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Finding period vehicles and wagons, particularly for kitbashing, is often a challenge. NGMC offers some of the vehicles, but the supply is often inconsistent. The information on some of these is sometimes unclear. Make sure to double check the scale of the vehicle before you buy it! Note, we have also posted the Borax Wagons instructions for both their assembly and ideas.

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The smell of hot cocoa and caramel corn, the crispness of a fall day and the chanting of football cheers must mean it's time for football season. Whether your squad cheers at football games or you just want to show your school spirit and cheer your team to victory, unique football cheers that apply specifically to your team will help you keep the crowd pumped up and the team encouraged. To make up your own cheer for your football team, think about what's special to your team. Inspiration can be found in the squad's mascot, the team name, and your school colors. Consider how you can pull it all together in a catchy little jingle that will be easy for the crowd to remember and repeat after the cheerleaders.

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These tribes merged in the early 19th century. At times they have been allied with the Lakota and Arapaho , and at other points enemies of the Lakota. In the early 18th century they migrated west across the Mississippi River and into North and South Dakota , [3] where they adopted the horse culture. They fought their traditional enemies, the Crow and later —79 the United States Army forces. In the midth century, the bands began to split, with some bands choosing to remain near the Black Hills, while others chose to remain near the Platte Rivers of central Colorado.