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Mother son thrust clitoris ecstasy

Mother son thrust clitoris ecstasy

She tasted the hot pucker of Ginger's asshole and, with a groan, began to lick clitotis a frenzy, mindlessly. She was awesome. Karen pushed harder, moving her hand back and forth, she could feel the slick hot flesh spread and open under the assault of her thrusts. She got up and straddled her Son. There was no mistaking her fingertips gliding up and back on my erect cock.

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This level I was on was hard enough when I was paying full attention but near impossible when all I thought about was the glorious sounds of Sarah's orgasm. With his final gasp, Nick's rod shot a heavy strand of semen into her mouth. I won't hold anything against you if it doesn't feel right. His arm remained wrapped under her shoulder, holding her close to him. Might as well go all the way, right? She held the nearly passed out boy to her chest as she rolled Mother son thrust clitoris ecstasy with his. We will continue this later. You kind of shut that whole part of your life down, didn't you? Her mouth closed again, hoping she could gather her thoughts in due time. With her head thrown back a little, and her mouth open in Mother son thrust clitoris ecstasy half-smile, Nalini had totally surrendered to the joy of being fucked lovingly by her stud son and was I wanna gey high every moment of incestuous bliss! Closer Than Ever.

Mom is 39, her Son is 18 Danny and Kate was in the room watching a blue-ray movie on his new big screen TV.

  • Story about a brother and sister who gain a stronger bond.
  • With each step their habits opened to reveal their long silky legs clad in black nylons, their stilettos clicking on the cobble-stone floor.
  • At nearly six feet tall, one of my favorite things to do was hiking and camping in the mountains, near our home.

Like two kids under a summer spray nozzle we laughed and played. We washed each other all over. It was sexy and arousing, but primarily, it was fun. Let me tell you how we came to be showering together. My Mom and I had been thru many difficult times together. My folks had a bad maraige. My Dad was mean when drunk. He was rarely home. When he was, he was usually drunk and abusive. Once, as a kid, I heard them having sex. At that time, I was too young for sex myself, But, I could recognize that she was in need.

I used to wet the bed at night. Mom would walk me to the toilet to pee before she went to sleep herself. It went innocently like that for years. When I began to jerk off, I used to fanaticize it was her holding my cock. One summer night, when I was 17, she fell asleep on the couch watching TV. Lying awake in my room, I could hear her snoring. I tip toed out to see what was going on. It was the first pussy I ever saw. The black bushy hair aroused the animal in me. I stood there and studied the woman lying before me.

Her breasts were half exposed. Thighs wide open. She smelled so sweet. It made me happy that she was breathing the same air as I was. Dad was a bastard and we both despised him. If only I had the nerve. I wanted to touch her, kiss her and just be nice to her. I felt that it was my job to make her happy. The bed wetting continued. I would lie awake hoping to hear her snoring on the couch. I would stand silently and imagine touching her breasts. I wanted to lick them and kiss them. I wanted to feel close to her.

I thought of how much she would like to have her thighs stroked, gently with kindness and compassion. One night, going through this routine, I had a full erection while looking her over. Backing out of the room I bumped noisily into the door. I exited quickly and got into bed. I guess the noise I made woke her up. A moment later she was "waking" me for the trip to the toilet. I made believe I was half asleep and she led me by the hand.

After positioning me in front of the bowl she pulled my pajama pants down. She was sleepy herself. When her soft warm hand found a man sized erection I felt her body tense. In the past when I was hesitant she would stroke the top of my cock with her thumb and say, "Pishhhh, pishhhh, pishhhh. Tonight there was just silence and her body leaning on mine. Then it seemed as though time stopped advancing. I could feel that tuft of black hair that I found so fascinating. It was pressing against my rear end, and I could feel it as if we were both naked.

Only her thin nitey was between us. I felt her nipples growing harder against my back. My skin was so alive and sensitive. I was welcoming all this sensory, tactile arousal. I could feel her breath on my neck. I only wished we were standing face to face. I wanted my sweet Mommies mouth on mine. I was standing as rigid as a statue. My mom moved from behind me to sit on the edge of the tub, by my side. Of that, I was sure. There was no mistaking her fingertips gliding up and back on my erect cock.

It left me speechless, but she spoke. She put her arms around me, again. Her left hand went up my PJ shirt and she was stroking my chest. I was trying not to tremble. She seemed very calm and composed. She spoke in a hoarse whisper that I later learned to recognize as a woman in heat. Just a secret that you and I share. I have never told anyone, have you? Now I need you to do a very personal task, to help me, and you have to promise never to tell anyone about this secret either.

She took something from the night table drawer. She said, "just leave them off for now. Lying on her back, without any shame, she hiked the night gown up to her waist exposing her white thighs, a smooth tummy and that fascinating black patch.

I was so stiff both my cock and my body I had to check to see if I was breathing. She motioned me to kneel on my knees beside her. She lubed my middle finger with the stuff from the night table. Her hand stroked my face. Elevating her knees, she took my hand by the wrist to the entrance of her pussy. With her fingers she opened her pussy lips revealing the wet pink inner lips. My cock was drooling all over the sheet.

Press your fingertip against the insides and keep it up until the itch stops OK. Instinctively my other hand caressed her tummy, just above her thick bush. My finger began to explore inside. I was touching the inner walls of my Mommies hot cunt. Quickly, I realized the truth of the situation.

I was finger fucking my Mother and we were both loving it. She masked the truth for a while with the medicine bit. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was in ecstasy. When she opened her eyes and they met mine, the medicine charade was over and we both knew we had crossed a certain line and our steps could never be retraced. Her mouth opened slightly and her eyes pleaded with me. Obediently I leaned forward and put my open mouth on hers. A torrent of love and passion passed between us.

My Mom was so happy to finally being made love to with the tenderness she deserved, and I was so pleased to be giving it to her.

As her passion rose and she was nearly cumming she said, "That feels good, keep it up. She moaned and rolled her head from side to side on the pillow. She seemed to explode inside. She grabbed me by the wrist with both of her hands.

Then slowly the motions of her body subsided. I never saw a woman orgasm before.

Instantly she took it in her hand and stared at it. We settled down at the table and tucked into our meal. My cum's already in you! They immediately clutched at one another, kissing and sucking on tongues with sudden frenzied desire. I was planting soft, wet kisses on the back of her neck and holding her body close to mine. One such occasion when I was twelve took a different twist, we were experiencing the worst storm I had ever witnessed, the thunderclaps were so loud the house literally shook on its foundations.

Mother son thrust clitoris ecstasy

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Ginger moved her hands between her own legs, pulling at her cunt, opening it for her aunt's tit. She lifted her ass, grinding her crotch smashing at Carol's firm tit happily. Carol drew her tit away from Ginger's pussy, running, her fingers over her slippery, thoroughly smeared nipple. She gazed into Ginger's pussy with wild, smoldering eyes.

With a sob, she shoved her face down. The soft wetness of Ginger's cunt burned at her mouth as she rubbed her closed lips up and down it. She shoved her hands to Ginger's twisting hips, gripping them tightly. Parting her lips, she kissed at the sweet pussy, feeling the heat. Her head seemed to spin with erotic passion, and she clung to the twisting hips. She closed her open mouth around Ginger's cunt, and began to suck.

She drew out the come juice her son had spurted, swallowing mindlessly. She sobbed in passion as her tongue snaked into the hot tight cunt. She licked and sucked, pulling the come juice from Ginger's cunt into her mouth, swallowing hungrily. She felt her niece's clitoris throbbing at her upper lip and then Ginger grabbed the back of her head and smashed her cunt into her mouth hard.

Oooo, use your tongue up my pussy, my cunt! Suck my cunt, Aunt Carol! Roger fucked his cousin's tight fist, staring at his mother's face buried between Ginger's thighs. Carol was thrilled to feel a soft, hot cunt in her face. She lapped her tongue in and out, licking from the very bottom of the tight pussy slit, up along the puffy little cunt lips, then about Ginger's knotted clitoris.

She sucked at Ginger's clitoris, bringing peals of ecstasy bubbling from her niece's throat. Ginger, squealing with ecstasy, lifted her legs and drew them up and back, lifting her cunt into Carol's face. Carol found her nose pressing into the little pussy as her tongue scooted downward. She tasted the hot pucker of Ginger's asshole and, with a groan, began to lick in a frenzy, mindlessly.

She shivered with rapture, amazed at what she was doing. He wanted his cock in a nice hot, wet place. Removing his cousin's fist from his cock, he moved behind his mother. Carol felt her son lifting her skirt, and drew her ass up. She was leaning now into Ginger's cunt, sucking hungrily as her son pulled her panties down off her rounded ass to her thighs.

She arched her pussy backwards, offering it to her son. Roger fucked his cock to his mother's cunt. Carol waggled her ass for him, her tongue flying up and down Ginger's hot young pussy. She licked frantically at the soft, sugary cunt and wiggled her ass when her son fucked his cock in and out of her pussy.

Being fucked by him as she sucked Ginger's cunt sent ripples of rapture though her. Roger grabbed his mothers hips, fucking his cock into her cunt hard and deep. He fucked at her pussy so hard from behind, he was smashing his mother's into Ginger's cunt. Carol loved it, grunting as her son fucked the breath from her lungs. She slammed her naked ass back, making slapping sounds with the creamy ass cheeks. She tongue fucked her niece with a wicked, swift tongue, sliding her hands down to the grinding sweetness of Ginger's tight ass cheeks.

Oooooo, your tongue goes so deep! Suck my pussy… suck me hard! Oh, make me come, Aunt Carol! Ginger's eye wobbled and rolled as she tried to focus them on her cousin, wanting to see him fucking his mother from behind. She clutched at her aunt's head with both hands again, grinding her boiling cunt powerfully at the sucking mouth.

Wet sounds came from Roger's cock as he fucked in and out of his mother's squeezing pussy. Juicy sounds came from Carol's mouth as she lapped and licked and sucked at Ginger's boiling pussy. Ginger gurgled and sobbed as she shot her cunt hard and brutally into her aunt's face.

The harder Ginger smashed her cunt into her mouth, the better Carol loved it. She felt her son's cock throb between the slippery lips of her cunt, and moved a hand down to his swinging balls, rubbing them at her swollen clit as he fucked his cock up her pussy. She cried out with rapture, trying to suck every inch of her niece's sugary cunt into her mouth, wishing she could swallow it down her throat the way she could her son's cock.

Roger grunted and moaned with the sensation of his mother's hot, wet cunt clutching his cock. He dug his hands into her twisting, churning hips, pulling back on them as he fucked his prick into her.

His balls swung back and forth. Moaning softly with erotic hunger, Carol thrust her tongue hungrily into Ginger's juicy cunt, tasting the come juice her son had spurted in earlier, sucking with her open mouth. Her mind was spinning with ecstasy. Although this had not been one of her specific fantasies, it was wonderful.

The feel of a hard cock — her son's young, hard cock-fucking her from behind as she sucked and licked greedily at a succulent cunt excited her tremendously. Her niece's cunt was tastier than she had imagined a pussy would be. The taste sent ripples of delight about her smooth flesh, the scent so heady it made her weak with desire. The way Ginger clung to her head, grinding her sweet pussy into her mouth was beautiful to Carol. Oh, you're so fucking wet!

Carol moved her mouth out of Ginger's pussy long enough to whimper. Roger, fuck my mother's hot, wet cunt! Ginger swung her legs up and over Carol's head, closing her hot little thighs tight about her aunts face. I'm about to come, Aunt Carol! Put your tongue back in my pussy, Aunt Carol! Ooooo, you're about to make my clit come! Carol rushed her mouth back to Ginger's bubbling cunt, her tongue darting in and out, flicking up and down the swollen bud of her rigid clitoris.

The hard knot was small on her tongue, but ever so sensitive. Carol loved the tightness of those slim thighs wrapped about her head, holding her, feeling those small feet on her back. She loved the feeling of her face buried into the sugary, wet cunt while her son fucked her in the cunt powerfully, loved the wet sounds they made, the sensations that flooded her body.

Her own clitoris, longer and larger than Ginger's, was being smacked by her son's loaded balls with each inward stab. The hairy lips of her pussy were fiery and wet, clutching her son's cock with spasms. She was very close to orgasm.

Mother son thrust clitoris ecstasy

Mother son thrust clitoris ecstasy