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Explore our rides, attractions, shops and restaurants within Chessington's Theme Park. Just like a bat out of hell, this family-friendly rollercoaster height restriction only 1. Min height: 1. Max height: 1. Children shorter than 1.

Adult ride video

Adult ride video

Adult ride video

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However, the whole process can be a little intimidating for parents.

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  • All you need is an open space, a working bicycle, and a willing student.

As a child, I never learned how to ride a bike. I have snap-shot memories of my father lightly holding onto the handlebars of my white-and-pink bike, jogging alongside my crooked path until I was, to my surprise, riding all by myself. At 7 years old, I was well on my way to full two-wheeler independence when, at an extremely low speed, I collided with the side of a parked minivan. My hands stung, but that was nothing compared to the embarrassment I felt: Not only did I run into a parked car, there was a family taking out groceries on the other side of the sliding door.

The mix of pain and humiliation was too much. So I decided to wait a decade, and just learn how to drive instead. Truthfully, I was comfortable with my lame-but-amusing bike fail. There was nothing about my life that appeared to be diminished by not knowing how to ride: Living in New York City, I could get anywhere I wanted by subway, taxi, or on foot. This fall, however, my boyfriend Bryan and I had planned a trip to Copenhagen.

So I decided, at 28, to challenge my childhood fear and learn, once and for all, how to ride a bike. Despite her cute moniker, Sanders takes her mission very seriously. One Friday this past summer, we met for our first lesson at the edge of Riverside Park. The Bike Whisperer was wearing silver bicycle-stud earrings and a bike-stamped gold pendant around her neck.

In , Sanders gave up a desk job in advertising to teach adults and children how to ride full-time. The vast majority of her clients are adults, and Sanders prefers it this way. The bike is just a way in. We made it to a flat stretch of asphalt near the West Side Highway. Here, she told me, was where I would learn how to ride a bike. The Bike Whisperer is like the platonic ideal of a high school gym teacher: supportive, meticulous, and equipped with an arsenal of motivational phrases.

After strapping on my helmet, she took out a wrench, removed the pedals, and told me to hop on. I began waddling with the pedal-less bike up and down the asphalt until I achieved a very strained glide.

I had never felt so lame and so proud simultaneously in my life. As the Bike Whisperer warned, there was a great deal of psychology that crept up during the lesson.

When she added one pedal to the bike, my progress slowed significantly. Why am I so bad at this? I thought. I wondered how the Bike Whisperer knew I was Jewish and tried again.

But instead of moving forward, the metal spoke collided with the inside of my ankle. You have to stand tall and give your heart to the world. Perhaps guessing correctly that I would never get to the point where I felt confident that I could do it, she reached for the second pedal.

Oh god, I thought. Determined not to walk away defeated—and not wanting to disappoint the Bike Whisperer, who had adorably pulled out her iPhone to document my first real ride—I got in position and pushed off with as much nervous power as I could muster. Twenty-one years since I last tried, I was once again riding all by myself. The number of bikes in Copenhagen is comical. Riders, pedaling with the grace and synchronicity of a Tour de France peloton, fill the extra-large bike lanes which can be up to nearly three times the size of the ones in New York.

There are parking lots stacked with bikes as far as the eye can see. A few days passed and my intimidation did not wane. In fact, as a pedestrian, I was becoming increasingly annoyed by having to weave in between bike racks, people wheeling their bikes on sidewalks, and the late-afternoon swell of bike traffic. You have nothing to be afraid of. Emboldened by our waiter, the next day, we mapped out a route of sleepy side streets and decided to bike to brunch.

I was prepared. After my first lesson with the Bike Whisperer, I had taken one follow-up class, where I learned to kind of turn and signal, and I did some extra-curricular bike riding on Governors Island. There was only one hand brake and the black, mealy handgrips were disintegrating in my palms.

Bryan shot me a quizzical look. After a few false starts, we were on our way. This would prove to be my undoing. After we had successfully made it to our brunch destination and I calmed my anxiety with a plate of poached eggs and smoked salmon, we returned to our bikes at mid-afternoon—aka Danish quitting time.

Suddenly, even the relatively quiet side streets began buzzing with commuters. I survived for about 10 minutes before I realized just how out of my league I was. Bikes were crisscrossing and passing me; even mild-mannered Danes were ringing their bike bells in annoyance. It was basically the bike version of that scene from Clueless where Dionne accidentally got on the freeway.

I stopped at a red light and tried to collect myself. But when the light turned green, I was only halfway through resetting my bike to where I was able to start again; I think I caused the first static bike pile-up in Danish history.

Bryan, who had seen this all unfold from a block ahead, pulled over to wait for me. In wordless defeat, we wheeled our bikes back the rest of the way. Sanders then asked me if I tried to ride again since Copenhagen. Before we hung up, I promised her that I would keep riding, despite my shaky pedal strokes and psychological hang-ups.

By Madeline Fass. By Alexandra Macon. By Janelle Okwodu.

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Adult ride video

Adult ride video

Adult ride video

Adult ride video

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If the rider prefers, you can begin on a paved surface instead. Make sure the area you choose has a slight slope so riders can practice gliding. If possible, choose a path with gentle turns as well. Pick a spot with minimal traffic. Other pedestrians and cyclists will be clogging up the paths and may intimidate the rider. Instead, choose a time when not many people are out, like a Tuesday afternoon, or find a secluded location. Ensure there is enough light to see adequately.

Outfit the rider with appropriate clothing and safety gear. Make sure the rider is wearing a bike helmet as well. Adjust the bike seat so the rider can put their feet on the ground. A bike must be the correct size for the rider, or they will have difficulties learning how to ride. Tell the rider to sit on the bike and put their feet on the ground. You can lower the seat, if necessary. Remove the pedals from the bike so the rider can learn to balance. Though this may seem counterintuitive, removing the pedals will help the rider find their balance by gliding.

Use a wrench to remove the pedals on either side of the bike. Instruct the rider to practice getting on and off the bike. Tell the rider to apply the brakes when getting on and off the bike to minimize rolling or wobbling.

To get on the bike, the rider should lean the bike toward them and swing their leg over the saddle. To get off the bike, the rider should lean the bike to one side and swing their opposite leg over the saddle. Have the rider push the bike while walking beside it and practice braking. Have the rider push their bike as they walk alongside it and practice using the brakes.

Tell the rider to apply even pressure to both brake levers. Once they feel comfortable using the brakes, they can move on to gliding. Tell the rider to practice gliding on the bike. The rider should sit on the bike with their feet on the ground. Instruct the rider to push the bike using their feet and practice gliding. They can roll down a slight slope to help them gain momentum and balance.

Have the rider keep practicing until they can push off and glide along without putting their feet down to correct their balance. Replace the pedals and adjust the seat, if necessary. Now that the rider has familiarized themselves with the bike and gotten used to gliding, they are ready to pedal. Use a wrench to replace the bike pedals. Ensure they are secure and that the rider can comfortably reach them while sitting on the bike.

Adjust the height of the saddle using an Allen wrench, if necessary. When the rider is ready to start pedaling, have them sit on the bike and apply the brakes. Their other foot should remain firmly on the ground for balance.

Instruct the rider to release the brake and push down on the pedal. The rider should continue pushing down with their feet to pedal the bicycle.

Hold the handlebars and saddle, if necessary. Until the rider gets the hang of things, you can put one hand on the handlebars and one hand on the saddle. They should be learning to balance the bike by themselves. Remind the rider to sit up and look ahead of them. Though riders may be tempted to look at their feet, they should focus on an object ahead, instead.

Tell the rider to look straight ahead so they can see any bumps, turns, or traffic on the path ahead. They should also sit up as straight as they can, rather than hunching over the handlebars.

Let the rider cycle unaided once they feel comfortable. When the rider can balance the bike and move the pedals, you can let go of the handlebars and saddle. The rider can try cycling unaided in short stretches, using the brakes and putting their feet down when they feel scared or unstable.

Have them keep practicing until they feel confident riding in a straight line and stopping the bike with the brakes.

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Measuring 76 metres tall, this roller coaster boasts the longest drop and is the highest in PortAventura Park. Detective Grover is on a secret mission and to carry it out he needs the help of brave and fearless families who are ready to experience a thousand and one adventures! Quick, grab your luggage and jump aboard the PortAventura's old steam engine. The train will set off as soon as the whistle blows. An unforgettable journey awaits you at the PortAventura theme park that you won't want to miss.

Getting here. My PortAventura. Are you a holiday or school group? Explore the rides in our worlds Discover all of the attractions that you can find in the different worlds of PortAventura World. Tutuki Splash Polynesia. Canoes Polynesia. Kontiki Polynesia. Only the Kontiki catamaran can stand up to the rage of a storm in Polynesia. Join the expedition and resist the turbulence of a real tropical storm. Shambhala China. Dragon Khan China.

Waitan Port China. Cobra Imperial China. Cobra Imperial of PortAventura China is one of the symbols of this theme area and is designed with little ones in mind. Tea Cups China. The giant tea cups of this PortAventura World ride are waiting for you and your family to hop on to go for a spin. The playground in PortAventura is filled with attractions for little ones to make up their own games and adventures. Will you be strong enough to survive as it spins you round and round?

Ride through the El Diablo mine at top speed in an authentic wooden railway carriage and be sure to take in every single detail. El Secreto de los Mayas is a m2 maze of sensations and visual effects which is possessed by the Mayan gods who will put your PortAventura World explorer skills to the test.

Buffalo Rodeo Far West. Silver River Flume Far West. Hop aboard a fun felled tree and cool down in this entertaining ride to the sawmill in PortAventura World. Penitence Station Far West.

All aboard! The train is about to leave from Penitence Station on a fascinating journey through the whole PortAventura theme park! Tomahawk Far West. The frenetic climbs and descents of this children's ride will test anyone's courage who dares to brave the Tomahawk roller coaster.

Laberinto BlackSmith Far West. Despite the passage of time and lack of use, the old run-down Laberinto BlackSmith maze is still standing. Dare to enter and unravel all of its mysteries! Grand Canyon Rapids Far West. Prepare yourself for an invigorating ride over the rapids of the wild Colorado River in this exciting attraction from the Far West world of PortAventura. Carousel Far West. In the heart of a far-off town lies PortAventura Park's Carousel, the famous merry-go-round for children and adults alike.

Wild Buffalos Far West. Learn to drive these out-of-control bumper cars and compete with the rest of the town's inhabitants to win the title of Wild Buffalos PortAventura Rodeo Champion.

Stampida Far West. VolPaiute Far West. Show who's boss and challenge the VolPaiute tribe. Dare to brave this spinning ride of PortAventura World! Crazy Barrels Far West. Crazy Barrels is a fun filled attraction with plenty of surprises in store! Let yourself go and experience the adrenaline rush of this tailor-made PortAventura World attraction.

This ride lets you explore the theme park from above as you fly a fun plane. Imagine a place where you could ride on the back of a fish and go skidding along the water. Now you can at PortAventura's fun Magic Fish ride for children.

In El Huerto Encantado of PortAventura Resort, a myriad of intertwining slides and games for children let little ones go on real adventures. The mischievous seats in this new family area are waiting for the bravest explorers to sit on them and start to feel as though they are flying in the skies above PortAventura World.

The difference is that you get to decide how high up the tower you want to go, and then drop! Brochure All rights reserved.

Adult ride video