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Two boys help a woman to carry her bags, but it's a trap! Mom's Audio Taboo Story. Molly Jane in horny son forced stepmom taboo. Dirty stories of common perverted people Vol. Asian mom forced suck and titfuck in kitchen.

Forced sex with mom stories

Forced sex with mom stories

Forced sex with mom stories

Forced sex with mom stories

Forced sex with mom stories

Forced Mom to Fuck 16 min Jacey - With a screech she kicked out, her foot hitting him square in the groin with force, the laugh died in his throat as he dropped to his knees gurgling in pain and Forced sex with mom stories at his groin. When he dropped his face to her groin Amanda felt his tongue spear into her pussy and his teeth scrape on Masturbating squirters outer flesh, with a nibbling, lapping action Tom sampled her juices until she yet again cried out her pleasure and shame. Amanda sobbed, then cried out as her orgasm exploded, once again her pussy pushed up onto the fingers invading it, she felt violated by what was happening, but could do nothing to stop her body reacting to their touch. Nothing they did now could Forced sex with mom stories the degradation she felt of having her own son fill her womb with his seed, or so she thought. She screamed as she fell on the bed while still crying. Family Takedown 11 Brit seals the deal.

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Forced sex with mom stories

Forced sex with mom stories. Incest sex stories: to take my Mother – Part 1


Forced to take my Mother - Sex Stories -

Amanda was looking forward to a peaceful evening, especially as her thirteen year old son Mark was going to be out at a party half the night, it was a chance to relax and not have to worry about anything but what she wanted for a change.

She sighed at the thought of some free time for herself, at the same time wondering just when her son and his two friends, Tom and Bob, would be leaving for this party of theirs. When there was no shout up the stairs after a minute Amanda assumed the call had been for Mark and carried on with what she had been doing originally, getting ready to take a shower. Grinning in anticipation Amanda laid out her clothes on the bed, a slinky dress in black that she knew only too well showed her still firm body off perfectly, beneath the dress a filmy bra and panty set made of sheer material that hid little if anything of what they covered.

To complete the ensemble self-grip stockings and high heels, she knew a garter belt would add to the look, but she never felt comfortable in the things and found they pinched in a clinch. Who knew? In no rush, Amanda enjoyed her shower, even took time out to play with herself a little both before and after shaving her pussy, an action that always turned her on anyway.

Dressed, hair brushed and tied back in a ponytail, make-up in place Amanda looked at herself in the full-length mirror and smiled. On that note she headed down to the living room with the thought of calling her special friend and inviting him over, she knew he would come whatever he was doing.

As Amanda reached the bottom of the stairs she was puzzled to hear the sound of glass on glass coming from the living room, it had been so quiet for a while she had thought, with some relief, that Mark and his friends had already gone. Before she could say anything, though, her son was speaking again. Tom, Bob, time for you to go. Neither of them moved; their only reaction was to give her lopsided grins and to raise their half full glasses to her.

Have a drink with us then the lads can go on their way. Against her better judgement Amanda agreed, especially as Mark had got up to fix her a drink as he had spoken, she felt no less annoyed though, all her plans for the evening were out the window.

Accepting the drink her son held out to her Amanda sat herself down in an armchair and took a deep swallow from it, the alcohol warmed its way down her throat as she sat back and looked at the three youths. She felt some of her annoyance fading, only to be replaced by a touch of frustration, she really had been looking forward to a good time and was, she was surprised to discover, still feeling turned on from her playing with herself in the shower. Sipping her drink she crossed her legs and leant back in the chair, gradually a warm glow spread over her and she began to feel relaxed in herself.

Looking over the rim of her glass Amanda noted that all three boys were looking at her with what could only be described as leers on their faces, it suddenly dawned on her that sitting as she was she was showing off a good deal of stockinged-leg. She grinned into her glass at the thought of the three teenagers getting a kick out of looking at her legs, emptying the glass in one long swallow Amanda held it up and looked at Mark.

He got up and refilled her glass again, out of the corner of her eye Amanda saw that Tom and Bob were still gazing with horny teenage eyes at her legs and she decided she was going to have a little fun teasing these boys. Not that it would make up for not getting laid that night, but it would be a subtle and sweet revenge to send the two boys home later on feeling as frustrated as she was. The three boys looked at each other and grinned then turned their attention back to Marks mother, in that one look, that one grin, the three boys had agreed on a course of action.

Amanda had noticed the boys look at each other then grin, but she thought nothing of it, she was too busy being amused by their efforts to see up her skirt without appearing to be doing so. She could see the boys were getting turned on by what she was doing, even Mark, which surprised her, and she waited for a few moments before making her move to dash their hot little hormones with cold water.

This was not at all the response Amanda was expecting, she had expected them to blush and get all flustered with embarrassment, instead she was the one feeling flustered, unsure whether to tell them off for staring at her legs or thank them for their compliment. In disbelief Amanda heard the three of them start up a conversation with her as the central topic, they were talking as though she was not in the room. Nor did the looks all three boys were giving her do anything to calm her sudden nervousness, those looks spoke of one thing and one thing only, pure lust!

Pulling herself together Amanda started to get out of her chair, her only thought was to get out of the room and up to her bedroom and let the boys do as they wished downstairs. Nodding Mark went back to his conversation with his friends while Amanda sat tensely in her chair tugging her dress hem down to cover her slender legs.

Come on flash the legs like you were before! Mark spoke again making her jump a little. The way they leant forward then smirked told her they had seen her filmy panties, not only the panties but also her shaved pussy through them.

Their next words only confirming this and filling her with a mixture of dread and, what was worse, a flutter of arousal, she felt ashamed of herself. How could this frightening situation be turning her on? The bitch has see- through panties on! Amanda stared at her son in disbelief, her eyes moved on to his friend Tom then to Bob and back to Mark again.

What she saw drove her to her feet; there was no mistaking the look of desire and intent to fulfill that desire in their faces. Barely had she taken a step towards the living room door when she felt a hand grip her upper arm painfully tightly, turning her head she saw it was her own son that was holding her back.

She would have escaped were she able, but now the three of them were between her and the living room door. Mark looked at her, then followed her eyes to the door to freedom, she saw his lips curl in a sneer as he instructed Tom to lock the door and put the key in his pocket.

She backed away from him, but the three of them moved with her, all of them waiting for her to take off her clothes. She cried out as Mark slapped her across the cheek again, then she felt the material of her dress being pulled, she jerked forward as the material tore with a ripping sound. She tried to cover herself with her arms as she stared in horror at her son who had now tossed the ruined dress aside and was reaching out to her again.

Even though she knew there was nowhere to go Amanda ran, their cruel laughter chasing her as she tried to get to the locked door, but Bob caught her, his fingers digging into her upper arm painfully as she struggled to get free. She cried out as he slapped her first across one cheek, then across the other, his voice rose in laughter, then he reached out and tore her filmy bra from her breasts.

All she got in reply was laughter from all three of them; tears filled her eyes as she struggled against the two boys holding her, their fingers digging cruelly into her arms. Legs thrashing she tried to kick out at them, but all she got from that was another slap from her son and the sound of laughter in her ears. Tom moved, for a moment she saw a chance of breaking free only to have it dashed as Bob twisted her arm up behind her back, moved behind her, grasped her other arm and twisted it up as well.

Tom took over the hold from Bob and while Bob undressed Tom pulled her tightly to him, his skin hot against hers, his cock pressing at her buttocks. Mark stood in front of her, his face twisted in an evil grin of anticipation as he reached out and started to play with her boobs. Then me, then Bob. Mark laughed as Tom spoke in her ear; she was determined to wipe that laugh off his face no matter how briefly. With a screech she kicked out, her foot hitting him square in the groin with force, the laugh died in his throat as he dropped to his knees gurgling in pain and clutching at his groin.

Behind her Tom was so stunned by what had happened he loosened his grip and she twisted free, turned and kneed him in the groin, she had the satisfaction of seeing him go down before a fist smashed into the back of her head, stunning her and sending her to her knees. Amanda felt herself being dragged to her feet by her hair, then Bob twisted her arms up behind her with a force that made her cry out loudly, shaking her roughly Bob hissed dire threats at her.

Then Mark was in front of her again, he seemed recovered from her kick, but he was no longer smiling, instead there was a look of anger on his face. Amanda spat at him; wiping the spittle from his face with one hand Mark slapped her with the other. Before she could brace herself to resist Amanda felt herself being thrust down onto the floor, she tried to roll over onto her stomach, but cruel hands turned her onto her back.

Tom, now recovered as well, took her arms and pulled them out level with her shoulders, then he knelt on her upper arms with his full weight, Mark grasped her ankles and despite her kicks forced her legs up to her shoulders. Then he once again turned his attention to her nipples, teasing them cruelly with his fingers, tugging at them and twisting them until Amanda cried out in both pain and, to her mortification, excitement.

Through her humiliation, fear and growing excitement Amanda constantly pleaded and begged for them to stop, her words fell on deaf ears, the three boys were intent on their actions. She could feel pain in her arms as their weight crushed down on her muscles and when they shifted the grip on her ankles so that they had a leg apiece Amanda sobbed with the knowledge that there was nothing she could do to stop what was happening.

What was worse, her son knew she was responding, so too did his friends and they laughed, joked and made coarse comments about her response. She felt herself trembling on the brink of climax when Mark moved his hand from her clit and plunged his fingers, into her pussy, the sensation of his fingers thrusting into her sent a burst of pleasure throughout her body.

Then his mouth was at her pussy, she could feel his breath on her flesh as he hovered for a moment above her. When Bob moved a hand down to her pussy she shivered in both dread and anticipation, then she was gasping and sobbing as his fingers invaded her with a cruel thrust. Laughing and making coarse, humiliating comments the boy finger-fucked her roughly, concerned only with his own pleasure, but giving her pleasure despite that.

Amanda sobbed, then cried out as her orgasm exploded, once again her pussy pushed up onto the fingers invading it, she felt violated by what was happening, but could do nothing to stop her body reacting to their touch. Then his fingers were gone from her, closing her tear filled eyes Amanda tried not to enjoy the sudden placement of his mouth over her clit, but his tongue pressing at her, circling and twirling her sensitive bud forced her to cry out yet again with enjoyment of what was being done to her.

Even when he bit her clit she could only cry out in shame and excitement. Laughing Bob pushed his tongue into her pussy, lapping at her juices while she cried out her pleas for them to stop what they were doing amid her cries of gratification of what they were doing. Damn, she tasted good! Under his touch Amanda screamed in pain mixed with excitement, but he did not bring her the same pleasure and when Tom moved his attention to her pussy Amanda had not climaxed. That situation did not remain for long though, Tom attacked her clit with one hand while plunging the fingers of the other into her with enough force to drive her down tighter to the floor, she felt that he was trying to split her apart with his fingers, but her body reacted with pleasure, her screams of pain mingled with groans of enjoyment.

When he dropped his face to her groin Amanda felt his tongue spear into her pussy and his teeth scrape on her outer flesh, with a nibbling, lapping action Tom sampled her juices until she yet again cried out her pleasure and shame. Tom drank his fill of her, then he and Mark swapped positions while Amanda sobbed, pleaded and cried out for help, all to no avail. She felt her son looming over her and opened her tear filled eyes, above her Mark was leering down at her, pleased, even excited by her degradation, she could feel his weight coming down on her and shook her head in denial of what he was about to do.

Above her Mark and his friends laughed as Mark thrust himself into her in one heavy motion, she felt his erection slide right into her, heard his laughter as he began to fuck her with cruel strokes, her pussy lips crushing between them as he ground down into her. In desperation she tried to struggle before her body could betray her again, but it was no use, the boys kneeling on her arms and holding her legs spread had her upper body immobilised while the weight of her son on top of her as he fucked her kept her trapped where she was.

Still calling out for help and pleading with them to stop Amanda felt her body beginning to move with her son, it was as though something had taken her over, making her body co-operate with her violators.

You are going to love how tight she is too! For Amanda everything had taken on a dream like quality, her mind withdrawing as her body surrendered to their lusts, her sobs were still interspersed with whispered pleas for succour, but she knew there would be none.

She might have kicked out, might have attempted escape, but her mind was not in control. For a while her son let her do all the work, let her fuck him, her legs pulling him tight to her with each thrust upwards of her body, but eventually he started to move again. Grunting with effort he pushed down at her, his thrusts driving her down to the floor, his young cock pushing into her then pulling back in an ever faster rhythm that forced her to climax over and over.

Amanda sucked in a shuddering breath as she felt his cock bury itself deep inside her body, felt it swell and jerk then felt the spreading heat of his semen filling her as her son came in her. Despite her orgasmic shudders Amanda cried out in despair at this final violation of her body by her son, her head turned to one side as shock overtook her. Nothing they did now could match the degradation she felt of having her own son fill her womb with his seed, or so she thought.

Dimly she became aware that her arms were no longer pinned down, barely had that penetrated her shocked mind than she felt a weight settling on her, pressing down on her as a cock pushed at her groin. Then it was inside her, sliding and thrusting into her, turning her head Amanda saw it was Bob that was taking her, even as she identified him she felt her traitorous body responding to him, moving with his frantic humping.

Though Amanda cried out in denial her body gave the lie to her words, physically she was theirs, her body shaking and tingling in excitement from what they were doing to her. As a climax hit her Amanda once again felt the boy on top of her thrust cruelly into her, his cock swelling and twitching as he filled her with his seed.

Then her pussy was empty, the weight gone from her body, but only briefly. Moments later another weight was pressing down on her, another cock was forcing its way into her pussy and another wave of pleasure was filling her as she began to move with the boy on top of her. Whores like you always love it! With a groaned curse Tom pushed into her, she could feel his cock twitching as it pumped his semen into her, then he was moving again, but only for a few brief moments.

Once again Amanda felt the weight leave her, eyes closed, tears forcing their way past the lids, she lay there feeling violated, humiliated and used. Even though the ordeal was over she felt no sense of relief only shame at the way her body had betrayed her while the boys had raped her.

Forced sex with mom stories

Forced sex with mom stories