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Jilnar reached her beautifully manicured hand down to the dashboard and extended a finger with a long red-painted nail to turn on the air-conditioner. I have a mind control gift. At least, I think it's a gift. Originally I thought it was a curse. The mind control is very limited in target and duration but it does have some long-term effects.

Gay male hypnosis stories

Gay male hypnosis stories

Gay male hypnosis stories

Gay male hypnosis stories

At least, I think it's a gift. Wanking material One of the best wanking stories in the 2 nd half of Eye Gay male hypnosis stories. Timeshare AgainstMyWill. It hypnodis was a little like it used to be playing with my G. Note: One of my earlier stories. Top Alpha Male: The making of a Kappa-slave. HypnoSissy: Becoming a Cocksucker. Sake and Satin: The Mission.

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He massaged a bit to firmly my cock and balls. Willie Cici. Literotica is a trademark. Please type in the security Gay male hypnosis stories You may also listen to a recording of the bypnosis. I lay back on the couch completely naked, but still relaxed. Ethan White. As I Husbands that watch wives his cock he kept both hands on the Gay male hypnosis stories of my head to guide me, like I needed the pressure. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Report Story. The encounter. A Junior at the time, he was older, filled out, and completely happy with himself. The adolesecent boy stood still. He ignored the water as he stared at the black beast bobbing just a few inches in front of him.

The Accountant and the Stoner.

  • I sat in my apartment on my couch trying to make sense of what I was doing.
  • The Superboy Destroyer adds another superboy clone slave to his collection; this time an arrogant jock with grudge against the super hero.

Jilnar reached her beautifully manicured hand down to the dashboard and extended a finger with a long red-painted nail to turn on the air-conditioner. I have a mind control gift. At least, I think it's a gift. Originally I thought it was a curse. The mind control is very limited in target and duration but it does have some long-term effects. Also, I'm not really in control. I will tell you a story. The story about how I ended up in absolute control over any person I desired, and how I used them for my pleasure.

But before we start on the actual story, let me tell you a bit about my family. This is a print version of story Mind control of roommate by ab from xHamster. My previous contentment had nothing to do with sex, since Gerry had been totally straight and not at all physically my type; but he was smart, funny, neat, and tolerant, and, in short, perfect to live with.

When he decided, over the summer, to get an apartment with his girlfriend Callie, I wanted to tear my hair. I dragged my suitcase and foot-locker to the door of my newly assigned double, knocked perfunctorily, and let myself in.

You must be Bryan. Within a week, that opinion changed one-eighty. Paul may have been a walking wet dream, but he was the roommate from hell! First of all, he was straight as an arrow, but also an obvious homophobe which fortunately became apparent before I exercised the bad judgment to out myself and seemingly somewhat less tolerant than a Shiite Muslim.

His personal hygiene and grooming were just fine, but his attitude towards housekeeping would have shamed an ape. The floor was covered with dirty clothes, boxes of half-eaten fast food, empty beer and soda cans, and the room had already begun to develop a disgusting odor. His preference in music was for anything really loud and really primitive. Worst of all, though, was the snoring. Paul could fall asleep at the drop of a hat, would sleep through anything short of nuclear holocaust, and through it all he made sounds worse than the climactic scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre minus the screaming, although I was nearly ready to supply that myself.

I was having coffee with Gerry and Callie after our psych class, and bitching full out about my problems, when his chance remark changed what was to become the course of my life. Miller just did that guy Andrew in class. The only really tricky bit would be in coming up with the right bait to get Paul to agree to the experiment. Do you know how to hypnotize somebody else? Me, I mean. You want to try? What do I have to do then? Kick off your shoes.

Oh… and if you need to use the john, now would be a good time. He casually swept yet another load of dirty clothes and dining debris off his rumpled bed and lay down while I hid my automatic wince of distaste. I looked at my roommate, lying there, ready and willing to give himself over to my control, and found my dick beginning to grow in my pants. Paul was annoying as hell, but he could still get every needle on my every dial jumping. I swallowed with difficulty and attempted to regain control of my voice.

My roomie seemed to be getting with the program very easily. He literally appeared to sink into his mattress as his limbs and torso grew slacker and slacker. Your mind is completely empty, and you will only have those ideas I tell you to have.

Do you understand? Now it was time for business. I did play fair. Will you agree to that? I held my breath, but the memory block had apparently taken; at any rate, he neither commented nor objected. My recently entranced roomie sat up and looked around a little confusedly.

Then he got off the bed, and without wasting another moment began to pick up his dirty clothes off the floor and shove great wads of them into his hitherto unused laundry bag. Once the clothing was contained, he grabbed the wastebasket and began to toss the moldering food boxes and empty drink cans. For the first time in three weeks, I could actually see the floor!

That mess was driving me up the wall! I swear to God this was as far as I had intended to go with it — just a healthy dose of post-hypnotically reinforced civilization for my roommate to preserve my own sanity. But that night, when he was getting ready for bed, instead of just throwing off his outer clothes in seconds and disappearing under the covers, Paul was padding back and forth in his boxers, meticulously hanging up his shirt and folding his jeans.

I was treated to a long and highly arousing look at his barely-clothed bod, with its flawless skin and damn-near perfect toning. Then his head slowly relaxed forward until his chin rested on his chest. He was out. What the hell was going to do now!

To give myself some time to think, I started Paul on a deepening exercise. Then maybe I could proceed to add some sensuality to it gradually. So now I had a plan. Remain at this level. And it will make you go deeper and deeper into trance with every single touch. Or had I just bought myself a peck of trouble?

My roomie had paused in his zombie-march to his bed, and I held my breath. Then his hands twitched, twitched again, and suddenly he pulled down his boxers and stepped out of them. I was treated to my first ever view of his tight, perfectly formed ass. My dick was instantly at full attention. I pulled off my own briefs to give it room as Paul lay face down on his bed, ready to receive my ministrations.

I straddled him and went to work. My dick and balls bounced and rubbed against his ass or the small of his back, and several times I had to lift myself up away from him to avoid cumming. After a while, at my command Paul turned over to allow me to work on his front.

Now I could squeeze and fondle his awesome pecs, and stroke his ridge-defined six-pack. I could also see his very respectable tool, although, with what felt like nearly superhuman restraint, I refrained from touching it far too soon for that, and therefore far too dangerous.

He spat into his palm and then began to work his slickened hand up and down the shaft of his cock. He looked over at me, but even though I was staring straight at him, matching him stroke for stroke, he showed no awareness of the fact. Soon his face and chest were flushed with effort and arousal, and he was grunting softly with lust.

It only took a few moments before he shot his load all over himself. I was discovering that being a hypno-master was a big turn-on! I counted him down, and he went limp, instantly in dreamland. I wiped up my own cum, and then cleaned him up, although I took a little of his juice and rubbed it onto his lips those lips I was so dying to taste just because I felt like it.

The chainsaw massacre was finally over! High five!! As a result of my careful manipulations, my helplessly conditioned roomie now slept in the nude and was sure that he always had , no longer cared whether I was asleep or awake, watching and joining in when he jerked himself off at the end of our sessions, and even though, if asked, he still considered himself to be straight had the habit of eating his own cum at the conclusion. I had Paul deriving some degree of excitement from observing, first his own body in the mirror, and then mine as I jacked off along with him, although he still believed it was because he was imagining us with women.

Baby steps. Finally, though, I felt that Paul was ready for me to try taking him where I wanted him to go. He was sitting on his bed reading when I said his trance cue.

My roomie immediately leapt to his feet and came to rigid attention. But after a moment or two, there was still no resistance. Our kiss grew deeper and wetter, and I thought I might lose it then and there. I freed my tongue from his gentle suctioning and licked over to the soft skin of his neck under his ear. No help there! Shaking, I ordered him back to attention, and then backed away and got rid of my clothes. When I was calm enough to proceed and it took a while, since Paul standing there as beautiful and oblivious as a life-sized action figure was totally blowing my mind , I began to undress him.

It really was a little like it used to be playing with my G. I told him to enjoy being stripped, so by the time he was naked, he was also hard. I, need I say it, was damn near having an out-of-body experience I was so excited! I command it to cooperate fully, and to cum only on my direct order.

Nod your agreement. I licked and sucked and chewed my way down his chest, savoring the intoxicating tastes, smells and textures, until his cock was buried deep in my mouth and I was giving it the best blowjob I could conceive of. My mouth was filled with the salty, musky taste of his pre-cum. Count them out.

Please Rate This Submission: 1 5 best. I was still young enough to confuse friendship love with romantic love though, and fell for him. Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. We sat on the couch and I offered him something to drink, which he turned down. He tossed the wadded up tissue full of cum into the nearby bin and stood up. He turned his head to see the black man from before looking at him, hand testing the temperature of the shower.

Gay male hypnosis stories

Gay male hypnosis stories

Gay male hypnosis stories

Gay male hypnosis stories. Upload successful


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Gay male hypnosis stories

Gay male hypnosis stories