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In , Wendy and her husband established the Wendy and Carl Slavin, which supports awards and bursaries for students in Nursing and Specialty Nursing every year. BCIT has proven itself a leader in providing job-ready skills and accreditation to help meet the high demand for skilled people across a variety of industries within our province, says Wendy. With this endowment, Carl and I hope to make a positive and lasting difference in the health care field by supporting students who are considering a career in Nursing, says Wendy. Scholarships and awards recognize student excellence and bursaries assist students in financial need. In-kind gifts of software and equipment are essential tools for BCIT students to receive the hands-on training they need to enter the workplace.

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Our faculty and staff in the School of Health Sciences bring a wealth of industry-relevant skills and educational experience to your training at BCIT.

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  • Our faculty and staff in the School of Health Sciences bring a wealth of industry-relevant skills and educational experience to your training at BCIT.

Our faculty and staff in the School of Health Sciences bring a wealth of industry-relevant skills and educational experience to your training at BCIT. About the School. Faculty and Staff Our faculty and staff in the School of Health Sciences bring a wealth of industry-relevant skills and educational experience to your training at BCIT. Aldulea , Cristina. Biomedical Engineering. Ali , Julie. Amlani , Meena. Andrews , Bryan.

Anselmo , Francine. Medical Radiography. Armstrong , Jessica. Health Sciences Dean's Office. Axford , Lynn. Accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing.

Bains , Gurpreet. Nephrology Nursing Specialty. Banham , Victoria. Barr , Andrea. Barrett-Jones , Bobbi. Bassi , Puneet. High Acuity Specialty Nursing. Baylon , Cecilia. Critical Care Nursing Specialty. Beauchamp , Michelle. Beaupre , Denise. Bedard , Dina. Beggs-Murray , Melanie.

Bhatia , Gurleen. Environmental Health. Bhinder , Ramandeep. Binns , Dawn. Emergency Nursing Specialty. Boehm , Jochen. Bomba , Julie. Bosch , Brittany. Perinatal Nursing Specialty. Bourke , Heather. Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Burke , Riesha. Cardiff , Treena. Caron , Andre. Medical Laboratory Science. Celli , Domenico.

Chacon , Tony. Chan , Anthony. Chen , Dale. Chen , Emily. Chiang , Cindy. Perioperative Nursing Specialty. Chou , Anna.

Chow , Amanda. Chu , Lisa. Clark , Heather. Clark , Suzanne. Clarke Roe , Lorraine. Cockburn , Kimberly. Cook , Desmond. Cornish , Sabrina. Coroliuc , Jenna. Specialty Nursing. Cortese , Joseph. Crozier , Vince. Davis , Petra.

Day , Robin. Dehaan , Jean. Dhothar , Sam. Dorocicz , Irene. Clinical Genetics Technology. Douglas , Marina. Ducharme , Lea. Dulay , Gurmeet. Dunphy , Michelle. Dyck , Jeff. Egert , Amanda. Eliades , Carly. Neonatal Nursing Specialty. Evans , Connie. Fani , Shahrzad. Farquhar , Vincent. Feldstein , Jaimee. Fingler , Ian. Ford , Andrea.

Forsyth , Robert. Friedrich Fong , Carol. Friesen , Erin. Gill Sibson , Navkiran. Gillman , Bryce. Gnoato , Teresa. Go , Wanda. Goodnough , Jason. Gowans , Lisa. Gross , Mindy. Gyger , Rachel. Hardie , Tammy. Harris , Mandy. Heacock , Helen. Heng , Susan. Herle , Keith.

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Eliades , Carly. Chan , Anthony. Howard , Arlene. Lidher , Dj. Marla Kiess Dr. Kary , Amy.

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Our application process is now open from March 1 to September What this means to you is that as long as you have confirmed enrollment in any term in the current year, you may apply. Previously it was restricted to just enrollment in the Fall term. We have tried to help you in your application process with clear instructions and requests.

Once that is complete, you will be taken to the Application prompts. Click on the application form that is appropriate and begin completing it. You can refer to the FAQ noted to answer any questions you may have. Remember that It is your responsibility to ensure all the information on the form is correct and if back up documentation is required, that is in the correct format as posted.

As you go through your application process, if documentation is not submitted or is in the wrong format, you will not be able to go further until each section is completed correctly.

Our bursaries are divided into those available to Student Nurses or Registered Nurses or both and some have specific eligibility requirements while others have no specific requirements other than the basic criteria for all applications. Please take a few minutes to review them all. Before ticking the box related to any of those specific requirement bursaries on your application, carefully read the requirements and DO NOT APPLY unless you qualify and provide the requested backup documentation as it will probably result in your application being disqualified.

Applicants must have confirmed enrollment in any term with the calendar year and provide documentation to confirm. Applications must be completed and received on-line no later than midnight, September Bursary Program.

Thank you to all our applicants for your hard work. Watch for your congratulatory email early November! The RNFBC raises money for bursaries for students who are enrolled in basic, post-basic, re-entry and graduate education programs in nursing. Unfortunately, at this time our bursary program does not include applications for specialty courses due to the overwhelming need for bursaries awarded to students in degree programs at accredited colleges and universities in BC and at out-of-province institutions.

Applicants must be residents of British Columbia. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Our Available Bursaries.