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A team of Oyster reporters spent weeks exploring 31 Orlando hotels. In a town that revolves around kids and kids at heart , it can be hard to find hotels that offer peace and quiet. A throwback to Florida's grand old Victorian-style seaside resorts, the Grand Floridian, Disney's crown jewel, is expensive but equally elegant. Tennis courts, a jogging trail, boat rentals, and a well-equipped fitness center add to the grown-up appeal. Made to look like Atlantic City in the s, the relatively subdued Boardwalk Villas rests beside a glittering stretch of great restaurants, bars, carnival games, and even art galleries on scenic Crescent Lake, within walking distance of Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

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Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Watch now. A documentary that focuses on the lives of actual lap dancers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen, the three largest cities in Scotland, UK. The owner of a strip club decide to create a stripper academy, where anyone can enter and learn to dance like a pro, but only a few will be selected as strippers.

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Mouthguards used to be the preserve of the boxing ring or the rugby pitch, but now many of us are wearing them to bed. In the United States alone, its estimated that between 30 to 40 million adults suffer from bruxism, or grinding and clenching your teeth. For me, the constant attrition has led to some of my bottom teeth fracturing and unsightly pits where the enamel has fallen away. Having a mouthful of crowns and veneers in my mouth is not a prospect I look forward to, so you can imagine how happy I felt when I came across some research on tooth regeneration, which could one day mean that bruxism sufferers could grow new teeth. But is regenerative dentistry too good to be true?

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Much like the GameCube remake of Resident Evil this manages to recreate everything that was great about the original PS one game and at the same time make as best use as possible of modern technology. You can read the full transcript here , although we warn you that it reveals the dark underbelly of the video games industry to be a thoroughly unpleasant place. For anyone who sat watching the cut scenes back then, and wondered when the whole game would look like that, well… the future is now. The Oddworld franchise consists of four separate games, with an involved back story and various shared characters and creatures. Naturally he tries to escape, ideally while taking as many of his fellow mudokons with him as possible.

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I am looking for someone to have a good time with casually from time to time. Maybe even now. This is about sex don't get this confused and this is casual so you have to play it cool. Things were good and I don't know why you ended it, but lets talk about it. Would love to find an attractive woman who is free to meet for dinner and drinks one night while I am in town.

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Millions subscribe to Sports Illustrated , which publishes many popular issues, including the highly anticipated annual Swimsuit edition. Many photos from this notorious issue have shocked SI fans over the years. Do the critics have a point, or are they missing the point? Sports Illustrated began its body paint practice in the early s. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit via Youtube.