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As soon as you declare a choice, here comes a self-declared uber-fan ready to trash your pick and tout their own, hopefully while publicly humiliating you in the process. But classics last forever so…. Second, the author could write like Shakespeare. Let us know if you agree, disagree, or want to bash us over the head with your own list. Our pain tolerance is pretty high….

Harry potter good fanfiction recs

Harry potter good fanfiction recs

Harry potter good fanfiction recs

A wrong-number text from Sirius changes both their lives. This one is great and Harry potter good fanfiction recs is the first of a trilogy! After a series of catastrophic events, Hermione decides to poter to the past to stop Tom Riddle. This story is impressive especially because it has a real redemptive feel to it, and yet it's never not Petunia as we knew her. If I had to wager, our comment tool may not allow it.

Ewa bikini. (Beta) Harry Potter

Summary: A familiar case resurfaces in an unexpected way, and Harry knows exactly who's to blame. Summary: Harry has Harr the last twelve years in Romania, not returning to England Harry potter good fanfiction recs often as he knows he should. So if you are looking for an uplifting, funny, and engaging story, this is the one for you. There was this doc called Letters to L. Harry really doesn't St louis sex locations the way things are going in the wizarding world right now. Hogwarts School of Prayer And Miracles by proudhousewife. While it is a longer fan fiction, it is totally worth the read. Hufflepuff, Spanish! Summary: It's like if a tree falls in the forest, Rrcs thinks. Firefawn has my favorite HP fanfic rrecs all time. They all tie in together and are extremely well written.

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There are so many acronyms! And portmanteaus! Not Abraxas. Some are one-shots, i. Some are finished; others are still works in progress. Example: a world where Tom Riddle died at birth and was never a threat. Example: it is canon that Hermione slaps Draco. Fanon: Concepts which are so popular, and used in so many fan fictions, that many fans confuse them with canon.

Example: A story where Ron marries Lavender instead of Hermione. Sometimes this has happened accidentally, because the fan fiction was published before Deathly Hallows. Example: Hermione acting unusually stupid. Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit.

Also possibly the only one with its own website. Rated T. Odd little one shots that may or may not be turned into their own stories. What we have here is a one-shot collection that will absolutely KILL you with laughter. Rated M. Warning: typos. Harriett Potter dreams of going to Hogwarts, but in an AU where the school only accepts purebloods, the only way to reach her goal is to switch places with her pureblood cousin—the only problem? Her cousin is a boy.

Impossible, even. It has to be a mistake. They were right, those old wizards who thought Parseltongue was a Dark gift. The old rivalry turns deadly when Draco abducts Harry for Voldemort. In her seventh and final year at Hogwarts, Lily Evans finds herself facing a tragedy that leaves her life in pieces.

She ultimately finds great strength both within herself and those she never would have expected. Lily has always considered herself ordinary. But as she enters her 7th year, things start changing and Lily starts going a bit mad.

Not complete, but author is active on Tumblr and has been promising to update for the last six years…]. The Head Girl makes a mistake. She was dramatic. He was dynamic. She was precise. He was impulsive. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart require time.

Also still in progress, and last updated in , but beautifully written. For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him. So I did the only conceivable thing I could think of. I kissed him. Draco and Hermione have a yearly arrangement. Ron finds out about it in a shocking way. She blinks at him, her expression alternating between indignation and incredulity and flat-out fury.

He had been right about her being pretty beneath the intimidation tactics. Hermione is sorted into Slytherin; how will things play out differently when the brains of the Golden Trio has different friends? Dramatic, a bit dark.

It has been three years since Voldemort won. Hermione is one of the few wizards left free, concealed in the ruins of Hogwarts. And only midnight reveals its secrets. A dark, well-written, complex tale. Updated fairly regularly by fan fiction standards. It is six years since the fall of the Ministry to Voldemort. Those other than purebloods are deemed less than human. Dark AU. He chuckled again and I arched into him. Obviously rated M. Well written! Vernon changed in the beginning to be a better man, thanks to a wish.

How will this affect Harry, and the entire Wizarding World? Lone wolf. Bright child. Scarred child. Dancer child. Dragon child. Eight semi-ordinary people. One extraordinary family, and how they became one. Eventual Hinny. They meet on the playground. She musters all the fury in her 7-year-old body and channels it into her voice when she speaks through the tears. The author has a lot of other, very well-written Tomione stories — do check them out!

After a series of catastrophic events, Hermione decides to go to the past to stop Tom Riddle. Still in progress. This story is extremely underappreciated, and honestly, please just go and read it!

It shattered against her neck, bits of glass and gold piercing into her skin. The last thing she saw before blackness consumed her was a plume of metallic dust and vitreous fragments, tiny prisms dancing behind her eyelids.

Tom Riddle has got a rather peculiar reputation. Exactly what I think of when I picture Tomione. Chaos ensues. Certainly unique. When year-old Ginny Weasley is sorted into Slytherin, she is thrust into a world where the line between good and evil is blurred and where the boy she was supposed to hate becomes the man she was never supposed to love. Angsty and dramatic. The author has other great Drinny fanfictions too.

Sirius decides to stay in England after escaping Hogwarts and makes protecting Harry his priority. What will happen when a goblin-raised Harry arrives at Hogwarts? A Harry who has received training, already knows the prophecy and has no scar. With the backing of the goblin nation and Hogwarts herself. But some souls will not be broken by horrible circumstance. Strong men rise from such beginnings, and powerful gifts can be gained in terrible curses.

Do I need to Febreze you before we share an enclosed space? Hermione x Scabior. Marcus is becoming obsessed with Katie. The last thing he ever plans to do is let her know. Katie is becoming obsessed with Marcus. The dialogue is whip-sharp and the characterisation is perfect. Oh, they will. Theodore Nott has always been the overlooked Slytherin until he is forced into joining the Death Eaters by his elderly father.

Now, with the new rewards Voldemort has given his followers, captured Mudbloods, he is in over his head with Hermione Granger. Angsty, but also kind of funny.

Harry, which I looove. Feelings between Hermione and Draco get sweeter. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Does two are definitely worth checking it out, and they are both so differently an trit the relationship between Draco and Hermione very uniquely, specially because Isolation is set during the year of the seventh book, and the deadline its set 20 years later, so you can see that ones deal with a grown-up version of the character and with all that entails, including jobs, family and world building in general, while Isolations flawlessly keep the flow of the story from the 7th book, but with one key change, what if Hermione never left with the boys to hunt down the Horcruxes. Little Harry Potter knew from the moment he defied the laws of gravity and made a pebble accelerate at a freefall of 8. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. It would be a great help if you guys could have a dark background theme for the screen with the text in other colours, along with the existing font.

Harry potter good fanfiction recs

Harry potter good fanfiction recs

Harry potter good fanfiction recs. 2019 Roundup Of The Best Harry Potter Fanfiction In The World

We learn through the story that he left England because he wasn't ready, you know? You have to imagine that, remember how young they were back then, and Harry wasn't ready to stay, he was trying to find himself. Now, seeing Draco after all those years, he feels everything he left behind, and he gets to know the man Draco's become, and he wants, he wants him so badly it hurts, it hurts both of them. They can't help it, they can't keep their hands off each other, but still, there are all these things unsaid and unfinished, and there's Harry that isn't sure if he's staying or coming back.

These characters are so amazing and so rich. They laugh and cry and hurt and fuck and are beautiful in their complexity. Just, like, read it, you'll love it! Summary: Draco has spent half of his life spouting the things his father has taught him without much thought about how he feels about what he says. When he unexpectedly comes face to face with the Dark Lord, he grapples with the harsh realities of the world and struggles with his changing views on life.

This is such a beautiful, complex story. It's slightly AU, in which, as the summary says, Draco joins Dumbledore's Army to learn to defend himself, and this decision changed Draco's life so much, and that's one of the many awesome things about this story. It shows us exactly how. We see Draco in Fifth Year, learning these spells, watching Harry , seeing a different side of him, interacting and while not everything is completely different, enough it is that Harry and Draco had the foundation for an amazing friendship that they cultivate way after the war.

Then they join the Auror academy and ultimate become partners, but through all these there's this amazing friendship and chemistry—something that had started back in Hogwarts grow. And we see both POVs, too! It's a journey, from them being young and living through so much to finding each other and happiness. Auror 4 Collapse. Summary: Draco believes he is happy with his current arrangement with Harry.

A conversation with Pansy and Harry being injured force him to re-evaluate that belief, however. This is such a sweet, lovely fic. Harry and Draco have been seeing each other for a few months in secret.

However, once Draco's determined to talk to Harry, Harry and many ministry Aurors fall mysteriously ill. But don't worry, everything turns out well. Summary: Draco has never been very good at trusting others, and Potter is no exception. But if they're going to survive this, they need to accept that they're holding each other's lives in their hands, and--worst of all--they're going to have to work together. It's case! It's super interesting, because to work on this spell they sort of have to go into the spell, which manifests as a small room, much like the inside of a clock, actually.

The catch is that when they come back from that place, that room, they won't be able to remember anything that happened in there once they are back to the real world. But if they go back to that room, they will remember everything that happened both in their previous visit and the outside world. It's awesome, this contrast, but also the way how even though they apparently don't like each other in the real world, they trust each other to be safe in that place, and together work to solve this mystery.

Pretty awesome, I'm telling you. Fic is awesome! This fic starts just as Harry and his unlikely Auror Partner one Blaise Zabini are sent in a very, very boring mission to monitor an old Muggle building, but the thing, just as Harry is there, out of the blue he feels sick and passes out.

Of course nothing is just simple when it comes to Harry, is it. His Healer informs him she's found traces of a bonding spell in Harry that had been doormat all this time. The nature of the bond is a mystery, but pretty soon we learn that, yes, Harry is bound to Draco, as soon as Blaise mentions Draco Harry feels the urge to go to him. Eventually they discover they've started to share dreams, only to realise they aren't dreams, they are remembering things. It's a mystery to solve, all the time Harry and Draco can't be apart, and of course neither make it easy for the other, at the beginning, but soon they see each other under a different light as they try to unravel how they got bonded all those years ago, and what the dreams of them interacting at Hogwarts mean.

Super cool fic, beautiful trio dynamic and rich characterisations. Close friends. Which might be a little annoying for This fic is such a darling of a story. Like, seriously. There's Harry who is a Quidditch player and there's Draco who is his [unofficial] Healer.

And they are really good friends and they are also like, dating AF only neither of them realises even though everybody knows , you know? Trust me, it's going to leave you with a big smile on your face. This story is gorgeous!

Enters Draco Malfoy after a few other interviews that were hilarious btw , who is, of course, a perfect candidate. And that's how Harry and Draco and Draco's improbable exotic pet!!!

At first the house starts behaving just with Draco's presence but the problem is, the problem for Harry is that Draco's never around, you know? Where does he go? Naturally sparks start to fly, but it's a bit complicated because they are living together, though that doesn't quite stop them, but then Draco's not ready to have the sort of relationship Harry wants to have—and there's the mystery of where Draco spends all his time when he's not in the house.

There are so many beautiful interactions, the characterisations are awesome, Ron is fantastic, but there's also Luna and Ginny and Pansy and Hermione and Gregg, the exotic pets I mentioned, Harry and Draco's growing feelings for each other, Grimmauld Place slowly accepting Harry, it's an incredible story!

Draco wants his parents to stop matchmaking him, Harry wants to make his ex jealous. Problem is… Draco already is. Oh my god, this story is so gorgeous! There's sooo much pining! They've been pretending they are a couple to placate their parents, though both very much gay, and Astoria is ready to — not just come out, but find someone. Which leaves Draco at the mercy of Narcissa and Lucius who continuously try to match him with proper prospects, I suppose.

They only have to pretend to be in love. But yes, Draco already is. And he pines so beautifully let me tell you. Of course, of course it's not that simple, because as they get to know each other better these feelings that they are pretending, and in Draco's case trying to repress, only grow stronger. Seriously, seeing these two fall [harder] in love is gorgeous! They have so much chemistry, they are so good together, you'll love it! Summary: It's like if a tree falls in the forest, Harry thinks.

Sneaking away to blow his boyfriend in a coat closet at their own housewarming is only a bad idea if they get caught, right? This story is so gorgeous and so much fun! It's basically Harry and Draco hosting a party, enjoying a private moment — you know what I mean!!! Truly amazing, it's a small glimpse into this amazing, brilliant, magical and crazy relationship they have.

Summary: Draco certainly never intended to be a style consultant for the seriously fashion challenged , but after the war and the reparations his family had to pay, it was clear he would need to earn a living. Or was it? But the thing is, Draco is both incredibly snarky and grumpy and completely smitten with Harry, which is just brilliant when it comes to actually dealing with Harry in such, erm, close quarters, sort of speak.

Harry is super charming here, too! And I swear, the whole story is a darling. Will leave you with a big smile on your face, promise! I posted at tumblr , I listed as posted in my spreadsheet. I added to the list of recs I keep, and yet somehow I failed to actually posted at LJ and DW and only today as I am adding the authors to my recs I realised. I'm so sorry! Summary: For Harry, Sundays were always lazy days. On this one, was chilly and rainy, and he wanted to be on bed all day.

This is such a darling of a story. Harry and Draco are married, raising Teddy together and this is one lazy Sunday morning, when it's storming and Teddy jumps into their bed because he's scared. It's adorable, everything about this story is absolutely sweet and perfect. You'll see! Summary: Harry and Draco are sent on an undercover assignment to catch a Dark wizard — which might not be so bad if it weren't at a Muggle nudist resort.

Oh my god, this story is so, so good! It's amazing, really! I don't know how to describe it. They work really well together, but in the story we learn that they are incredibly attracted to each other, and they know it. In fact, they've been sort of fighting against it and now they have this assignment and—well.

One of the things that is so good about this fic is the characterisations; Harry is so charming and confident, and it's awesome, but so is Draco. And they are at this impasse, in which Harry is completely open about wanting Harry and Draco is completely open about trying to resist him. It's super exciting seeing them work together and at the same time work out their feelings for each other.

Yeah, pretty damn brilliant. Draco hires a suspiciously private wizarding handyman to fix his kitchen when he returns home to find it destroyed. He expects a middle-aged wizard with greying hair and a pudgy gut to show up. Well, this is such a cool fic. It's Handyman! Harry for your pleasure. And for Draco's, too, obviously.

After cleaning up as best he could, he decides to Floo Pansy and ask her about her repair people who fixed her bathroom extension and yes, Pansy knows someone all right. And you know it's only going to get better. It's super fun and sexy, goes without saying. Summary: Three years after the war, Harry is lost, drifting, and feeling left behind.

In an effort to get control of his life, he commits to cleaning out Grimmauld Place top-to-bottom and forcing it to be a home, whether it likes it or not. The rotten old house is stuffed full of antiques, and Harry is shocked to discover none other than Draco Malfoy running the local antique shop. But along the way, Harry comes to appreciate Draco, his work, and the power of connecting to the people who came before him.

It's a hard lesson, but Harry learns that if he wants to build a future, he has to reconnect to his past, and Draco might just be the one to help him do it. This story is just so cool!

Ron suggested he goes to this antique expert to help him figure out what's rubbish and what's, you know, valuable. And on that note, Ron is completely awesome in this fic! But as I was saying, Harry goes to the suggested antique shop and, surprise, surprise, the owner and antique expert is Draco. Only Draco is different. He's just so damn polite. Yeah, he's not going to take that. So he makes it a mission to rile Draco up, thing which he's an expert on, and starts bringing all sorts of antiques — ugly, weird, crazy stuff there's a dildo and a cat — seriously, all sorts of crap , to get a reaction out of Draco.

Only eventually he realises he has a crush on Draco. And by "he realises" I mean his friends have an intervention. And now, well, now his mission is woo Draco.

It's super cool and fun, but it's also touching, because Harry's not just renovating Grimmauld Place, which he hates, he's looking for a home, he's looking for a place to call his, he feels alone and adrift, and is desperately looking to make new roots. Wonderful all around, really. When Potter invites Draco's owl to be a taste-tester, Draco accepts. For the sake of his beloved owl, of course, not to rekindle that spark of attraction during their eighth year. Or because of how bloody fit Potter is.

This story is so lovely. Draco and Draco's owl are one of Speccy's Owl Treats best costumers the c's on Speccy's are styled as round glasses and everything! And so the owner, the creator of these treats, invited them to a private testing of new flavours. Of course it's Harry. And wow, Harry is hot! But you see, Harry and Draco had a bit of a history back in 8th year, they formed a friendship, and now, after a couple of years of not seeing each other, maybe they are reading to pick up where they left off.

Summary: And thus began the very strange circumstance of their fake dating in public and real fucking in absolute secret. It was, with no comparison, the weirdest relationship Draco had ever been in — which was to say, it wasn't one. This story is simply gorgeous. It's a fake relationship fic but only it's a little different. The thing is, Draco and Harry come to an arrangement to pretend they are dating, but only after a bit they start fucking, but that's in private, you see.

So they are pretending to date to the rest of the world, but are sort of together in private. They are brilliant together, they have an incredible connection and chemistry, yet they have troubles communicating, actually telling each other what they are feeling.

And it's gorgeous, because Draco goes through this whole transformation, from someone trying to hide to someone ready to be happy, makes friends in the way that he didn't expect trust me, Ron is amazing here! It's really a journey, and it's beautiful. Summary: Werewolf Alphas aren't meant to be alone, or to suppress their ruts indefinitely like Draco has been since he was bitten eight years ago.

If you like ABO stories you're in for a treat with this fic. And you know, even if you don't you should totally read this fic because it's fantastic. The Mind Healer pretty quickly figures out the problem: he's been taking heat suppressants and bearing his heats alone for too long, and each heat leaves him exhausted.

It's taken his toll on him. The Mind Healer suggests him then a Heat Companion. Someone to helps him through his heat without the suppressants. Of course, as the summary says, it turns it Potter. But you see, Harry is nothing like Draco imagined. Harry is open, and candid, and honest talking about all that, about his turning and him being an Omega and you know, their chemistry is insane , you can already tell.

And then there's all the sex, which is smoking hot, and intense. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. Title: Dating for Dads in Denial Author: aibidil Rating: PG Word Count: 25, Summary: In which one wizard designs and another reluctantly patronises a magical matchmaking service, amidst the chaos of children and parenting.

This fic is delightful! Draco starts a dating service. Harry is a stay at home dad and his children are adorable, it's fun and crazy and chaotic seeing them all interact. It's really lovely, guarantee to make you smile. I'm not even kidding. It starts, as the summary says, with Harry and Draco, Auror partners, discovering a small silver box in one of their cases. This box contains, well, it contains a very unexpected object inside, it's of a sexual nature oh god, is it ever!

Like this, Harry and Draco are beginning to see each other in a new light. I think I'm making a mess of this rec, I'm telling you, this fic is amazing and sexy, you'll love it!

OMG, this story is so amazing! And hot, and so much fun. It's starts with basically Draco losing his mind this one night when Harry comes down to the common room wearing only joggers.

God, the image that paints is so smoking hot! And from then on it only gets better because there's pining, and there's tutoring and there's Quidditch and all the feels and, and and! All the while Harry's wearing those joggers that drive Draco crazy. Summary: Potter was leaning against the doorframe, feet bare, jeans low on his hips, ear pierced, nose red from the cold. He was smirking as if the sole purpose of his existence was to drive Draco crazy.

This story is just soooo cute. Draco with a man bun omg! Summary: Harry clenches his jaw, sets the files down on the desk between them. Loitering, was it? It's Draco, well, check the summary. Yeah, it's Draco caught soliciting, and not for the first time! And Auror Potter is going to put a stop to the behaviour! It's brilliant! Summary: Potter comes out, and starts frequenting gay wizarding clubs.

Only, he can't seem to find anyone to hold his interest, much to Draco's ongoing amusement, until one night, things become clearer, and he has a proposition for Draco. Basically: Harry Potter is a virgin, and he wants Draco to rid him of his virginity. Of course, having sex with Harry turns nothing at all like Draco expected.

It's much better, or worse, depending. Super fun, and sexy. Summary: It doesn't actually turn out to be the worst birthday present he's ever been given. This fic is adorable! There's Seer! Draco here! It starts with it being Harry's birthday and Ginny's gift to Harry is a session with Draco.

Who Harry has a huge crush on. And who Harry is Very Bad at flirting with. But it's OK because Draco seems to know something is going on. And it gets better because then Harry invites Draco to his birthday party at an aquarium! It's really wonderful. Summary: It started with a bath. So why did Draco feel compelled to go to his funeral? George's POV. Last Lesson by White Eyebrow Can a mentor give a mean girl the courage to consider how to reconcile the reflection she sees in the mirror?

How about a little game of Truth or Dare? Dramione, one shot, drabble. Trick or Treat Challenge- Blacks- 8- Sharing a bed. Encantador de serpientes by Diphylleia Lycoris reviews AU.

Y muy bien. Winters Here she is Hermione Granger. Here he is Draco Malfoy. But there, they might not be. Dramione one-shots. A Dragon's soul by Elephant Travels reviews Sasha Greening was the third part to the slightly less than golden trio, the other two parts made up by the infamous Weasley twins.

Best friends since their first day at Hogwarts she was very much a part of the Weasley household but a lifelong, very secret, crush on one of the older siblings and tragic events threaten to change everything irrevocably. Not necessarily for the worse! This was written for The Houses competition: Y5R5. With the sudden loss of someone he cared about? Then comes an unexpected alliance with a certain blonde Slytherin Outside of Time by Emmeebee reviews A collection of drabbles and one-shots featuring Hermione and Regulus as schoolmates, enemies, allies, friends and partners.

6 of the Moving Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories of - Fanfic Recs

As soon as you declare a choice, here comes a self-declared uber-fan ready to trash your pick and tout their own, hopefully while publicly humiliating you in the process. But classics last forever so…. Second, the author could write like Shakespeare. Let us know if you agree, disagree, or want to bash us over the head with your own list. Our pain tolerance is pretty high…. Feelings between Hermione and Draco get sweeter. For each person she feels has suffered, she bakes a sweet treat and lands on their doorstep, baked goodie in hand.

The unlikeliest romantic student couple at Hogwarts. Harry-Pansy matchups are their own little sub-genre that has become pretty popular over the years. Rowling gave her blessing to this popular fanfic. Art by G. Head Girl Alice reaches out to the misanthropic fourth year and bonds with him, literally, over bubble gum and books. It will leave you haunted by what might have been. Petunia softens her typical approach to Harry. Art by Aud-k. This story takes a different approach. Instead of a neglectful, favorites-playing Aunt Petunia we get an overly conscientious and controlling one.

Her goal remains the same: to ultimately separate Harry from the magical world. Severus reveals a shocking tie to Harry. Art by J. Terrified his own treatment by the Dursleys will be discovered, he dodges every attempt to get him on an examination table until finally Severus is forced to step in.

When a second incident of child endangerment forces the school to temporarily close, the faculty are stuck on where to place Harry — until Severus volunteers some shocking information. Name Optional. Email Optional. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How do you leave a review without being a member.

I was wondering if an author will be continuing because I liked the story? Some of these really sound like interesting reads. But I have another one for your list.

I love the charecterisation of the young Marauders and the authors ability to both amuse and tug at your heartstrings. Sometimes simultaneously. Thanks for sharing! Pin 3K. Share 2. Terri Heard s j. Terri L. She is currently working on completing her debut romance novel, working title Black Ice. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rec Lists.

Harry potter good fanfiction recs