making good progress. I have now figured out how to identify if the phimotic ring is been stretched or not, if you need some advice on this I can let you know a few techniques. It would be nice to hear some techniques, cause i have a very hard time to even get the rings in to place!

Congratulation for you successful journey! And thanks for inspiring me to share this and try to solve this problem on my own. My actual problem is somewhat like yours: I have a short frenulum. I can spot the phimotic ring only when it is half erect, because when fully erect the frenulum stops the foreskin before the ring reaches the part of the shaft where the girth would cause me trouble.

How is it going with the frenulum stretching? Have you ever heard of frenulum tying? I read your tweet concerning antidepressants. Just curious — is your depression related to phimosis and that long journey of yours? One doc wanted to fry them off with electiricity.

Certainly LS shold be ruled out, I think. Great penis…wish it was mine! I had LS in exactly the same groove. Two weeks of applying dermatologist prescribed ratio-Mometasone ointment vaseline like 0. I was having a little bit of pain upon foreskin retraction and during sex due to microtears within the LS lesions.

All good now! Might not be a bad idea to get it checked out. You know I love your site! I would say that yours, if you have it, is limited to the phimotic ring and may indeed have been causative that tissue will stretch some, but lesions are common. You have experienced some of that. It could have spread to the frenulum too, from your latest photograph.

Your penis looks really good, though. I would rule LS out carefully, if that were my penis and I wish it was my penis! Not very big here!

A lot of that white tissue will return to normal if my experience is any indication. One guy wanted to take electrodes to the tissue. One zap and I was just about screaming. At last I have found somewhere and someone who I may now be able to get some info and help from myself and hopefully I will now start my journey of getting my foreskin put right, now that would be the best thing ever.

The white skin eventually came off. It seems to come back when I use the Phimocure rings too long. When I only finger stretch everything looks much better.

At the age of 23 years old I realized I had phimosis. After some research I started stretching, my penis back then was just like yours at the weeks I want to thank you for sharing your experience and encourage me and others to overcome phimosis. Was the stretching process worth it for you?? There are two dimensions of feeling, the foreskin, and the pressure on the glans. I was never able to feel the glans being stimulated before, so now there are two feelings at the same time.

For us it only happens every 4 weeks or so. But all three of our kids are under 6, and I hope we will be less tired when they are older. Thanks a lot for this blog, and congratulations to your success! Have you seen one? Good luck! Wow, I looked at the third picture of the fourth week and was going to comment that circumcision or at least preputioplasty is necessary, but you were actually able to retract while erect, very inspiring.

I would love to try stretching, but base on your experience, can you suggest how I shall start? Until then, you can look at what I was doing early on, especially with the Q-tips cotton swabs and teflon tape. Yes this is like week 1. Very painful while passing urine. I tried to wash and clean with Savlon and apply betnavate n. Earlier I tried xylocain gell like anesthesia. Even after that I am unable to open mu cock. Hi All, Just want to add another instrument, which can be used too.

This can be used to stretch the skin as well. I followed your way to fix my phimosis. I used my finger, at the first week , i cannot insert my finger , i strecth my penis 2hour 3time a day. And in second week i can insert my finger and i take 3 hour of strecth 3 time a day. And it take about 3 weeks and 4 days. My skin is dry and cracking. Did that happen to you? Or any suggestions.

Hi, I have been following your blog. Thanks for the details you have shared. Can you please put a list of equipments you have used, so that I can buy one for me too? Super super hyper congratulations on your progress though! What the hell are you going to write about once you reach the end of your stretching!?

You MUST find something! And your courage to show it is laudable. There must be millions of men going through the same thinking THIS is normal. Thanks for your courage and for sharing your journey. Water and pee have completely different feelings. As for hygiene: I try and use a warm wet piece of toilet paper to clean up my inner foreskin after urinating sometimes even before to try and lessen the pain of urinating on the foreskin.

I try stretching with my fingers for the last few days, but no progress seen yet. I wish I had followed stretching when I had phimosis. I discovered it at the age of 19 and 3 years after it became unbearable. I was having pain while urinating. Sometimes tit needs too much pressure to open the hole. I visited the doctor and he suggested circumcision right away, no cream no stretching and I idiotically followed his advice thinking that a doctor knows best.

I thought it will get better. But 1 month after, when my penis started to get normal, I was very depressed. Sex and masturbation is not as much pleasureable as it was with foreskin. Other than that, you have to be extra extra extra careful when your penis is healing from circumcision.

The cut skin would attach anywhere and some little lumps will form from you skin and it looks very ugly. Keep it as last resort. All the cases I have heard of stretching are successful. Doctors are money minded people, they always tell us solutions from which they are benefited.

I would do anything to get my sensitivity back. Hey buddy. You may want to look into foreskin restoration. That will definitely restore not only your mind, but your little guy as well!!! Also, vitamin e of any form — cream, oil, etc. Will speed up the process of healing and growing new skin. Vitamin e is great for skin in general.

I use Genes Vitamin E Cream. Good luck!!! I have phimosis type 3. I have started stretching while taking bath. He also told that there can be bood or severe irritation after a few hours and gave me a cream to apply to soothe the situation my question is why there should be blood. Never tried this process again due to my fears.

Though I have been stretching every other day while bathing. There is improvement. But when dry, the same earlier position.

Still I am hoping to retract it down fully down the line but at the same time wary of not being able to do this while dry be it erect or flaccid. Another problem I have started to encounter that I need to pee during masturbation last times and unable to cum because of that. Distressed of such agony. What to do? All suggestions welcome. I am replying to my own comment here. Just a few minutes ago, I first time have retracted my foreskin fully while flaccid.

Great feeling. Would like to tell about my routine. And a little bit of history. I got know about this problem in the end of november. Then I came here, went to many other places too. Tried to gain as much information as I could. Was pensive all this while. Told my father and consulted a familiar doctor over phone.

He gave me reassurance. Went to meet him. He applied anaesthetic cream once. Achieved a little success and told me to continue doing so. But I was still fearing. Never could become determined enough. In between kept doing stretching and exercises during bath. Saw a hope. Stiil feared a lot. And I was not regular at all. Just one time exercise every two days. Coming back to the point. I saw my entire glans first time while flaccid.

Cleared a little smegma. Became satisfied. Not much pain. Glans was too sensitive which it should be of course. Now as I have already told that there is this new problem of peeing while masturbation and yet to see myself uncovered while erect I ask you for suggestions about that.

I would like to thank you a lot sir that you showed me the right path and gave hope. Will be indebted my whole life to you. A lot of thanks and again good wishes for you too! Please respond to the post. PS: Ignore the crudeness of language and not an organized train of thought. English is my second language. I have type 4 phimosis and I was wondering if all the stretching exercises your mentioned are useful for all types of phimosis.

Hi phimosisjourney, Thanks for the details Can you please share your view on how is your sexual life during this period? Did you thought about paraphimosis, where the foreskin get stuck by glans, which could lead to a emergency situations. Did you thought about that? Hey, Im a 21 year old with phimosis.

Been doing this for a couple months. What would you advise to me?? Is your head not very sensitive as it hadnt been exposed to anything? I find that I cannot touch the head of my penis without recoiling away, even though my phimosis isnt as bad as yours was. For this reason, I dont think buying the phimocare rings will help me as I wouldnt be able to put them on. How did you get over the sensitivity, if you had any? Some of the pain is in my mind.

Although i feel like i cannot touch it, in reality I found that I could touch it without pain, but any movement or rubbing causes great pain.

Hi, nice going with the progress the last 2 weeks! I wanted to ask you something for a while. And the question is will i still have progress if i wear the rings all day without the betamethasone cream? In fact, I think my opening might even me slightly smaller. He redirected me to urology and gave me a creme to bridge the time.

He said the urologist would make an incision in my foreskin rather than circumcise. Like you said, peeing takes long and sex seems to me very difficult.

If it is, I think I should at least give this method a chance. Thanks for sharing your process. Pinhole phimosis sucks so bad…. Start with two Q-tips inside if you can, holding them and pulling apart for a few minutes several times a day. Neither will any of the phimocure bands. Hi, just to give you some support, I had a tight foreskin for many years and when I started working on stretching, I feared the worse.

I thought there would be a mess under there, but wrong. As you read here though, there are times when it goes backwards, it happened to me. Was very happy about that. I think my issue is that the phimotic ring is near the tip of the foreskin.

If I try to use the tip of the foreskin the help keep the ring in, then the phimotic ring slips over the flesh tunnel and is not getting stretched. Yes, it will keep the tunnel from slipping out but the part of the foreskin that needs to be stretched is not getting stretched.

I have been much better about stretching the last few weeks. I am especially encouraged by your progress. Keep it up! Right now, if I wear a 22 mm flesh tunnel, I can keep it in for about 2 hours before it starts hurting.

I am worried that if I try to fight through the pain, I will end up getting a cut and regress. So, I end up taking it out which can be painful. Thinking I may be overstretching, I have gone down a size to a 20 mm flesh tunnel. The problem with this size is that it is hard to keep the thing in. It just wants to slip out. Any suggestions? Today, I have the 20 mm tunnel in and it seems to be staying put without wanting to slip out.

I have had it in for about 3 hours with no pain. My goal is to try to keep in overnight as I feel like this gives me the best chance of success. Any additional thoughts would be appreciated. With my new method of wearing them 24 hours, I choose one that does not hurt at all. As you see in my video, pull the looser skin over the top and that keeps it in. Are you able to do that? Let me know how it works out. A few things I learned the hard way about fast stretching are 1. If you end up in a situation where you need to take them out they basically close up to the original ring size in a few hours.

If you have stretched fast and end up not having the ring in for even as little as 2 hours in my experience, you need to go back down at least a size, if not two, to slowly open it up again.

Another point is on the largest couple of rings you may start to experience raw skin not around the actual phimotic ring of your foreskin, but from the lip of the Phimocure digging into the surrounding skin. If its really bad, downsize for a while and let the skin heal if it can. Any raw bits just seem to quickly get worse. Hopefully this is just me though!

All the best! No problem! So we have both helped each other. I also just want to really hammer home that last point point 3 above, courtesy of your editing on the biggest ring sizes. They really can dig into the skin. After letting it heal for a few days and not using them at all, I can now see when I retract the skin that I have 2 areas of tightness.

One is the original phimotic ring, and a second one has formed from the lip of the Phimocure ring digging into the skin and making it raw, and its closed up when it healed a bit. Although hopefully it only happens to me! Hi Thanks for sharing this.

I am in same boat. If you can share the details of the products you have used from the beginning I have the tiny hole as well , I could try for me. Cut one Q-tip in half. Keep wrapping until it is the right size. Stick that end in the hole and leave it there until it gets itchy or you have to pee, maybe two hours. Do this several times a day.

You may use a lube such as coconut oil to make it easier. You can wash and reuse your stretcher. If so, use clotrimazole vagina cream for a few days to cure it.

I will write a post for extreme cases someday. I would be really interested to know what your wife thinks about your progress. Tell me about your progress. What kind of differences did you experience? Early on, my wife did not like me talking about it or knowing that I was stretching, because she said it was a turn off. However, at that time she was breastfeeding and everything was a turn-off her.

I am looking forward to when it is done and I will let you know then. She mentioned to me last night that when I started, it was strange, because she was used to my penis looking a certain way. She never expected it to change. She expected to be married to that one penis for life. Hi, well done mate. You inspired me to give it a go.

I was a teenager the last time I pulled my skin back. I pulled the skin back the other night and believe me, I was very, very happy. All was clean under there. The skin was very tight around it so I did not keep it there long.

I now pull it back every time after I pee not before or during. That causes very random movements and a bit of a clean up. But hey, because of your blog and pics, I gave it a go and went from a pea size opening to full retraction. I used the rings and wore it for 1h each day only. I smeared the ring with the phimocure cream each time which helps get it in and applies the cream to the tight bits. Cleanliness is a must. It really does make a difference and stops any cracks etc. Cracks will stop you for a while.

But anyone reading this and thinking of doing it… do it. I feared surgery but was going to actually do it, this was a last ditch attempt and it worked for me eventually. Last point: It feels amazing to pull the skin back after over 30 years of not seeing behind it! I am a 44 year guy who has phimosis type 2. End of story. You see, with even type 2 phimosis , my glans is only very minimally exposed when erect.

With that in mind, I began stretching a few months ago with flesh tunnels. Unfortunately, I have not been very disciplined with this. Even with off and on stretching, I have noticed a difference. I can usually wear this for at least hours at a time until I get sore. My goal is to cure the phimosis by spring of I am sure I will have no problem with ejaculation then and hopefully sex will be a whole lot better! Will keep you posted. I just wanted to give an update. I was making great progress throughout December and was so very close to being able to pull the skin back while erect.

I think I may have partially tore my frenulum as when I remove the flash tunnel it was extremely painful for approximately 30 minutes. When I woke up the next morning My foreskin was quite swollen and bruised. They bruising and swelling has now gone away so I am able to scratch again but unfortunately I will have to go down in size for the time being. Hopefully I will catch up soon. I think I have phimosis type 3 meatus just visible. I did know that 4 days ago. I can see just the tip of the head of my penis.

I am 22 and half. The size of the penis while erect is around 6 inches. There is no problem while urinating or masturbating. I even masturbate the same way by of back and forth motion of palm while holding the penis I have never rubbed the upper part.

And I never had pain. I started masturbating just 6 months ago. I live a healthy and happy life otherwise. There are no problems at all. I have been concerned and distressed for the last 4 days. I have never even tried retracting the foreskin because I fear for the pain there would be.

The information on internet is varied and misleading. The smegma forms but not in great amounts. And I do clean that away while bathing. So I want to also ask that that how to take care of that. There have not been lack of confidence earlier. I get spontaneous and morning erections very easily and without any pain.

But for the last 4 days I do not know what to do. Is phimosis normal? Whar are the risks? Is cure needed? If yes, then how will it change my life? Would there be further implications related to infection, general health and sexual life? And I would always be thankful to you for a response. Sandish, I have been replying to your comments and I have already given much information. I understand that you are distressed.

I am sure that you will get the reassurance that you need there. Thank you sir, thank you so much for understanding me. You have been doing a great service to all those people suffering from this. Thanks again. At that time I was able to go straight to the second ring. I am currently struggling to move up to the 7th ring. You are doing a fantastic job — if it takes another year it will surely be worth it.

As one of the other posters said it is probably best to wait until the ring is falling out before going up a size. For me. For him I think it was painful and maybe even embarrassing. I really like him and I feel sad that he probably has never fully enjoyed intercourse.

He did so much to please me before even attempting intercourse. It was only when I gave him a hand job and then oral that I began to think there might be an issue with his foreskin. He let me watch him masturbate but it was taking a while.

He stopped and started a few times. He finally got there but it happened when I was in the bathroom. With me if possible. It is a common question about how to being up the subject. The best time to bring it up is outside of the bedroom. If you are already intimate, then it should be easier to have a discussion, perhaps after a nice candle lit dinner…. One of the instructions somewhere on their site says they are designed as a ring so you can still urinate whilst wearing them.

Yes it can be uncomfortable. Yes they sometimes pop out I got around this because I live somewhere cold. I wear thermal trousers underneath my clothes and tuck them in my socks to catch them if they pop out.

I had some horrible moments where I lost one ring and had to go up a size early and there was bleeding and raw skin for about 2 weeks, but it healed even with the ring in eventually. If you only stretch for a small part of the day, all your doing is damaging the skin and then let it heal back down to its original size. Look up some advice from people that put giant piercings in their ears. So be as aggressive as you can.

I notice your posts are getting pretty rare. If you can get away with wearing them all the time, good for you. But other people have reported it causes great trauma and lots of bleeding.

I found this to be true. After leaving it in for 8 hours one day, I had a ring shaped bleeding scar that took a week to heal properly. When the skin heals, you are correct to point out that it naturally contracts.

Anytime I had the red ring effect I usually found I had gone up a size too quickly. It heals after a week or two at the new size. The only time I downsized is either when I had left the ring out for too long and it had closed up a bit hence why I say leave it in as long as possible or when I suddenly developed raw skin at the current size I was using.

It came out of nowhere. Steroid creams can also help improve skin elasticity for when you want to jump up a size. No, I can sleep with them in. The skin is loose enough that I can rather uncomfortably get a erection without damaging anything whilst the ring is in so maybe that helps? You want the skin under tension as much as possible.

Just a little over a year ago, I started my journey on stretching my foreskin. I realized I had this issue first time having sex 3 years ago, when my penis would hurt while penetrating the girl, even while having a condom on. Thanks for writing. I it good to know that other people are having progress, when I am stalled right now. I will keep trying. It is still normal for a lot of boys to not be able to retract at age Keep trying every day, as often as you can.

There is no need to get a doctor involved. I am now 27 but I have avoided intimacy up to this point because of how embarrassed I am about this problem.

I have tried a few techniques and devices, including the suspiciously expensive Gentle Foreskin Stretcher, but I never saw much progress and I was always quick to give up after a few weeks. Your blog and documented journey have given me tremendous hope. My schedule makes it hard to stretch multiple times per day, but I am still making an effort to do it once in the morning and once before I sleep.

I just want to thank you for documenting your progress. Thank you so much for this. Thanks for your wonderful story. I hope that my progress will inspire people to see that no case is too severe. What is the problem? I would rather people read the guide that I wrote instead of this page.

It is much shorter and contains only the things that work best. Rooting for you here!! Please keep rolling and retracting. I concur with the above about the adhesion.

Perhaps it might break on its own. Probably that adhesion is a remnant of the synechia present at birth and will resolve itself naturally as you progress to full erect retraction. From the third picture it looks like you may have a slight adhesion between the foreskin and the glans. How would you feel about me using those pictures on my phimosis blog call blindmeat on tumblr? I really like what you said about smegma. Congratulations, what an amazing journey. I had phimosis and only got it treated much later as my doctor would say , I was Congratulations on your discovery and progress!

Thanks for sharing it with us! Long live the Internet! I am able to retract penis when flaccid all the way. I can see the ring in the back that holds my forskin. But I have to pull it forward when I want to close it. So what I do is I retract my penis all the way down when flaccid and get horny while my head exposed but once my dick keeps getting bigger and bigger it starts hurting.

Is it because my forskin is too small to fit on a erected dick. The good think is that I saw my full head exposed while erected I used to not be able to to retract penis while flaccid. But i been retracting penis everyday to loosen it.

I have 45 days doing it everyday. I have to use a cup of water to put water on my head of penis when showering. If i let the water hit it all the way it hurts my head. How do i reduce the sensitive? It feels good when I rub my penis while forskin closed and sperm out in 45 seconds. Please let me kno wat yall think. I am pleased with my penis size. Hello all, I am Asian Chinese and i am 20 years old this year.

I am actually curious as to the standard of the length of my penis on how it measures Here is the photos of my very long white penis 9 inches. Being a white guy, having the length of 9inch - possibly 10 inches as I am 18 year old.

As you can see my penis is not only long, but with a thickness in the girth.

Woman disgusted after lad drops a penis photo into their innocent chat about tattoos – The Sun

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My penis and i pics

My penis and i pics