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Penis clamping using rope instead

Penis clamping using rope instead

Penis clamping using rope instead

Kinbaku Penis clamping using rope instead could use a futumomo tie. Power Grip Front Pendulum. Today's Top Stories. Cheerleading portland trailblazers invitational Story. This tie places the person in a position where they are vulnerable but not completely immobilized and can still move about, albeit in an awkward crawling motion. Retrieved 20 September This risk is in addition to the normal risks of physical restraint and BDSM play. If the elbows are to be bound together, even for very flexible people it is rarely possible to bind them touching together.

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However, clamping has created minute length gains for some. If you are having Penis clamping using rope instead gaining length, try some advanced length exercises. The "P-Hanger" Penis Clamp. Search for:. Leaving the clamp on for 10 minutes is the safest way to clamp. Over time, move up in the number of days on, if needed. While penis clamping, my erection slowly subsides quite a bit. The steps: Stimulate your penis to erection. Wait five to ten minutes between clamping sets. Without causing any pain or discomfort, tighten the clamp as tight as possible. Deutsch English.

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  • Clamping is an advanced penis enlargement method in which a clamping device is used to obtain girth.
  • Clamping is an advanced penis enlargement method in which a clamping device is used to obtain girth.

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Search for:. This will minimize the chance of an injury occurring, and maximize gains. Because blood is still flowing into the penis, and none is leaving, there is an extraordinary amount of pressure built up. Without causing any pain or discomfort, tighten the clamp as tight as possible. Clamping is a penile exercise that uses a clamping device in an effort to gain girth. While clamped, get up and move around if possible. Over time, move up in the number of days on, if needed.

Penis clamping using rope instead

Penis clamping using rope instead

Penis clamping using rope instead

Penis clamping using rope instead

Penis clamping using rope instead

Penis clamping using rope instead. Penis Clamping


Bondage positions and methods - Wikipedia

A number of bondage positions and methods are used in rope bondage and other BDSM activities. Ropes are a common element of these positions, although straps , webbing , chains , hooks , manacles , Spreader bars , collars , common furniture, purpose built frames, various gags and monogloves may also be used.

The ties and frictions often are variants of Japanese bondage , shibari and kinbaku from where they derived. The ball tie is a bondage position in which a person is bound tightly into a ball position. A ball position also called a fetal position is one where the legs are bent double so the heels press against the bottom; the legs should also be brought up so that the thighs are pressed against the chest. Pressing the thighs against the abdomen may restrict breathing. If behind, there may also be elbow bondage, [2] or the arms may be in a reverse prayer position, with ropes round the arms and torso or arms and legs to hold the arms firmly against the back.

If in front, the arms may be tied hugging the legs, or possibly with each wrist bound to the opposite elbow. The ankles may also be tied together, as well as the knees. Typically the ankles are tied to the thighs in a frogtie. Sometimes the bound person wears high-heeled shoes and has ropes wrapped round the heels and fixed to the wrists. This adds to the visual impact, but should only be used as a supplement to other secure bondage; if it takes the main strain, the shoes may come off or the heels may break off.

When tied this way the shoes usually cannot be removed. The head may be pulled back in some way, such as in head bondage. However, some purists argue that this goes against the idea of binding into a ball.

Alternatively, the head can be pulled forward to force the chin to press against the chest. The position is both very stringent and some would argue stimulating. At the same time it is a comfortable position so that the subject may remain in it for quite some time.

The ball tie is one of the positions possible in self-bondage , but mobility is so limited that several independent escape mechanisms should be used, in addition to the usual bondage safety advice. In bondage , the hogtie is a position in which a submissive 's wrists and ankles are fastened together behind their back using physical restraints such as rope or cuffs.

Hogtie bondage requires all four limbs to be tied together behind the back. It typically involves connecting a person's wrists and ankles behind the back using some form of physical restraints , but may in some BDSM contexts also refer to the binding of arms and legs behind the back. A variation of the hogtie involves tying bound wrists to Frogtied legs, providing the dominant easier access to the submissive 's crotch for sexual play.

A pretzel hogtie is a stringent variant that has the wrists, elbows and ankles all tied together behind the back and cinched. The hogtie position places pressure on the abdomen of the tied person, which may created difficulty in breathing known as postural asphyxia.

This risk is in addition to the normal risks of physical restraint and BDSM play. The submissive's wrists are tied to the ankles, and the elbows attached to the knees. It is restrictive, allowing only the opening and closing of the legs and some rolling.

It originated over years ago in in Japan as a torture and interrogation technique. Due to the forced bent down position of the upper body this position sends a burning sensation through the body if the subject remains in it for a long time.

Firstly, a chest tie, such as a box tie , is constructed. The participant sits cross-legged, and the ankles are tied together using using a single column tie. From here, the rope is looped over the participants neck, or chest harness and back to the ankles; this is then progressively tightened bringing the ankles up to the head.

A Gyaku ebi : Firstly, a chest tie, such as a box tie , is constructed. From here, the participant is moved onto their stomach, and the rope is passed from ankles along the back, pulling them and securing them to the buttocks. This is also called the Japanese hog-tie. A bondage rope harness , sometime also referred to as a bondage web , rope web , rope dress or karada , is a rope bondage technique which involves the tying of an intricate structure of rope around the body in a complex web-like fashion.

A rope harness is similar in effect to a leather bondage harness , in that both are not in themselves normally used to bind a person, but are used to apply pressure over the area bound and can provide securing points for other bondage techniques, including suspension bondage. A rope dress can also refer to a conventional dress which incorporates a significant amount of rope or thick weave , or is held up at the shoulders by a thin rope. A rope dress typically takes around m of rope to tie, and involves multiple passes of rope from front to back around the body to build up the characteristic diamond-shaped rope pattern, typically starting from a rope halter, the double rope with four specifically placed overhand knots as in the illustration falls down the body, and is pulled loosely under the crotch and up the neck halter at the back.

The single strands are now passed from back to front, looping into the stem or using a Munter hitch. In some cases, a rope harness may extend beyond the torso, into diamond-patterned webs that extend down the length of the arms or legs. Though a rope harness is not normally used to bind the limbs, it can be used for that purpose by simply going around the arms not under.

A rope dress can be used with a crotch rope or a shinju "pearl" breast harness. The Japanese term shibari means simply "a tie", while kinbaku is a decorative tie; where the aim is to produce a beautiful rope pattern around the body.

Traditionally, a distinction was made between kikkou "turtle-shell" pattern; hexagonal and hishi diamond patterned ties, although many modern sources just use the term kikkou to refer to any rope body harness. A crotch rope also known as Matanawa or Sakura [16] in Japanese bondage involves tying rope around a woman's waist; this is then passed between the labia to apply painful or pleasurable pressure onto her genitalis. It is readily combined with every other bondage position. The crotch rope may be tied over clothing or directly onto the skin; it can be worn under clothing or in full view.

A crotch rope can also be used as an unsophisticated type of chastity belt. Typically, the ropes pass between the labia majora [17] or deeper through the pudendal cleft of the vulva. Knots can be tied in the rope to apply specific pressure to the anus or clitoris. The classic damsel in distress pose, beloved of the silent movies, used crotch rope then tied the wrists and elbows behind the back, and the tied ankles, and knees. And sat the heroine looking pathetic. For abrasion play if the rope is not tied to the waist it can be moved forward and backward between the labia or the subject can be made to walk across it.

The ropes may be wrapped tightly around the waist and tied off in front, fed down across the genitals, then pulled back up behind and tied to other cords wrapped around the wrists, doubling as a cinch to tighten them further. This allows the rope bound person some ability to vary pressure on the genitals often causing sexual stimulation at the cost of reduced freedom of movement.

The frogtie is a lower-body bondage position in which a person's legs are bent fully at the knees. They are bound separately ankle-to-thigh, and also just behing the knee, in the likeness of a crouched frog. This is the starting point of many other ties.

This tie places the person in a position where they are vulnerable but not completely immobilized and can still move about, albeit in an awkward crawling motion. The bound person's wrist tie can also be tethered to some sort of immovable ring by an arbitrary length of cord, allowing some limited freedom of movement while preventing escape. Kinbaku enthusists could use a futumomo tie. In a similar position, the person's wrists are simply bound to their corresponding ankles.

However, that position cannot be fully considered as a frogtie, because it does not match the "bound ankle-to-thigh" condition. Some sit naturally crosslegged. Hair, elbow and knee bondage are complementary methods of little value on their own. They are to be combined with other positions in order to augment their impact.

The box tie is a tie of the chest and upper arms, and is combined to create with ties of the lower limbs as a component or variation of other ties. Both arms are supported in parallel behing the back by a core and made immobile by a tensioned rope connecting the midpoint of the upper arms.

The TK wrap or shibari box tie, gote shibari , is a single column tie of the upper body. It is also called a takate kote. This forms the starting point for the tie that has a top rope that encircles the torso and arms just below the shoulder, tying back to a central point, creating a stem down to the forearms.

This is the distinguishing feature of the box-tie. A lower rope encircles the arms and torso at a midpoint between the upper rope and elbow, tying back to the stem. TK wraps are used in suspension bondage , and if the ropes are misplaced the body weight can crush the radial nerve leading to the serious and possibly irreversible condition known as wrist drop.

The cross-chest boxtie replaces the top rope by one that passes over the shoulder and back under the opposite arm, reverses tension and then repeats over the other shoulder.

Breast bondage is a bondage technique which involves the tying of rope around a woman's breasts in a visually intricate and decorative pattern. Breast bondage often focuses on the decorative, aesthetic and erotic aspects of the result, and not on immobilization of the female subject.

However, breast bondage can be combined with other techniques which restrict the subject's mobility and can provide securing points for other bondage plays, such as crotch rope and breast torture. Breast bondage can be applied over clothing or directly to the skin , and can be worn under clothing or in full view. The basic breast bondage technique involves tying ropes around the base of the breasts , causing them to bulge outwards.

Usually, the same rope is used for both breasts so that the rope harness is automatically held together at the front. The rope may then also be fixed behind the back, to make a sort of bra.

Another technique is to put a rope around the torso just above the breasts, and another one just below them, then push the ropes together to squeeze the breasts from the top and bottom.

This can be done instead of, or as well as, the other method. A rope can also be passed over the shoulders and between the breasts, drawing the rope above and below the breasts together, then pass back over the shoulders to the knots at the back. The primary rope can be used to place cinches between the arms and the body.

It has been popularly claimed that "shinju" is an authentic Japanese term for a "bikini harness". However, no such tie called a "shinju" is found in historic or present kinbaku.

The basic or foundational kinbaku form of binding the arms and breasts is known as the Ushiro Takatekote , which is to bind the arms behind ushiro the back in a box arm position takate kote.

Sometimes, breast bondage is combined with other bondage techniques. For example, the woman's arms can be tied behind her back, in an elbow or box tie or in a reverse prayer position. When combined with breast bondage, bound arms force the woman's chest and breasts to protrude further.

When combining breast and arm bondage, the ropes can draw the ropes above and below the breasts together at the sides of the breasts as they pass under the shoulders and behind the neck, thus resulting in rope effectively surrounding the breasts. When fully bound, other BDSM tools such as nipple clamps can be used. Breast bondage can play an integral part in suspension bondage.

If the subject is being suspended, particularly in a horizontal position such as a suspended hogtie, breast bondage is used as the main supporting area under the chest. An over-arm tie , Kotobu Ryo-tekubi , is a bondage position in which a person's wrists are fastened behind the person's head using some form of physical restraints, such as rope or cuffs to which is attached a length of rope, chain or strap the other end of which is attached to a belt at the waist or other anchoring point.

Penis clamping using rope instead

Penis clamping using rope instead