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Greek love is a term originally used by classicists to describe the primarily homoerotic customs, practices, and attitudes of the ancient Greeks.

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LGBT in India has been documented for different times. Religion has played a role in shaping Indian customs and traditions. Historical literary evidence indicates that homosexuality has been prevalent across the Indian subcontinent throughout history, and that homosexuals were not necessarily considered inferior in any way until about 18th century during British colonial rule.

The Arthashastra , an ancient Indian treatise on statecraft, mentions a wide variety of sexual practices which, whether performed with a man or a woman, were sought to be punished with the lowest grade of fine.

Sex between non-virgin women incurred a small fine, while homosexual intercourse between men could be made up for merely with a bath with one's clothes on, and a penance of "eating the five products of the cow and keeping a one-night fast" — the penance being a replacement of the traditional concept of homosexual intercourse resulting in a loss of caste. Homosexuality and pederasty was rare in medieval Hindu society with Al-Biruni saying that Hindus greatly disapproved of it.

The first Mughal Emperor, Babur , in his autobiography Baburnama , describes his infatuation with a teenage boy. The noble class of the Mughals engaged in both homosexuality and pedastry, the latter considered as "pure love" and prevalent among those from Central Asia. In India, however, this wasn't as rife. The governor of Burhanpur was murdered by a boy servant with whom he tried to be intimate with.

Ali Quli Khan was recorded to have homosexual relations with males. Urdu poetry of the late medieval era used the term "chapti" to refer to sex between people of same genders.

The Dutch traveler Johan Stavorinus reported about male homosexuality among Mughals living in Bengal , "The sin of Sodom is not only universal in practice among them, but extends to a bestial communication with brutes , and in particular, sheep. Women even abandon themselves to the commission of unnatural crimes. The British Raj criminalized sexual activities "against the order of nature", including homosexual sexual activities, under Section of the Indian Penal Code , which entered into force in The Goa Inquisition prosecuted the capital crime of sodomy in Portuguese India , [10] [11].

In Shakuntala Devi published the first [12] study of homosexuality in India. Homosexual intercourse was a criminal offence from the introduction of Section of the Indian Penal Code in until the Delhi High Court's decision in Naz Foundation v. Union of India. This made it an offence for a person to voluntarily have "carnal intercourse against the order of nature.

Decisions of a High Court on the constitutionality of law i. On 16 February , the Supreme Court , during a hearing of a bunch of appeals filed against decriminalisation of gay sex, observed that homosexuality should be seen in the context of changing society as many things which were earlier unacceptable have become acceptable with the passage of time. The two-judge bench, composed of Justices G S Singhvi and S J Mukhopadhaya, opined that homosexuality should be seen in the light of changing times where phenomena of live-in relationship, single parents and artificial fertilisation have become normal.

They had also pointed out that many things, which were considered immoral 20 years ago, have become acceptable to society now. The bench said that gay sex was not an offence prior to and referred to paintings and sculptures of Khajuraho. Senior Advocate Amrendra Sharan, who opposed the Delhi High Court order of decriminalising gay sex on behalf of the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights, had then submitted that social issues cannot be decided on the basis of sculptures.

The apex court bench, however, observed that it is a reflection of society of that time and homosexuality should not be seen only in terms of sexual intercourse. Earlier, the Supreme Court bench had asked the anti-gay rights groups, challenging legalisation of gay sex to explain how such acts are against the order of nature as submitted by them. The apex court was hearing petitions filed by anti-gay rights activists and also by political, social and religious organisations which have opposed the Delhi High Court verdict decriminalising homosexual behaviour.

It said that India's moral and social values were different from other countries, and therefore, the nation should not be guided by them. This resulted in the SC pulling up the Centre for frequently changing its stand on the issue. Don't make a mockery of the system and don't waste the court's time, an apex court judge told the government.

In December , however, India's top court upheld the law that criminalises gay sex, in a ruling that reverses a landmark Delhi High Court order which had decriminalised homosexual acts. The court said it was up to parliament to legislate on the issue.

Indians have traditionally interpreted Section , a year-old colonial-era law, as condemning a same-sex relationship as an "unnatural offence", and also considering it punishable by a year jail term. Political, social and religious groups petitioned the Supreme Court to have the law reinstated in the wake of the court ruling. The protests against the reinstitution of Section took place across India, and resulted in political activism across political parties to declare their support for the law's repeal.

By April , the month of the upcoming election , at least three major political parties - the Aam Aadmi Party , the Congress and the Communist Party of India Marxist - had included support for decriminalization of homosexual relations in their election manifestos, [25] while the BJP's leadership supported the law.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Hijra South Asia and Kothi gender. Penguin UK. Retrieved Aug 15, — via Google Books.

Same-Sex Love in India. Penguin Books Limited. The Hindu. Retrieved The Mughal World. The Crisis of Islamic Masculinities. Robinson London , , pp. Cited in Grcenberg, p. Oct 29, The Construction of Homosexuality. University of Chicago Press. Deccan Herald. Retrieved 18 September AIDS, homophobia and the politics of sexual identity in India". Globalization and Health. This book treated homosexuality in a positive light and reviewed socio-cultural and legal situation of homosexuality in India and contrasted that with the then gay liberation movement in USA.

The World of Homosexuals. Vikas Publishing House. Siker Homosexuality and Religion. Greenwood Publishing Group.

BBC News. Retrieved 11 February The New Indian Express. Union of India , 6 SCC "An order passed on a writ petition questioning the constitutionality of a Parliamentary Act, whether interim or final, keeping in view the provisions contained in Clause 2 of Article of the Constitution of India, will have effect throughout the territory of India subject of course to the applicability of the Act.

The Times of India. Retrieved 20 January Retrieved Aug 15, The Times Of India. Archived from the original PDF on CS1 maint: archived copy as title link. Mar 28, Retrieved Aug 15, — via Business Standard. Mumbai Mirror. The Economic Times. Retrieved 6 September ABC News. Archived from the original on 6 September LGBT in India. Hijra Homosexuality in India. Justice K. Puttaswamy Retd. Union of India Navtej Singh Johar v. Union of India Naz Foundation v. Naz Foundation Kerala Tamil Nadu.

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Amour gays

Amour gays

Amour gays

Amour gays

Amour gays

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Greek love is a term originally used by classicists to describe the primarily homoerotic customs, practices, and attitudes of the ancient Greeks.

It was frequently used as a euphemism for homosexuality and pederasty. The phrase is a product of the enormous impact of the reception of classical Greek culture on historical attitudes toward sexuality, and its influence on art and various intellectual movements. If tolerance and approval of male homosexuality had happened once—and in a culture so much admired and imitated by the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries—might it not be possible to replicate in modernity the antique homeland of the non- heteronormative?

Following the work of sexuality theorist Michel Foucault , the validity of an ancient Greek model for modern gay culture has been questioned. It often serves as a "coded phrase" for pederasty , [6] or to "sanitize" homosexual desire in historical contexts where it was considered unacceptable.

The German term griechische Liebe "Greek love" appears in German literature between and , along with socratische Liebe "Socratic love" and platonische Liebe " Platonic love " in reference to male-male attractions. In his classic study Greek Homosexuality , Kenneth Dover points out that the English nouns "a homosexual " and "a heterosexual " have no equivalent in the ancient Greek language.

There was no concept in ancient Greece equivalent to the modern conception of "sexual preference"; it was assumed that a person would have both hetero- and homosexual responses at different times. Both romantic love and sexual passion between men were often considered normal, and under some circumstances healthy or admirable. Greek art and literature portray these relationships as sometimes erotic or sexual, or sometimes idealized, educational, non-consummated, or non-sexual.

A distinctive feature of Greek male-male eros was its occurrence within a military setting , as with the Theban Band , [11] : — though the extent to which homosexual bonds played a military role has been questioned. The main Greek literary sources for Greek homosexuality are lyric poetry, Athenian comedy, the works of Plato and Xenophon , and courtroom speeches from Athens.

Vase paintings from the s and s BCE depict courtship and sex between males. In Latin , mos Graeciae or mos Graecorum "Greek custom" or "the way of the Greeks" refers to a variety of behaviors the ancient Romans regarded as Greek, including but not confined to sexual practice.

Effeminacy or a lack of discipline in managing one's sexual attraction to another male threatened a man's "Roman-ness" and thus might be disparaged as "Eastern" or "Greek". Fears that Greek models might "corrupt" traditional Roman social codes the mos maiorum seem to have prompted a vaguely documented law Lex Scantinia that attempted to regulate aspects of homosexual relationships between freeborn males and to protect Roman youth from older men emulating Greek customs of pederasty. By the close of the 2nd century BCE, however, the elevation of Greek literature and art as models of expression caused homoeroticism to be regarded as urbane and sophisticated.

One of his few surviving fragments is a poem of desire addressed to a male with a Greek name, signaling the new aesthetic in Roman culture. The poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus , written in forms adapted from Greek meters , include several expressing desire for a freeborn youth explicitly named "Youth" Iuventius.

His Latin name and free-born status subvert pederastic tradition at Rome. The literary ideal celebrated by Catullus stands in contrast to the practice of elite Romans who kept a puer delicatus "exquisite boy" as a form of high-status sexual consumption, a practice that continued well into the Imperial era. The puer delicatus was a slave chosen from the pages who served in a high-ranking household. He was selected for his good looks and grace to serve at his master's side, where he is often depicted in art.

Among his duties, at a convivium he would enact the Greek mythological role of Ganymede , the Trojan youth abducted by Zeus to serve as a divine cupbearer. Male same-sex relationships of the kind portrayed by the "Greek love" ideal were increasingly disallowed within the Judaeo-Christian traditions of western society. In his commentary to the Symposium , Ficino carefully separates the act of sodomy , which he condemned, and praises Socratic love as the highest form of friendship.

Ficino maintained that men could use each other's beauty and friendship to discover the greatest good, that is, God, and thus Christianized idealized male love as expressed by Socrates. During the Renaissance, artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo used Plato's philosophy as inspiration for some of their greatest works. The "rediscovery" of classical antiquity was perceived as a liberating experience, and Greek love as an ideal after a Platonic model.

Winckelmann inspired German poets in the latter 18th and throughout the 19th century, [29] : 55 including Goethe , who pointed to Winckelmann's glorification of the nude male youth in ancient Greek sculpture as central to a new aesthetics of the time, [40] : and for whom Winckelmann himself was a model of Greek love as a superior form of friendship.

German 18th-century works from the "Greek love" milieu of classical studies include the academic essays of Christoph Meiners and Alexander von Humboldt , the parodic poem "Juno and Ganymede" by Christoph Martin Wieland , and A Year in Arcadia: Kyllenion , a novel about an explicitly male-male love affair in a Greek setting by Augustus, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg. Neoclassical works of art often represented ancient society and an idealized form of "Greek love". The Regency in England was an era characterized by hostility and a "frenzy of The philosopher Jeremy Bentham , for instance, appealed to social models of classical antiquity, such as the homoerotic bonds of the Theban Band and pederasty, to demonstrate how these relationships did not inherently erode heterosexual marriage or the family structure.

The high regard for classical antiquity in the 18th century caused some adjustment in homophobic attitudes on the Continent , but not in England. Religious and nationalist sentiments in England overall remained hostile. To those such as Byron who were steeped in classical literature, the phrase "Greek love" evoked pederastic myths such as Ganymede and Hyacinthus , as well as historical figures such as the political martyrs Harmodius and Aristogeiton , and Hadrian 's beloved Antinous ; Byron refers to all these stories in his writings.

Shelley complained that contemporary reticence about homosexuality kept modern readers without a knowledge of the original languages from understanding a vital part of ancient Greek life.

His translation of the Symposium did not appear in complete form until Throughout the 19th century, upper-class men of same-sex orientation or sympathies regarded "Greek love", often used as a euphemism for the ancient pederastic relationship between a man and a youth, as a "legitimating ideal": [57] "the prestige of Greece among educated middle-class Victorians The efforts among aesthetes and intellectuals to legitimate various forms of homosexual behaviors and attitudes by virtue of a Hellenic model were not without opposition.

John Tyrwhitt [62] warned against the perceived immorality of this agenda. Tyrwhitt, who was a vigorous supporter of studying Greek , characterized the Hellenism of his day as "the total denial of any moral restraint on any human impulses", and outlined what he saw as the proper scope of Greek influence on the education of young men.

In , the poet and literary critic John Addington Symonds wrote A Problem in Greek Ethics , a work of what could later be called " gay history ", inspired by the poetry of Walt Whitman.

He treats "Greek love" as central to Greek "aesthetic morality". Greek love is for modern studies of Plato no 'figure of speech' and no anachronism, but a present poignant reality. It is a pagan idea. The legacy of Greece in homosexual aesthetics became problematic, and the meaning of a "costume" derived from classical antiquity was questioned.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Philhellenism or Greek words for love. Types of love. Cultural views. Color wheel theory of love Biological basis Love letter Valentine's Day Philosophy Religious views love deities Mere-exposure effect Similarity Physical attractiveness Triangular theory of love.

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Amour gays