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Alright, here is the start of my new story set during After Impact with a birthday theme. Be that as it may, I still plan on having some fun with this. Expect chapters daily and possibly some double posts. Each year seemed the same How long had Shinji and Asuka known each other?

Asuka shinji sex fanfiction

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. But he knew that if he ever brought up the subject, she would kill him in a blink of an eye. He considered stopping this, but another part of him wanted to finish what he started. He tugged lightly on the hairs causing a startled yelp to escape her lips. She found him in the living room sleeping on the couch. Shinji knew what he had done was Asuka shinji sex fanfiction, but he couldn't stop himself at fanfuction time. He violently rammed his meat deep into Genetic drift models, eliciting Asuka shinji sex fanfiction ear piercing scream of pain and ecstasy from the succubus that lay beneath him.

Marijuana and the fetus. Asuka's Desires

It was futile really, all his weight was on her and he had her arms pinned. Shinii mind-violation doesn't help Asuka better accept herself or Shinji, it simply serves the purpose of allowing the viewer to better understand her. Taking that away from her forces her to confront herself with all her insecurities. ShinjiXAsuka pairing. Some notes: Baka: idiot Mein Asuka shinji sex fanfiction My God "" Speech quotations '' thought quotations An important note, this story has one change in the storyline and that is the fact that Touji did not lose any limbs when his infected evangelion was defeated by Asuka shinji sex fanfiction. Orpheus by Chuckman reviews Sometimes, we don't know what we have until we throw it all away. Asuka's head stays turned to the side as Rei glares at her with anger. In the fight Asuka puts herself in danger, to protect Shinji, returning him the favor from the previous fight. During supper Misato tries to find out what happened as she notices their behaviour but is unsuccessful. Setting it aside, Shinji turns and and sets it down Asuka shinji sex fanfiction gives her a small smile. There is evidence that that Asuka made the conscious decision to live as an individual and returned from Instrumentality, similarly to Shinji, and has even chosen to lay down at his side. This story is a non-profit creative writing based on fanfictiom series 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' which does not belong to me in any way. Shinji's first night at Asuka shinji sex fanfiction is spent in a hospital, recovering from the wounds he incurred as a result from the injuries fanfictin recieved as a result of fighting Sachiel the previous evening. He is now unlike Travel systems for twins others It's too late Asuka," he said with finality.

Authors Note: I apologize if this one-shot offends anyone, but I just couldn't resist writing this when it popped in my head.

  • Despite not joining the cast until Episode 08 , Asuka quickly becomes a pivotal figure in the narrative, both in her own right and in her interactions with Shinji.
  • Though trying to act as a guardian, she ends up openly flaunting her sexuality in a way in which provokes response from Shinji.
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After another uneventful day at school, Shinji would have usually been relived to get home from school, if it wasn't for the redheaded demon behind him. It had been over a month since they had defeated Israfel together, but for some reason, she didn't move out afterwards.

Shinji always wondered what was going through the heads of the adults when they did something like this. Could this be fathers way of making him miserable? As they neared the door, Shinji and Asuka noticed a small slip of paper attached to the door. Asuka ran ahead and snatched it off. All of the sudden she exclaimed, "Mein got im himmel! How can she do this, it's her turn to cook! As Shinji walked in, he picked up the note and read it. It was from Misato.

You guys figure out dinner, okay? And tell Asuka I said behave, okay? See ya in the morning. Shinji sighed. He knew this was going to be a long night. He walked in and told Asuka he was going to cook, then he put his bag in his room and changed. He walked into the kitchen and began getting things together.

For dinner he prepared curry and rice, it was all he felt like putting together. As they sat down to eat, Shinji noticed Asuka was moving around in her chair as if she were uncomfortable. Shinji asked Asuka what was wrong, and she said, "nothing, its nothing, it's just, ummm….. Shinji sighed and began clearing the table. As he cleared Asuka's spot, he noticed a few little specks of red liquid. It was then he realized what was going on, Asuka was on her period, she was just acting hormonal.

He wiped up the spot on the chair and took her plate to the kitchen. Then he walked to the door of the bathroom and said, "I know what's going on Asuka, its okay, if there's anything I can do, tell me okay? In the bathroom Asuka was fuming. He's a boy, he doesn't have to deal with stuff like this. When she got out, she went to find Shinji to, well, she hated it, but to thank him. She found him in the living room sleeping on the couch.

She then noticed the rise in Shinji's shorts. She frowned and said to herself, "Sick little schweiner, I bet he's thinking about all kinds of disgusting things. As she watched him, Shinji moaned in his sleep and said something that gave Asuka a devious idea.

She took off Shinji's socks, then ran to her room. She got two things, the condoms they gave out in Sex-Ed class, and an oddly shaped box. She snickered to herself as she came back into the living room. We're going to play some fun little games this evening dummkopf. Shinji woke up to the feeling of his shirt slipping off. He opened his eyes and saw Asuka tossing it to the side and moving to do the same with his shorts.

Startled, he fell off the couch and began scooting backwards towards the wall. When he got his back to it he said, "Asuka, what were you just doing!? He knew something was about to happen that he might not like.

Asuka said, "I want to see your body, I'm not going to take off your underwear, I just want to see what you look like. Well maybe I need this. Shinji's face turned pink, and he asked her what she thought was funny. You must be real small, eh? Shinji said, "What guarantee do I have that you'll keep up your end of the bargain? Shinji swallowed real hard and stared. He couldn't believe his eyes, was this actually happening? She came over to where he sat on the floor, put her arms around his waist, slowly eased them down to his waistband, and eased his briefs off of him.

She heard a smack as his piece hit his stomach. Shinji couldn't believe it, he was naked on the floor of the living room with a topless Asuka, and as perfect as it seemed, he knew something was up. He laid down on his back as Asuka kissed him, aware her hand was between his legs. Then all of a sudden he felt a sharp pain between his hips. He looked down in horror to see an oblong object enter his body. He felt it enter and push against his insides.

He cried in a mixture of shock, pain, and to his dismay, pleasure. Then Asuka hit the switch on the back of the object, a vibrator, and Shinji felt his insides melt.

Asuka felt a sense of satisfaction and superiority watching Shinji squirm in pleasure from something so demeaning. Shinji was ashamed, it felt so good inside him, massaging his insides.

He knew it was supposed to feel bad, but to it felt so wonderful. Shinji began to weep on the floor and he cried out to Asuka, "Why, why me? I was only concerned about you, and now you've violated me like this!? She rolled Shinji on his back, and put another condom on his still erect piece.

She said to him, "I'm sorry Shinji, I hope this will make it feel a little better. They both felt a shot of pleasure, and Shinji moaned in ecstasy. Asuka said, "Its going to be okay, I'm going to make you feel real nice, okay? She began to move herself up and down on him, pulling him in and out, in and out. Asuka felt so good on him, and the vibrator made his insides tingle.

Asuka was impressed with how big Shinji was, he felt so good inside her. They both were hoping the other felt good. After a few minutes, Asuka reached her climax. Her walls tightened around Shinji's piece, and she shook in ecstasy. Shinji felt his butt tighten, and as he came, the vibrator shot out of him and rolled over the floor. Asuka was startled, and Shinji turned red with embarrassment. Asuka laughed and took the condom off of Shinji.

All of his warm cum flowed out and over his piece and nuts, down to his butt. It was then Asuka noticed that the condom wasn't on the vibrator. She told Shinji, "Hold on, this is going to be a little unpleasant. Shinji moaned and came again, and Asuka's face had a look of surprise on it.

She lay down next to him, put her face close to his, and said to him, "Shinji, I think your Bi-Sexual. Shinji hesitantly said, "Well, I guess I love you. Asuka broke the silence and said, "I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable, did I hurt you, I'm sorry if I did, what can I do to fix thi…. It hurt at first, but it felt good in the end.

It was still a little loose, and it was covered in his own cum from when she removed the condom from his piece. Asuka then moved her hand up and fondled his nuts. Shinji squinted in pleasure and said, " Asuka, do you love me too? Then Asuka said, "Do you want to do this again sometime? Story Story Writer Forum Community. These stories explore Shinji and Asuka's relationship in every sense, including behind closed doors.

I'll make this clean as possible, but there are lemons. And plot twists. Enjoy, for it is complete! Rough Love: A Shinji X Asuka lemon After another uneventful day at school, Shinji would have usually been relived to get home from school, if it wasn't for the redheaded demon behind him. Temptation and Redemption 6. DDay The End of Everything 7. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Turning, she leaves, though she raises an eyebrow at the snoring Major spread out across the couch. When She Smiles by Fresh C. Or is this just the way she can relate to people? Thus it is up to the viewer to piece together their motivations from the unspoken or implied aspects of their actions. If you do not wish to read this entire chapter, go to the 'skip end' when you see the 'skip'. I highly recommend you don't keep me waiting," shouted the clearly aggravated redhead called Asuka. Later in the episode, as Shinji contemplates his loneliness and isolation from his friends, he lists Asuka amongst the persons he misses and wish he could talk to.

Asuka shinji sex fanfiction

Asuka shinji sex fanfiction

Asuka shinji sex fanfiction

Asuka shinji sex fanfiction

Asuka shinji sex fanfiction

Asuka shinji sex fanfiction.

The fact that she is on a "date" of sorts with Kaji is also significant. This is where it begs the question, especially in regard to the later points in the series Is he afraid of women? No, he's afraid of being intimate with people. In what is known as the "Big Irony Bomb Scene", we have Misato, in an attempt to respond to Shinji's sadness, offer her own body[1] to Shinji.

The reasons for her doing this, however, still seem up to debate. What should be recognized here is primarily that sex is the way Misato responds to difficulties in her own life, and in the life of others. For Misato, sex acts as one of the primary functions to determine the strength of relationships. To define this further, allow a digression to be taken: Throughout the series, she loses her faith in several characters, but a prime example is her relationship with Ritsuko.

When the two friends have a falling out later in the series, it does not sadden Misato in the way Kaiji's and Shinji's did. Asuka can be seen in this regard as well. She does not mourn the loss of Asuka in the way she does Kaiji's or Shinji's. In this regard, sex should be seen as Misato's "relationship barometer" in which if she has offered sex to someone, she must have some sort of deep emotional bond to someone, if not romantic love in its entirely. To recap the information provided us in Episode 2, Misato's "It's not like I'll make a pass at him" line can now be interpreted as something she actively wanted to do, or at least was leading herself and Shinji to do, from the very outset of the series.

Her failure in all this seems to be that she was never really able to establish grounds for doing this. At this point, Shinji probably still sees Misato as a "mother figure" and obviously, he would react negatively to the imposition of sex.

EoTV, like it does for Shinji, Asuka, and Rei, at first becomes a shocking indictment of character on the part of Misato. She first admits to being a "dirty-girl" of sorts in her fornication with Kaji as a college student.

Looking back on it, she claims:. That's why I hate being good too. I hate it all now. And I'm so tired. Of having to maintain my clean image. Of myself, for keeping up this pretense of being so pristine. I'm just tired of it. I want to be dirty. I wanted to see what I looked like when I was no longer perfect. Obviously, her Electra complex plays a major role in her dealings with men, but the question arises-- why sex? And better yet, why choose Kaji and Shinji as partners?

This can be seen because of her father-- emotionally fragile and distant like Shinji, and a man who is consumed in his work like Kaji seems to be. That's me, isn't it? Of course, just look at me. It's only to be expected. Jump to: navigation , search. Personal tools Log in. Contents 1 First Meeting 1. Episode 2 2. Naughty Picture. Misato's Arrival. Episode 1 Cuts Misato arrives in the nick of time to rescue Shinji. Misato's View. Episode 1 Cuts The question arises? Is she actually trying to get a good look, or is she being flirtatious?

Big Irony Bomb Part 1. The Shoes. Big Irony Bomb-- Episode Shinji: Misato, the tears won't come. I feel sad, but the tears just won't come. Misato: Shinji, this is about all I can do for you right now. Shinji: Stop it! Stop it, Misato. Shaking her head, Ritsuko spares a glance at the Major before sighing. Horses and other Equines are prey animals. Such as the fact that his bones, while seemingly hollow, are also just as strong as if they were solid. Another being the high amount of Electromagnetism that is being produced inside his body.

Ritsuko just throws her hands into the air. A moment later, Gendo speaks up. I expect a report on what happened immediately. Gendo's expression doesn't change. The next morning as his eyelids begin fluttering, Shinji slowly comes to.

Curious, Rei reaches up and runs a hand along the wing above her, a part of her mind marveling at how soft and warm it's feathers feel only for Shinji to twitch. I do not believe it to be a good idea for you to leave yet.

Thank you Ayanami. Turning, she leaves, though she raises an eyebrow at the snoring Major spread out across the couch. Back in the bathroom, Shinji is looking at the running water with a sigh. Upon finishing, he turns off the water and pulls a paper towel out of the nearby dispenser and uses it to dry his face while mumbling. He suddenly stops as a silky voice makes itself know. Licking his lips, he looks around again. Shinji blinks as his eye catches something and he looks back at the mirror to see his scowling vestige.

Now then Walking into the cafeteria, Rei walks towards the breakfast selection before looking them over. She also grabs a muffin for herself and some fruit salad for Shinji as well as a small container of Miso for Misato.

Paying for it and some drinks, she walks back towards Shinji's room, deep in thought as to her recent actions. Is it because he looks different?

He is now unlike the others She thinks back to the night before and feels a flash of anger towards the Second Child. Does she see him like me? As something not a person? She then remembers how she felt when she saw him break down. Was it because I failed to protect Ikari-kun and thus he has had this happen?

Her eyes narrow in determination as she strides past several NERV personal. I will not fail Ikari-kun again. I will protect him. Her facial expression blanking as she passes the Section Two guards, she walks in and notices Shinji looking at her in surprise. He trots over. Rei just walks over and looks at the objects on the table curiously before blinking and looking at Shinji. Her eyebrows raise as Shinji grimaces and lifts a hoof to look at it. Rei just reaches over and lays a hand on his shoulder causing him to look at her as she gives him a kind look.

Different from the others. I will help you Ikari-kun Still working on it but putting together the next two chapters. Holy crap dude. It's like the Loki Redemption fics that came out after Avengers was released. If done right, you can like the villain. Very interesting. I have only one nitpick with this, and that's Rei's sudden overprotectiveness in relation to canon. Still, it's your story, and thus whatever happens is up to you. Also read that HP fic on FF. Liked that one so much.

Of course Ok, pump the brakes here. There is a major flaw in your description, you failed to specify whether your crossing over with the manga or the anime! Makes sense. Quick question that didn't come up on Spacebattle, does Shinji being 'reformated' with NMM's appearance include getting her cutie mark? Or are you saving one coming in to give Ritsuko fresh fits? Bonus points if it coming in is captured on video. Using your author powers to torture Rits for our amusement? I'm following this on Spacebattles but I'm just lurking there so let me tell you here that I absolutely love this story.

Decided on a whim to read this when I saw it in the latest stories list. Nice to see this gathered together, I think this copy needs a divider after Yui's thought. It seems to be the only scene change that doesn't have one. It might be nice to have a better description of the lab cell? As for where he's currently staying, it's just a one room apartment with the bedroom, kitchen, and living room all sharing the same space.

He gets no privacy outside the bathroom and even there considering that this is NERV I figured it would be simple and for some reason I was under the impression he was shackled to something , but all my knowledge bar a few clips comes from fanfiction :. I saw a really cute pic of Luna and Shinji on Deviantart awhile ago, and considering their similarities in personalities i figured it was just a question of time before a fic about the two of them were written, but i have to be honest, i never expected it to be written like this.

And how did you expect it to be written? This chapter was very choppy. It seemed entire scenes would go by in a few sentences and so many details were lost it was a tad difficult to follow. But I'm going to put a little faith in the author of the first FIM fiction I've ever read, Wizard and Lonely Princess , and see how this all plays out. I like the premise, and surprisingly enough, nobody was too ooc. So yes, this has caught my interest, specially with Nightmare Moon.

I somehow feel like everyone is overreacting to everything this chapter, and usually the wrong overreaction. Gendo showing surprise? Gendo doesn't show surprise. It's his thing.

Asukra hating on Shinji straight away? I would have thought that fear would come first, given it's "A previously unknown risk of piloting EVA". Shinji counter-hating? That feels like the wrong reaction for Shinji I mustn't run away Nighmare Moon You call me a monster?! And Nighmare Moon being a head voice? Why wouldn't she just lurk until the time is right, then go 'Assuming direct control! Welp, shit. I was just going to go up the stories list and read the Wizard and the Lonely Princess stories in order, but damn.

One chapter and I'm hooked. Guess I'll see everyone else at the end of this 60k plus ride We need fan arts rite nau! Page generated in 0. Support us Patreon Chat! Discord Follow us Twitter. Story Lists What's Hot? You seem to have javascript disabled, or your browser is failing to execute it properly. Much of Fimfiction's functionality requires javascript so we suggest you turn it on!

Shinji's Nightmare written by Harry Leferts. Read Bookmark Quote. Chapters Next Close Chapter 1 3, words Chapter 2 4, words Chapter 3 8, words Omake 1 words Chapter 4 3, words Chapter 5 6, words Chapter 6 12, words Chapter 7 8, words Chapter 8 5, words Chapter 9 6, words Chapter 10 8, words. If anything, Misato's scowl grows. I refuse to believe that! That is after all what he is now. Like me. Join our Patreon to remove these adverts! Comments Viewing 1 - 50 of Haven't seen this for month's, done with planning it out on spacebattles?

Birthday Without Surprises Chapter 1: Reluctance, an evangelion fanfic | FanFiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chapter 00 2. Chapter 01 3. Chapter Dirty dishes remained idle atop the kitchen counter, the only remaining evidence of a hastily and poorly prepared dinner from the evening before. Further in the apartment, light began to make its escape of each corner at times casting ominous figures dancing across the walls.

Within minutes the only remaining light could be seen shining prominently underneath the bathroom door; and with it came the steady sound of water flowing from the shower. It was there she lingered, thoughts and memories rushing back.

Feeling satisfied at having stroked her delicate ego, Asuka stepped out of the shower and stood motionless in front of the full length mirror hanging on the bathroom door. Every night and after every shower without fail, Asuka would stand in that exact spot and let the remaining water drip from her fingers onto the floor. Misato would surely chastise her for leaving a mess later, but that was of no concern to Asuka now.

The only thing that mattered was this person looking back at her in the mirror. This feisty redhead standing tall and proud as if nothing could topple her. Moving her eyes down she began to admire the other aspects of her body.

Her flawless skin flowing like a silk encasing, her lips red and longing, still lower her neck and collarbone well formed from years of military training. Continuing to drop her gaze, Asuka admired her breasts, both large and perky for her age while being topped with a pair of tiny pink nipples. Lately she had been doing everything in her power to show off her bust, even going so far as to wear a low cut top with no bra around the apartment. Misato, acting as the mother figure she was, would occasionally shoot her the disapproving stare or two.

However Shinji, the only male in the house excluding one rather intelligent penguin would never bat an eyelash. This would often times send Asuka into one of her common emotional fits, finding something to yell at Shinji about from his poor cooking to how he was breathing. Was it so wrong to want to be noticed? She had spent the better part of a year trying to sculpt that form and seeing it would always cheer her up.

This of course led her gaze lower; down to the only part she would never dare let any man set eyes upon. A tuft of coarse hair, dark amber in colour, was flowing over her vulva, hiding the rest of her womanhood from the world. Asuka reached and hand down and ran her fingers through the patch, still damp from the shower; she contemplated shaving it as she had often done back in Germany. It was only after the angels started to attack that Asuka stopped grooming herself to such an extent, unable to find the time with her duties as an Eva pilot now in full swing.

She would of course, keep the hair well trimmed and shaped; just another reason to be proud of her figure. With these ideas flashing quickly through her mind, Asuka; as if on instinct slides her hand down further.

Her fingers spreading as they glide between her legs, eliciting a relaxed sigh to escape her lips. Stopping for a moment, Asuka pondered whether or not to continue these explicit acts in the privacy of the bathroom or if it would be safer to retreat to her bedroom. Making her decision, Asuka dropped to her knees and leaned forward, supporting herself with her elbows. This position would always remain one of her favourites as it forced her breasts to press against the cold ground, causing her nipples to quickly harden.

Keeping herself balanced on one elbow, Asuka probed her hand over her stomach, sliding it down and pausing as she again felt the edge of her womanhood. The only other man she felt attracted to, though she hated to admit such things. Feeling the fingers stroke gingerly at her inner labia and dip partially inside her, coating them with her now flowing juices.

She had only ever dipped the tips of her fingers in, wetting them the best she could. Tonight however, she was feeling particularly brave as the two fingers pushed back into her. Pushing slowly, past where she ever dared and further still, halfway up the length of her fingers before she stopped. The feeling was like nothing she had ever experienced, rather than the sharp jolts of pleasure she was used to, Asuka was feeling gentle waves of physical joy wash over her, similar to an orgasm yet not quite as strong.

Wanting to strengthen this feeling, Asuka curled her fingers as if on instinct and felt tidal waves of pleasure overwhelm her. From deep within her pussy the feeling rose and escaped her throat; moaning louder than she thought was genuinely possible, Asuka pushed her fingers back against this spot inside her. Stroking it anyway she could, feeling each wave stronger than the last overcome her every sense, pussy juices dripping into the palm of her hand.

Fluid seeping between her fingers and onto the cold surface beneath her, giving her an experience and feeling she would spend years trying to recreate. She lay still, one by one letting each sense come back to her. Unbeknownst to her, Asuka was not the only one in the apartment to have an orgasm at that moment. On the other side of that door was none other than the very boy she was imagining giving her such pleasure. Shinji stood still, his school uniform wrinkled and his pants dropped clumsily to the floor.

By the time he noticed, it was too late; there stood Asuka, naked in all her glory, her body seeming to glow with orgasmic bliss.

Standing tall, she looked down at Shinji, his face flushed and his eyes went wide with his mouth stuttering, trying to formulate some sort of apology. Asuka tried her hardest to keep a straight face, deep inside she was ecstatic, not only had Shinji finally noticed her the way she wanted but she was able to look down at his cock; laid bare in all its glory for her. On cue, her sexuality stirred within her again pleading for another orgasm.

Within seconds there was a new introduction as hand met face with a force even Touji had only a taste of, Shinjis cheek burned with pain as Asuka stormed off toward her room, sliding the door shut behind her. Shinji just stayed in the hall, pulling his pants back up to his waist and letting the tears roll down his cheeks. Hours passed and the moon rose higher into the night, its light reflecting down over Tokyo 3. Specks of light littered the night sky, dancing with each other and giving a sense of peacefulness to our world.

One by one the residential lights in each towering structure began to fade away as citizens and military personal alike ended their days; awaiting the same routine with the rise of the sun. Alone in her room, Asuka lay motionless on her bed staring up at the ceiling.

She had not bothered to turn the light on; instead she immediately collapsed on her bed, naked and damp from the shower, replaying the events that transpired a short time ago. The shower, every bead of water surrounding her body, the mirror and the events of her typical routine, her hands exploring every inch of her body. Asuka tried to remember every detail, this night was something she never wanted to forget and she wanted to remember everything.

Shinji again possessed her mind, the picture painted perfectly. It was hardly the first time she had abused Shinji, but Asuka always made sure to hold back just a little until now. The circumstances may have been unorthodox, however the fact remained that Asuka was happy to see Shinji seeing her in a sexual manner, finally seeing her as a woman. Does my happiness really cause other people pain? Whether to leave Shinji in his inevitable void of regret, or to go to him now, alone and apologize. One foot in front of the other one; with her mind made up, Asuka crept outside her door and peered down the nearly pitch black hall.

Slowly she stepped fully out into the hallway, letting the cool air raise goose bumps over her still bare body. Every step revealed another detail of his door; it was closed as she suspected it would be, his sign hanged dormant against a solitary sea of white paint. Every stepped seemed like an eternity, yet Asuka pushed forward never faltering; and finally there it stood.

Again silence. Asuka hated that silence, the silence that filled a room when no one knew what to say, the silence that torments your mind when all you want is for someone to say how they feel to you. For hitting me? It rippled similar to that of a child who had just finished crying. You have hit me plenty of times before, why are you sorry this time? You are no longer the child I thought you were when I first came here. Nearly an instant after Asuka finished her speech, the door handle turned and the hinges creaked.

Inch by inch the door swung open, leaving a naked Asuka in the doorway, resisting the instinct to cover herself from a shocked Shinji. Meanwhile, Shinji stumbled back slowly, tripping over his own heels and falling against his bed. Using his arm to brace himself, Shinji was able to keep from shifting his gaze from this being of perfection before him. This man, a short mop of hair partially covering his eyes already wide with desire and lust. Her scent was intoxicating, like a field of roses not seen for over fifteen years, since before the Second Impact.

Both pairs of eyes said the exact same thing; that they wanted this, they needed this and nothing was going to get in their way. While certainly not as pleasurable as any orgasm she had achieved, this kiss brought with it a new kind of pleasure; a pleasure she never wanted to end.

Before long, Asuka could feel hands exploring her back, starting at the top and working their way down finally coming to rest on her hips. Every touch sent electricity racing through her veins. As if on instinct, she rocked her hips back and forth, pushing down harder on him and feeling his penis stiffen beneath his pants. This lead a soft gasp to escape both lovers as Shinji could feel her wetness seep through the thin fabric, and Asuka forced her clit to rub up against his now fully erect member.

Obediently the Third Child obeyed, fumbling with each button of his dress shirt as he struggled to calm his hands. Impatient and annoyed at his progress, Asuka took matters into her own hands as Shinji struggled with the shirt. As the zipper ended its decent, Shinji finished with the last button on his shirt and within moments both articles of clothing stripped and tossed mindlessly to the floor.

Both pilots took a moment to admire the others body unhindered one last time. Shinji was all she wanted, all she could think about. Asuka could hardly contain herself, each second brought her closer to climax, that final release she so desperately craved. Shinji laid beneath her, savouring every moment she pressed herself against him, the pleasure like nothing he imagined. Shinji, ich komme! Ich komme! Fick mich, fick mich hart!

Asuka shinji sex fanfiction

Asuka shinji sex fanfiction

Asuka shinji sex fanfiction